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Thank you for visiting our profile. We are a committed couple who enjoy many aspects of alternative lifestyle. Due to the pandemic, we arent seeking interaction at this time, but are open limited engagement with others once things return to normal. We are active in a local community of nudists, and we welcome those who are likewise comfortable in their skin.

He is naturally dominant and she is submissive, but we dont confine ourselves to such labels. We identify more as a hedonists kinksters, and we view dominance and submission as means rather than ends. We recognize that BDSM is not at all sexual for some people, but it most decidedly is for us, and compatible playmates will likely share that view.

Drop a note if you have questions or just want to make new friends in the lifestyle.


T and K


Phase 1 of our project is finally complete. After much delay, the medical playroom is fully operational. Stay tuned for photos.



We are in the process of moving to a new home which has a 19 x 19 space we have designated as a fantasy playroom. The room is unfinished so there's much to be done, but we are already designing the layout and decor. Because we want the space to accommodate a wide range of BDSM and fetish activities, it will likely be a departure from the classic dungeon motif. The space will be sectioned off into 3 or 4 zones, each of which will be dedicated to a certain type of play. We have a special interest in medical play so phase 1 will be a simulated exam room. We already have a second hand medical exam table equipped with stirrups. We also have enema equipment, a stainless steel instrument tray, urethral sounds, TENS unit, vagina and anal specula and anatomy posters for atmosphere. More on the next phases as they unfold...

We have a roadmap to complete all phases of the project by the end of November. Once it is finished we will be eager to host.

Our pic with the vintage swimsuits was taken at the 2022 World Naked Bike Ride in St. Louis. In case it's not clear, the costumes are painted on. If you haven't participated in one of these, your missing out on great fun.

An interesting thing happened today while I worked on opening my pool for the summer. Scatterbrain that I am, I switched the fill and drain hoses on the pool. To switch them back I just needed to plug the holes temporarily, but I only have one stopper. How did I solve the problem? Luckily, I have a 2 1/4 inch silicone butt plug, the largest of a 3 plug graduated set. It worked perfectly! Any vanilla slob would have been shit out of luck. Ironically, there was no shit involved this time since I was using it for other purposes.