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I'm pretty outgoing and openminded to just about anything. I'm recently discovering that I
Bisexual Female Dominant, 33,  San Francisco, California
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 Dominant Female

 San Francisco 


 5' 3"

 180 lbs






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I'm pretty outgoing and openminded to just about anything. I'm recently discovering that I am dominant, after years of disappointments now that side that was burried long ago is urgently coming back out. I also have a tendency to feel dominant over those younger than me.. for some reason I think of them as my puppies and kittens, my pets, my babies.. and treat them as such. I especially like to be called Mommy by them, don't ask me why.. just one of my many strange turn-ons. So while I'm not a dominatrix, I AM a strict naughty momma figure.. and expect my boys/girls to be my special lil naughty and obediant babies. I'm dark in nature but not lacking the intense passions that could send one's senses tumbling into infinity with the appropriate euphoric sensations. Physique.. well I can't say I'm a model who has a drop dead gorgeous body and such. I'm full figured, abundantly asseted with voluptuous curvature. My hair is thick and very long, pooling in my lap when I sit. My eyes are tawny brown, almost orange in the right light.. like a tiger's. My skin is fair and somewhat pale, showing that I'm half italian and puerto-rican. I'm quite large in the chest area.. so if you aren't into ladies with big breasts then turn the other way. I love anything bisexual, female or male.. and prefer those younger than myself.. especially bisexual boys. I'm fairly new to california so well, knowing intriguing and beautiful people are a definate longing of mine. I should also mention I have PTSD, so don't waste my time thinking you know what I'm about.. I don't attract to senseless, noncaring or those incapable of understanding or with lack of passion. I have many unique and strange fetishes, those that might disgust others and make them turn their heads on me in rejection. Some of these include my fascination with werewolves, gargoyles, rape, cold metal like leashes and dog chains, masks and concealed figures that appear sexy and mysterious to me at the same time. I also love to draw and write poetry or small stories or entries I submit to online magazines for comment. I have an ultimately voracious sexual appetite.. and am also an escort. I'm pretty lonely but also prefer solitude most often.. pretty elusive, the shadow lady. I've had a bad life mostly and well.. don't play games with me, I've had enough to deal with.. don't need any lamers. If you aren't into reality, in other words realtime encounters.. don't waste your time or mine bothering me!

"Find the breasts of darkness.. and be suckled by the night."

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Journal Entries:
2/13/2003 4:31:40 AM

Okay, aside from my usual tastes in writings and postings.. this entry will center around one thing in particular.


I need it, crave it.. can almost feel assorted fleshy protrusions probing the velvety, moist insides of my most private area.. my genitals. Twitching and clenching almost painfully as if taunting and teasing me about how vacant my willing orafice truly is.

Lick me, taste me.. indulge the nectars of my lust. Fill me, overwelm my empty cavity with throbbing, rigid flesh that pounds within continuously until the breaking point. Touch me, pet me.. I get weak in the knees under the spell of explicit pettings. Enjoy what I have to offer, our bodies intertwining like serpants writhling in a constant dance of heated passions.

2/12/2003 4:19:23 AM
Abysmal darkness taunting me, teasing to envelope me in its shimmering makeshift cloak of billowing folds of obsidian.. that which lives with thousands of pinpoint stars of light. Enclose me in your joyously black embrace.. continue to send your incubi which dance in the space above me whilst I attempt slumber. I can feel their questing fingertips, tracing along my flesh with an urgent need.. a lust to feed upon my body and soul. Colaesce into one within the shell of my skin, tickle my pleasure centers with the mischievious but ever fulfilling sexual intentions they force onto me. Yet, I do not oppose.. only find myself looking into the shadows, upon their absence, in eager await for their cherished return. Use me..

2/10/2003 10:51:10 PM
Dark evening it is.. and here I am, ready and willing. It comes to me, nudging my side whilst I lay in bed, long, thick muzzle ornamented with numerous precise and deadly canines.. those of which glistened with slivers of light playing their lengths. I can feel it's hot breath, spilling over my torso, standing my nipples erect.. the beast of my heart and soul, my greater werewolf. It's shaggy pelt brushing my skin, of which was lined with gooseflesh as it's piercing gaze swept along the entirety of my frame.. fur pulled taut over rolling malish musculature. Oh, take me fierce one, my heart is still feral enough to match your own.

2/10/2003 2:59:42 AM
The moon, it whispers it's temptations to me.. the Goddess of the night, casting her pale moonlight across the vast darkness of my soul. No doubt Her children, her beasts.. are about on their prowls, of which I'd find a blessing to be apart of.  My Goddess, teach me of your simple pleasures, with your crisp, cold breezes.. enrapture me in your blissful, dark embrace.

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