Vertical Line



My patience with players is very limited. If you're not here looking for someone real, please move on.

Mature, controlling, and possessive Master seeking slave. Will train to my preferences, and will own utterly. I'm serious about my needs, and expect you to be, too. Players -- don't waste my time. I'm here only for real life, not for fantasy.

And ladies, if you call yourselves bi, it means you enjoy both men and women -- bi means both. If you really want only women, then please have the wit to call yourselves Lesbian, as that's what you are. Or at least, don't be offended when a man e-mails you if you persist in claiming to be bi.
It's rare here, but there are a *few* subs who are courteous enough to reply if they're not interested in a Dom or Master after he writes. Courtesy is the lubrication of society -- when such a sub writes, the only proper thing is to thank her for the courtesy.

When the reply you receive is silence, the charitable thing is to assume that she's been too often hounded by wannabes and predators. Of course, it may also be that she's just a rude slut, but if so, no further communication will alter *that*.
While there are many here whose purpose is suspect, and some who cannot be called better than fake, there are also some excellent people on collarme.

In particular, there is a small group of submissive women whose character is excellent, whose spirit is strong, and each of whom would be an endless delight to the Dom or Master lucky enough to claim her. These women are beautiful, inside and out. I will not name them here; they know who they are, and the high regard in which I hold them. Moreover, they do not need a deluge of e-mail from people not worthy of their attention.

Ladies, you brighten my life.
So many here seem only interested in a fantasy life. If that's your position, enjoy -- but please, do not waste my time.