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Hetero Male Dominant, 20,  London, United Kingdom
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ok so... i don't really know what i'm doing on here but i don't wanna spend my life letting one of the most intriguing things pass by... i'm dominant in bed but i'm a nice guy and i will never understand what is so great about "bad/rude boys"... they are mostly ridiculous braindead posers and i feel sorry for anyone who falls for it... and come on! one thing is sexuality, and it's something buried deep in our nature, it's individual and personal and we can't change what ultimately turns us on and gets us off but it has nothing to do with being a dick, and same goes for some women on here! i do not want a slave that i do not respect outside of the bedroom, i want a person that either has a good heart, or a great interesting personality or both things at the same time or anything else that makes that person not just a piece of meat ... BUT THEREFORE i also do not want to be seen as nothing but a hard cock that needs to fulfill anyones submissive desires... sex and intimacy are based on respect whatever form they may take!










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 Dominant Male


 United Kingdom

 6' 3"






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