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This is a joint account. We are a Ds couple in the VADC area. We are not a DomDomme couple.

He is an active 50 year old male, professional by day and a strong Dom at night (or when he decides). His interests include light bondage, clamping, sex toys, obedience, foot worship, humiliation and degradation. He is a man of honor who strives to give respect as well as the perfect amount of discipline, with a sadistic streak. While he is nurturing and affectionate, he is not a Daddy Dom and has no desire to be.

She is an active 42 year old, who is quite devoted to her Dom. She is not a Domme and she is not your Mommy, and has no interest in following that dynamic.

He is looking for a female who is intelligent and focused on service. Legal drinking age is required and over 35 seems to have more in common. Someone who can enjoy wine, movies and good food, as well as the desire to serve. If you cannot communicate clearly we are probably not what you are looking for. If you cannot clearly state your needs, we are definitely not what you are looking for.

This lifestyle is about trust, patience and understanding. Please and thank you are so very important. What we offer is warmth, friendship and exploration. We are not looking for someone to complete us we are already complete. If you are looking for a strictly sexual relationship, we are not what you seek. We will start as vanilla friends and if we determine the connection is there, and we all agree, we will move towards a kink dynamic. It will be slow. We are not interested in anyone who describes themselves as a brat. Sex will not happen on the first date.

We require this person to be able to function fully in social settings, vanilla and kink. Our home is not capable of the fantasy of 24 hour sexual slavery or goth. We dont have time for that, between busy jobs, family, kids (both coming and going), a baby, more family, and friends. This is not to say we do not have times for kink, its just something that must be handled responsibly and maturely. There will be long stretches of time with little or no direct kink. If you find yourself in tears because you were hoping for playtime and kids interrupt to have a clan dinner, you are probably not going to be happy.

We are not interested in purchasing your release or moving costs. We are interested in serious folks that understand real life. If you think this is or can be all about sex, please do not waste your time or ours.

Polite inquiries welcome.
If your profile picture is a body part that should be covered in public, please move on to the next profile.