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Hetero Male Submissive, 28,  Utah
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While trite, I’ve decided to conserve my finite wit for emails. Most women on these sites spend the majority of their time sorting their inboxes making well crafted profiles superfluous.









Last Online:


 Submissive Male


 180 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Switch Women

 Lives For:

 Orgasm Denial




 Anal Play (Beginner)



 Local BDSM Community

 Mental Bondage

 Strap-Ons (Beginner)


 Martial Arts (Expert)

 Cages (Beginner)



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Journal Entries:
12/22/2012 7:55:14 PM

Dating as a guy is kind of like playing those old claw arcade games.  You always ignore the ones you can get and you end up spending a ton of money trying to get the one you want.

12/21/2012 9:04:25 PM

Well the world didn't end.  I kind of have mixed feelings about it, I'm glad I didn't die but going out in the apocalypse would have been kind of cool. I bet we could have talked God into some kind of commemorative t-shirt.


12/6/2012 4:52:12 PM

Pro Tip:

If you want me to believe that you are actually interested in me and not just spamming a bunch of "losers" to get them to register at another site actually click on my profile.

11/28/2012 5:45:14 PM

So apparently in tribute domination you pay money to not have sex and be told that you are worthless in bed...


Seems like you could get the same effect by getting married and waiting a couple of years.

11/23/2012 11:48:05 PM

Goals for tomorrow:

Finish the chapter on recurrence



Get 3/4ths of the way through integral review

Ass stretching and cum eating

clean room

Clean out parents garage


Didn't get much of my list done today. Mainly I did stretching(both kinds) and cleaned out the garage, the I got a call that the night tech on the research study had the stomach flu and they had trouble getting a replacement replacement so I was it.  I spent the rest of the day trying to sleep only to be told that they found someone so I was off...I will be glad when this study is over. On the plus side I found this great scene of a domme with two subs, the ending was great she just walked off telling them to keep fucking each other.

10/28/2012 11:52:03 PM

On the weekend my domme and I drive up to a remote cabin in the woods.  She has been vague with details but has spent every day for nearly two weeks teasing my cock and penetrating me with different sized dildos and while she never explicitly said it, the implication was that all that training was a lead up to this trip. So now here I am in the car, my cock is bright red, almost purple, and streaming with precum.   A butt plug that is just that much too big is shoved up my ass.  I was somewhat surprised to see it when I opened her car door.  “That needs to be in your ass before you get in” she said.  Dutifully I unzipped and started working it in.  There was some discomfort on my face, she enjoyed it.  I was about to pull my pants up but she instructed me to leave them on the ground I wouldn’t need them this weekend. As we drove I was instructed to keep it hard throughout the trip stroking it slowly and above all else no cumming. 

From time to time she would reach out and touch it, sometime she would stroke the shaft, sometimes she would cup her hand over it grinding my head my by penis, beaming as I squirmed in my seat, other times she would squeeze my balls, not hard enough to hurt, just enough to let me know exactly who was in charge, as if there was any doubt. This continued for hours, if my cock was streaming before it was gushing now. I’m not sure if there is a drop of blood left anywhere else in my body. Finally we arrived and I learned what all this training was for.

This place was a “cabin” in only the loosest sense, I’m fairly certain my entire house would fit in the entryway, this was a mansion in the forest and inside were several clothed women and nude men all of them clearly in a dome/sub relationship.  We entered the hallway to meet with the other guests; thankfully my domme let me take the butt plug out so introductions were not quite as arduous as they might have been otherwise.

After about an hour of meet and greet the ladies reveal their surprise.  In get-togethers   like these things tend to get a bit… messy so there really needs to be someone to clean up whatever fluids may fall.  Normally a slave is chosen at random but this time they thought they would try something new. All the men would get in a circle and simultaneously fuck each other, the slaves whose ass is cummed in first gets designated the cleaner.  This person has to lick up everyone else’s mess.  His hole is community property and he does not get to cum once during the weekend.  All the dommes  give their slaves pep talks before to game commences.  Mine tells me that if I win she will let me put my cock in her pussy and cum inside it, I will still be expected to eat her out but this is a rare thing for me. Then she hikes up her skirt and rubs her pussy and the head of my cock so I can have a taste. I will do whatever it takes to win here.

I get in the circle and stick my cock in the ass of the man in front of me.  After all the teasing I am going to pop in one thrust. Then I feel it, the cock of the slave behind me; he is big, too big. I manage to fit him in but it immediately occurs to me that I might have trouble cumming with that monster pounding me.  All I can do is hope for the best as one of the domes shouts “on you mark, get set, fuck!”

10/26/2012 4:49:55 PM



Some Vanilla stuff:

  • I drink too much coke.
  • I can’t really drink alcohol; an 8th of a pina colada can put me down for hours.
  • I make it a point to listen to popular radio stations and like as much of the music as possible.
  • I still can’t get myself to like country; it’s too easy to understand the lyrics.  If every person you have dated has “done you wrong” you might be due for some introspection.
  • I try to listen to conservative talk radio but generally can’t make it for more than a couple of minutes.
  • If I see someone reading a book by Glen Beck I assume that they are an asshole.  I have yet to be proven wrong.
  • I keep meaning to go see movies but end up just waiting for them to show up on cable.
  • I’m pretty sure the financial industry is one giant shell game, I’m reading up on mathematical finance to see if I am right.
  • I want to know a lot more about computers than I do.  I’m prepping to read “The Art of Computer Programming” series by Donald Kunth but I still have a long way to go before I am ready for that.
  • I never wear clothes with logos.
  • I love going clothes shopping with a girlfriend of mine.  She is very blunt about what she thinks and ends up really flustering the sales girls which I find hilarious.
  • She is the only friend who knows that I am into BDSM and kept asking me about it when she was reading 50 Shades of Grey.
  • I think that there is a major problem with the peer review process in social sciences and the redundant studies should be required verifying results before a study should be published.
  • One time a guy I knew said that the Native Americans knew that the book of Mormon was true and that the evidence was in the burial grounds that’s why they won’t let us dig them up…we don’t hang out much anymore.
  • I love going to comedy clubs
  • I have done martial arts most of my life but stopped after I realized that the only way I could make money at this was to do MMA or join the army.  I didn’t want to do either of those.
  • I know Bikram Yoga is McYoga but I still like it.
  • I used to play video games a lot.
  • Now the only time I really play is when I go over to a friend’s house for his Halloween LAN party. I spend most of my time screaming at my teammates, I pretend that I am mad but really I’m just trying to come up with the most creative insults to make people blush.
  • I hate football and most organized sports. It’s not the sports themselves I dislike; it’s the level of importance that most people give them. 

10/22/2012 8:23:57 PM

Why do so many doms list themselves as bisexual then say they are only looking for females in their description?

10/18/2012 4:21:19 PM

"Alright on your knees"


It been a long night already and my balls are filled with cum from all the teasing you have done.


My jaw is sore from all the licking you have subjected me to. You remind me that, while you can have as many orgasms as you want I can only have one so we need to save it till the end else I might get lazy.


"Well I'm sated, time for you to cum, you know the rule you can only stroke when your tongue is in my ass."


You turn around and spread your cheeks as I dive in.  I need to move quickly before you change your mind.   Alas it's too late, my breathing gives me away.


"Actually… stop, I don't want you to come yet. "


It takes every ounce of discipline to take my hand away but fear of reprisal is a wonderful motivator.


"Oh don't worry you can still cum you're just in the wrong position, lay down."


With that she flips my legs up over my head and has me open my mouth


"We haven't done this in a while and I so love your cum covered face, start stroking"


 I start hesitantly, I hate the taste but the feeling of cuming in this position is indescribable.   You kneel down behind me and push my ass up so I am staring directly at the head of my penis.


"I'm going to stick a finger in." 


You don't wait for my response as you shove three fingers in my ass "Oh don't mind me" you cackle as I tense up. I can't take it anymore and explode all over my face.


"Oh I love how you look go stand in front of the mirror."


I dutifully obey and stand in front of the full face mirror looking at my cum covered face when out of the corner of my eye I see you donning your strap on.


 "the night isn't over I still want to fuck, why don't you bend over and give yourself a kiss…"

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