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Hetero Male Dominant, 19,  Charlottesville, Virginia
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Hey. My name's Stuart. For the purposes of this site, I am a 19-year old straight, dominant male. I'm strong, intelligent, and supposed to be sweet; still, I'm a bit slow to open up. Everything I do, I do with passion. I'm currently attending college for a Chemical Engineering degree and working as a tutor. As for what I'd look in a girl, she'd have to be alive, sweet, passionate, loyal, honest, and intelligent. Let me be clear on the "alive" and "intelligent" points. Alive: I just came out of a bad relationship with a girl who wouldn't get get a job, wake up before 4 PM, or walk distances over 50 feet. Resemble her, and I'll puke. Intelligent: Entered college at age 12. I realize there aren't many people in the world at my level. I want someone who isn't an idiot, who is willing to talk and debate, and who will support me in my search for truth. At age 14, I was ripped apart by my thoughts. The ensuing years are one blur of torment of a mind beyond recall. I'm better now, and I've learned to phase my thoughts in different "levels", where I can consciously chose my level of intelligence. Whenever I need to think at a higher level, it rips at me still.. if I could find a sweet girl to be there for me while I did this, well.. she's who I really want. I have several projects I want to meditate on. It will tear me apart if I don't have support. This profile will be changed soon enough. I generally hate this subject.











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 Dominant Male



 6' 1"

 215 lbs






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Submissive Female

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