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Hetero Female Submissive,  Ontario, Canada
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I believe D/s can evolve into M/s and is, in the truest sense, the natural state and ideal relationship between a Man and a woman... for me it's not a kink or fetish... it's just life.
I like to think I know what I need and desire in my life, and who and what I am as a woman. I don't judge others choices, but I do have opinions and will share when asked, and I always listen to others input and ideas because I am very open minded and enjoy others views.. I believe we all have our reasons for being what we are...I do however believe that for myself being a submissive isn't a choice... it is just who I am and how I am wired. To me it's not a gift it is just a fact. I enjoy strong Men... that are confident and respectful, who know who they are... who are also understanding in a teaching sort of way as I know I still have much to learn and personal growth is always important. I do seek a Dom who is straight and not a switch...I feel jealousy among subs/slaves/friends etc is pretty much a zero tolerance for me... I am far from perfect but I do communicate and am always honest in what I think or feel... respectfully explained. I have worn steel around my neck and been happily owned unfortunately that is no longer the case and after some time working on myself... again seek the freedom of His collar. I am not here seeking a play partner, married men, or to join a poly household at this time. I do believe there are strengths in a poly home just not a place I see myself today (I still need some growth) I am also not a Goddess, Mistress, Domme etc... and not here to aid in the fetishes of males claiming to be " sub/slaves" This to me is unnatural and has no interest to me what so ever... the mere thought of a Man in that role... well it's not for me personally. Favorite Quote ~Treat her as your own flesh, command her as her lord, cherish her as your helper, rule her as your pupil, please her in all things reasonable, but teach her not to be curious in things that belong not to her. You are the head, she is your body, it is your office to command and hers to obey, but yet with such a sweet harmony as she should be as ready to obey as you to command, as willing to follow as you to go before, your love being wholly knit unto her, and all her affections lovingly bent to follow your will.~
King James of Edinburgh










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Journal Entries:
2/8/2015 10:52:01 AM
I enjoy chatting on line with people as much as the next person, but when it comes down to Chat Room Nazi's who have to auto log themselves into a room 24/7 afraid to miss something... or sadder yet, have no real life outside of these rooms... it gets old.

I do love how Happy they claim to be in their RL  and have 2, 3 even 4 "slaves" and are such great authorities on ALL D/s related subjects, yet... still have time to stay logged in a chat room 24 hours a day....

I'm sure I would have much more fun and creative things to do with my Dom rather than watch Him sitting monitoring a cyber chat room 24/7... sad that is how ones finds their sense of importance.... but it clearly states a lot.

That being said... I myself have OP'd rooms, opened rooms, website etc... and realize there are a few 'types' of people who hang in these halls... but no matter what... Some of the most amazing people I have ever met have been on this site... and that is the reason I still visit here...

11/2/2014 6:25:40 AM

reflecting or exhibiting hatred, dislike, mistrust, or mistreatment of women.

This characteristic dose not make you a a matter of fact, it makes you the opposite. I recently discovered that someone I knew... or at least thought I knew, really was just this... a misogynist man who had an enormous chip on his shoulder due to a failed marriage...which in his mind gave him the right to just hate women in general and uses the " lifestyle" as his way to hurt and punish all women because of his past experiences...This was a big eye opener for me considering I, at one time had feelings for him... even submitted to him until his lies caught up with him and that respect dissipated...I guess here is where I say I am thankful...someone was watching out for me.

10/21/2014 7:52:25 AM
Sometimes I wonder if what I see right in front of me is the truth...there's always that inevitable delema that plays out in my head.. conflict between the head and heart...being unclear is never a good thing.

7/9/2014 8:54:06 AM
I believe everything in life happens exactly as it is meant to... and that timing isn't always how we want it to be. I am back and have found that when my path had crossed His before it wasn't meant to be... at that moment... but here we are again and I trust that it's for a good reason.

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