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Not looking for "professional" doms ! I am looking for a suitable master to become eventually my partner and my owner.

I am not here for sex encounters or fetishes but only searching for serious suitable dominant guys for a real M/s relationship. No online masters, only serious guys who are looking for a serious long term thing.

The person I am looking for is naturally dominant in life and likes to be in charge. I am very loyal and obedient and will follow happily the right type of guy.

Way too bizarre fetishes or abuse or being treated like subhuman are OUT OF THE QUESTION. If you get off from pretending your boy is a dog or a pony, you are not for me.
I will only have one boss, my master. The Master I am looking for should be well educated sane and not too old, healthy and normal (at least in public), and one who would protect me like his treasure, and won't abuse me.
(Women don't ever contact me you are all fakes, unless you are willing to prove who and what you are immediately I will ignore you !)
* measurements are given in the metric system even if it says lbs.