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Vertical Line

WAS looking for a real, long term relationship, but am not looking at the moment, Have been thinking of shutting down the profile since it really hasn't found me what I am looking for, BUT well maybe I will leave it up just a little longer.....

I have been on this site for years now, and I barely get on this site anymore, I don't have a lot of time online, and I am tired of wasting time. Be real or just try the game with someone else. I am trying my best not to judge without proof, but if you are a cheater, scammer, poser, fraud...... PLEASE, just leave me alone, I have done my time, lol, paid my dues so to speak, I really just want to find time to talk with the REAL people who are actually looking for someone like me to chat with. Not looking to hook-up, not looking to be your online spank girl, not looking to waste your time or mine. I don't IM, I don't skype, am not a very tech-y kind of girl really, but if you leave a polite message, I do try to return messages as soon as I can. So if you are not one of THOSE guys, please be welcome to contact me if you so choose.
AND.... I AM SORRY if your marriage is not working out for you, but if I am looking, I am looking for LTR, not looking for someone who is already involved, don't want it to sound snippy, just not interested in married guys, thanks.....

4/29/2015 2:50:25 PM people make me really sad. 
You know who you are, the fakers, posers, liars... 
Maybe you were not equipped by nature (or nurture) with a concience, or ethics. Whatever.  You don't care, can't empathise with the damage your actions cause.
YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. (when you read this, will you feel elation or remorse, what kind of person are you?)

Those that have no guilt need not harass me because this message does not pertain to you & is not about you.

There is always a point where the last straw finishes everything.
Think I am going to give up for awhile, I am tired of this constant dissappointment.

3/15/2015 12:59:06 AM


1/14/2015 1:22:24 AM
Yes, happy New Year to all,  I hope we can all look forward to some joy & prosperity....
This last year I have met some really wonderful people here, had lots of great correspondence - I hope YOU have too, readers, cause I really do wish the best for everyone....

11/25/2014 4:48:28 PM
OK, let's try this again -
I just got called several different things, including bitter & a bitch, for trying to make a point, a point I may add that I have seen on DOZENS of other people's profiles, that the fakers & frauds here detract from everyone's interactions.
REALLY??? Am I really the bitter one, for bringing up a point that everyone here has to deal with? (maybe SOME PEOPLE don't have to deal with the kind of jerks that waste my online time here, & then sending me nasty messages because I won't be their online whore)
Am I bitter because I state the facts like I see them? Sorry, but maybe if you had to deal with the kind of online nonsense I have been dealing with, you might see that I have shown extreme patience & politeness.....
Lol, maybe I would deserve to be called a bitch if I said something like--, Nut up or Shut up, it's a harsh universe, -or- If I can deal with it (a woman), man up & deal with it, everyone is entitled to their own opinions!! including me!
That's what the journal is for.
What a bunch of babies, crying because I didn't soften it up....
Sorry for nothing, I have seen plenty of people with considerably worse things to say, & I try to see their point & side, with mind open to what they are trying to say...
Don't hate me for being strong & honest enough to say what plenty of other people think....

11/25/2014 3:09:02 AM
OK, don't take this as a rant, BUT.....

(and if this is not the kind of person you are, you should not be offended, this is not aimed at the majority of people here...)

If you are looking for a free sex-chat, please contact someone else, I have no interest in being your free sex chat, online sex fantasy provider. That is not what I am here for...

I try to be polite, but my profile clearly states what i have been looking for. Profiles are there for a reason, if you have no interest in reading the profile,  I shouldn't be responsible for your reaction to rejection on my part. 

To the pathetic looser boneheads who keep offering me money to do everything from peeing on you to beating your face in:  I would have a tiny bit of respect for you if you were actually sincere in your intentions, but you waste my time begging me for things that you have no intention of actually doing....  gutless cowards, if you don't have the balls to actually do what you are fantasizing, quit wasting other people's time.  I would spit on you, but you would like it too much.

There ARE plenty of sincere, decent people on this site, who honestly post what they are looking for, whatever that might be.  But these useless frauds, fakers, posers, & assholes are beginning to get tedious.  YOU guys out there know what I mean, with all the propositions you get from scamming women asking you for money & stuff like that.
I know it's not just me getting tired of these loosers....
And again, if this does not apply to you, please do not be offended....

10/8/2014 5:22:23 PM
Well it's good to be back...
Vanilla dating sucks, lol, so closed minded!
It's nice to see some new looking profiles around, & some of the ones I remember as well. 
It seems to be more & more difficult to find decent men my own age, I am guessing this is where the "Cougar" situation starts becomming an issue, more younger guys available...
Younger does not mean better, though, you have to PROVE that, lol....
For all of those who say on their profiles that they are meeting only fakes & frauds--- I AM THE REAL THING, what I say is what I mean, & if you have questions, just ask, you will get an HONEST answer!

5/18/2013 7:50:35 PM

STILL NO INTERNET AT HOME, having a very hard time getting to this site,  trying to catch up with people, but there's a huge pile of messages, so sorry.......

3/7/2013 4:16:23 PM

Hello again,


* I found a place to live, have been working hard to fix it up to make it a good place...  Not homeless due to the generosity of I friend I met HERE, years ago, and continue to have good friendship with....  so whenever you hear about all the bad here, don't forget the good people too....

* I don't have internet at all there, I may still be out of communications for awhile,  still trying to find McDonalds time...

* I am sorry, it will take me awhile to catch up on all the missed messages!

11/28/2012 3:05:49 AM

well, bad news....

my boyfriend was on photo safari in Africa when a herd of wild water buffalo stampeded and knocked him into the river, where he was eaten by giant Nile crocodiles,  it was so sad,  nothing left at all.....

Oh, wait, that's not quite right...

my boyfriend was out skydiving for the first time, and the pilot didn't see the helicopter way below, and he was about to drift into the blades, but the copter moved, and he fell directly into the powerlines below, so sad, all burned up......

I'm gonna miss him....

Oh, wait, no, update!, he was really just lying to me for the last 3 1/2 months, about his secret life...

I guess I won't miss him so much...... 


OK, sorry about the whimsical rant (not really sorry), hope I didn't offend anyone (if I did, try to get a sense of humor), just trying to deal with life's little trials with my own sense of humor, even if it is slightly warped (deservedly).....

10/25/2012 10:31:24 PM

Will be off CM till further notice, sorry if I am unable to pick up messages, I will when I can.

Trying to find new place to live, dealing with mundane crisis, sorry....

9/17/2012 11:50:18 AM

Well, the birthday weekend went REALLY well, and thanks for all the kind wishes....  some people seemed shocked that when I spend time here, it's not about cruising for tail -- I actually DO have friends here, and there are some nice people onsite....  sure, not everyone falls into that category, but I value the friends I have met and kept here. 

Laughing YOU KNOW WHO YOU ALL ARE ! Laughing

9/10/2012 3:14:32 PM

Well, it's my Birthday this week, and congradulations to me for making it past one more year!! 

What do I want for my birthday?

#1 -- a pair of super cool boots, knee high or over!

#2 -- a cast net for fishing, bait size

#3 -- a new set of dive fins and mask/snorkle

#4 -- a bottle of Chloe perfume

#5 -- a bottle of Kalua, Parrot Bay Coconut rum, or Amaretto

#6 --  well, what ever .....

Just joking, I am not really expecting anything but to survive this week.....



8/4/2012 1:42:42 PM

A friend of mine passed away this week...

She lived in Wisconsin, and there was nothing I could do to help her, she had terminal illness and there was nothing anyone could do to save her.  They found her while I was at a funeral here in Tampa, for another young woman, lost too soon.


Julz was a special kind of person, yeah, she was a drama queen, but would give you her last dime to help you, and joke about it later.  She was a little bitty woman, I could pick her up and throw her over my shoulder -- it seem a shame then that her so called fiance felt the need to beat her up and break her face, nose, teeth and ribs last year. 

She called me her big sister - sisy, but I could never help her.

She deserved better than she ever got.


We hadn't talked since December, had a bit of a spat and had basically made up, but hadn't been talking much. 

And this is why I am writing about this!!!

You never really realize how little time we can have, any of us -- to make up over arguements, to say a nice word or two, to make someone feel better, to be a better friend...... you never realize it untill it's too late....... if you have someone like this in your life, do what you need so you never have to say this to someone else from your own perspective!!!


Jewlz,  we will miss you, glad your pain is over, and hope the road you travel now will lead you to a better place....

3/18/2012 11:07:59 PM

Is it a sin or a virtue to be stubbornly optimistic that maybe, just maybe I might find someone compatable out here in CM land?

Sure, I've heard alot of complaints from others, that no one is real, that the place is full of scammers and frauds, but seriously, I really have met some very nice people on this site,

Just not the one I am needing for a fufilling relationship....

Oh, oh,  I said the "R" word....

So sue me, I am not looking for a quick "hook-up"...


Optimism, a virtue or a sin?

9/22/2010 5:24:16 PM
Birthday went very nice, thanks to all those who wished me well, I love my friends!

An offer, just because there are so many people who read my profile and journal -- If there is anyone out there who is interested and able to purchase original watercolor and acrylic art, nice domestic stuff, drop me a message.  Some of my art has just recently come back from extended stay at a gallery, and I have very little space for it, the art needs to find homes.  Reasonable prices, will ship, many photos available. Attaching photos in my own profile photo area!!  Koi, oriental theme, dramatic flowers, domestic theme -- the kind of stuff that would make excellent one of a kind Holiday presents, and have the side effect of helping me pay my electric and such.  Not a bad deal!!!
One piece has sold already, thanks to my patron J.B. - you made my day.  The Koi Pond is no longer available.  Look for others soon!!

9/14/2010 3:43:37 PM
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
No cake and no sweets,
Gonna get some Sushi !!!

9/5/2010 6:48:16 PM
The nature of sensualism...

I read somewhere that, in nature, it is usually only the most intellegent of species that engages in "sensualism" simply for the sake of enjoyment rather than reproduction.  To touch, and be touched, in a way that is arousing and pleasant, simply for the sake of the enjoyment of it rather than the instinct of reproduction.

Today I saw something so beautiful, I have to tell you, my reader, about it and share it with you....

I was at SeaWorld today with my family, and while they were enjoying one of the shows, I went to see the Beluga whales.  For those of you who are not familiar with them, these are the beautiful white whales from our far northern ranges of the Atlantic.  They are renoun for their agility and their voices, and are a "small whale" being only about half the bulk of an Orca.  They are one of the only whales to have a flexible neck area, which allows them to see around them better.  And, like the dolphins, they have that fixed "smile", - though we know they are not truely smiling, it is hard not to respond to that face.

Anyway, I managed to get in to watch them between groups of people.  I was a bit dissappointed to see that they really dont have as much space as they should in the viewing area, but they do seem to have additional space behind the "scenes".  They were swimming around and around their area, kind of like a terrier running around his back yard over and over again.  But they were enjoying it - over and over they would go, but each time they would do it different, changing it up, mixing it up, even swimming upside down, and you could tell they were trying to make it fun.  You could tell they were interested in the people, too.

But, more to the point, they were VERY interested in each other today.  When I first arrived it was obvious that they (one male and two females I believe) were being very affectionate with each other, gently touching with their whole bodies, fins and flanks gently caressing, nibbling on each other carefully (they have real teeth, like a killer whale).  The male especially, in his dominance, would grip the females with his mouth while swimming, seeming to make a game of it almost.  The females returned his attentions with caressing fins and tails with obvious affection.  It became quite obvious that he would have liked to add a few baby whales to their group next year, but that the girls were not in the mood for that.  Yet they did not refuse him totally - they were so affectionate and comforting, endlessly moving in a ballet of sensual touch. 
Of course, real life had to assert itself, in a brief shattering of the calm comfort of the moment, the male came around the underwater viewing windows, as close as he could get, and he showed about 20 or 30 young children and teenagers what a "happy" male whale is all about.  I truely wish I had caught that moment on camera, the reactions of the human population in the room was so funny I could hardly contain my laughter.  But after he scared away an entire room full of shocked and embarrassed humans he put it back in his "pants" and just continued to enjoy his day with his affectionate companions, an underwater dance of immense beauty and gentle, sensual contact.  A constant touching of bodies simply for the pleasure of contact.

It was beautiful.
Wish you were there.

8/31/2010 11:12:22 PM


So I made it out to the Madiera beach today, wanted to do some swimming for exercise.  Got out of the house late and fought rush hour traffic all the way there.

But it was Soooo worth it!

I found a nice little park, it was 6pm, and the sun shining nice, but not too hot.  The water was close to smooth, only very gentle waves.  The water tempurature was so perfect you could walk right in up to your shoulders with not even a shiver.

I put on my fins and mask and swam out, looking around and realizing that there were so few people out that it seemed like I almost had the ocean to myself. 

I excercised for awhile, and floated for awhile.  Laying across the top of the water with my hair flowing all around me, drifting with the wind, it was a beautiful feeling.  I stretched my arms out as if on a cross, and the ocean held me and cradled me while crying birds flew overhead and the bright clouds made an endless path above me. (Sure, I could not help but feel like I was a floating piece of bait just waiting for something to come up from out of the depths and take a bite out of an arm or a leg....but that would ruin my fun to think of too much....)

And the best part -- as I was about to swim back to the shallows, and the sun was close to setting, I felt an odd something bump my leg.  And then a small pinch with a bump. I thought it was just sea weed, maybe with something sharp on it.  It happens.... 
I was treading water, and I felt it again, sharply.  So I looked down into the water, and there was something dark like a strand of flat sea weed floating with me in the water.  I went to grab it, to throw it away from me, and it quickly wiggled out of my hand!!!!  It was a baby Remora fish!!!  It was only about a foot long, and as wide around as a "C" cell battery.  I could see its pointy little face and the suction-ey think on the top of its head. 
I was so shocked, I continued to tread water in the same spot, and, looking down with my mask, I could see it swimming parallel to my body, around my legs (despite the movement) around my torso, and even down my arms when I lowered them.  It even came close to my mask!  And it was biting me!   It would see a freckle and try to bite it with its little pinching mouth, and it was quite uncomfortable, but not horrible, so I did not disturb it.  Not until it found a small cut on my leg and tried to eat it!!

It swam with me for about 15 minets, and it was getting dark so I had to say good bye to my little friend.  Let it go on to scare the hell out of some poor tourist somewhere.....

It was a beautiful, perfect couple of hours...
I was sad I could not share it with someone special...
Wish you were there....

8/25/2010 2:18:33 AM

Happyness is never guaranteed, though all people seem to think they deserve it....
Because we know how precious it is,
Because we learn, as adults, how it is never meant to last forever,
We must value every second of it,
Live it, revel in it, relish it in every sense.
And, knowing that it is fleeting, when it is time, we must learn to let it go.
Remember it, treasure its memory.
And wait, patiently, for the next moment to come.....
We must not grow bitter that one moment of happyness has passed, or, blinded by the pain, we may not see the next one comming....

I think, only children can believe in "happily ever after",  but I think I can believe in "happy for now", and cherish that.  If now turns into later, and later turns into longer, well, that would be nice also....

7/25/2010 4:05:48 AM
For those who have been kind enough to ask, yes, I am over my "baggage" and ready to get on with life. 

I don't regret or take back a word I have said - I am a real person, with real feelings.  Maybe this is not the place to show that, some might say - I say, fine, you might be right, but what I feel is a part of me, and if you want a true look at someone, here it is.

If some people can't take that, or are uncomfortable with that, then maybe I should pity them for feeling so little....

Those who are weak and uncaring will be scared away - and that's fine...  I don't need weak people in my life, or people who have no emotions to share.  I will have a partner someday who will be strong for me, as I will be strong for him.


7/23/2010 6:37:41 PM

So many people on site,  looking, looking....  and not finding. 
It's disheartening to realize with so many people here there are so few that are happy. 
So few that have found that "just right" person.

This site tempts a girl to pour her heart out, to release the demons, so to speak.  It's easy, cause it's so impersonal, it's easy to think of it as a journal or a diary.  But it is not that - it's just one more window into a cold,cold world where all you want can be taken from you in an instant. Where deception and lies are common tender, and honesty has no reward.

I cannot be what other people want, only what I am. 
I sure hope that someday that will be enough.....

7/18/2010 1:44:09 AM

.....just comming back from the Lakeland FLICK party, -- what a great group of people!!!  If you are looking for a group to join, talk to Sebastian and the rest of the group, they are really good to know. 
And their dungeon is GREAT!
What a nice treat after such stressful times....

7/11/2010 11:11:44 AM
So much for honesty....
So many people demand it,
So few can truely take it...

6/18/2010 9:41:38 PM

Well, here we are again.
I exist.  I have no expectations.
I do not aspire to be some sort of Domme Goddess or Submissive Slave-Queen.
I can smile, thinking that there is so much left to do, so much undone, and that somewhere.........
Somewhere out there is a person who will show me these things unseen, experiences undone.
I long to feel that firm hand on the back of my neck, clenching in my hair.
I long to feel the blade edge sliding along my skin, not cutting, no, but the true trust and the exhilerating rush as the mind follows the blade's path and all one's concentration is centered on that one.. fine.. edge........

To be Domme is to give, and give I have.
But I ask no forgiveness if now, in this day, in this moment, I wish to relive the exquisite release of receiving.

ONLY to the one who is right for me,   all else is dross and unbearable.

4/22/2010 2:31:21 AM

Who needs a switch or a flogger, when an unkind word can hurt for so much longer...?
Who needs bindings to be bound to a cross, when cruel memory binds the soul hour by hour, day by day.....?
And where is the release when there is no one to release you but your own self....
And the pain you still endure is all you have left...........
And yet, if that is all you have left of love, cherish it.....

3/16/2010 1:08:03 PM
Anyone with any sense can see that this place is a war zone.  It is filled with the walking wounded, both male and female.
This is not meant as a rant or criticism of ALL the guys out here, but maybe to open the eyes of a few......
And I DO sympathize with the wounded men JUST as much as what I am to say about the women;- please realize that what I say goes both ways.........

Guys complaining about girls still wounded from other relationships - you are missing the bigger picture, either through impatience, insensitivity, or sheer stupidity.  You can be the hero or the villain, but which benefits you the most,  hmmm?  Think about it!
A girl opens her heart, looking for help, looking for sympathy....for healing.  She shows you the broken pieces - and for just a little bit of your time you can be the one with the glue to put her back together, and make her a real person again. 
You can be the white Knight in shining armour, you can be her hero.
What does it cost you?  Some patience, some time, some sympathy.
If you do not have that to give someone, don't be so egotistical blaming the girls for being damaged - your probably part of the problem!!!

I say this not for myself, but because I have seen this so often here.  The lack of human kindness and consideration is astonishing considering what kind of a community this is.  If you can deal out the wounds but are not willing to deal with the aftermath, don't be surprised to see so many damaged women here.

And if there are any ladieses reading this, please remember, these guys are pissed about being used by inconsiderate, selfish, money-grubbing, lazy gold-diggers and scammers.   So let's show them that all women are not like that, some of us are the real deal!!!!!!!

1/29/2010 3:04:35 PM
Hello all visitors and friends. 
I am trying to keep up with the messages, but sorry if I have been behind - having a hard time getting to public places where I can access CollarMe without trouble.
Please dont be offended if I cant get to you quickly.

1/29/2010 3:04:29 PM
Hello all visitors and friends. 
I am trying to keep up with the messages, but sorry if I have been behind - having a hard time getting to public places where I can access CollarMe without trouble.
Please dont be offended if I cant get to you quickly.

12/30/2009 7:16:57 PM
Hello all,
I hope everyone has had a nice holiday, and looking forward to a new year with better luck, better health, and a better future.  To all the nice people I have met this year, thank you for your interest, your kindness, and your friendship.  I am sorry that I cannot be what everyone wants, but I am trying to be what I want, and hope that to those I have had to say no to that there are no hard feelings.  I wish all persons well, truely.  Even those who have been rude, crude, or just plain nasty - do better for yourselves this year.  All of us should.
As I should know best, still pining over what I have lost and cannot ever have again.
Lots of super-glue could fix many things, but not hearts.  Think I would have to invest in gallons for that.
So for now, I try to put a really big band-aid on, and try to get on with my life, as others already have.  Something many of us here are doing as well.
Be well, my friends, be well.  Enjoy the parties and try not to look back at parties past, but only to the future.....

12/25/2009 10:56:16 PM
Sorry everyone, for the slow responses.  Back to being sick again, and just cant get a break.  Hope everyone had great holidays of whichever variety.  Hope everyone is going to have a better year in 2010, including me!

11/10/2009 7:40:04 PM
Well, here we are again. Thanks, all, for the well wishes and kind thoughts, I really appreciate it all.
So, have been re-cooperating all weekend, and I am finally good enough to be out and about. A bit. Just enough to get to the FlyingJ internet and catch up on my internet sales and messages here. 
Back to job searching....

11/4/2009 8:00:29 PM

Angelique's Top 10 List - Tonight's List?  Top 10 reasons why being in the hopital is better than being at home....-
#10- people are paid to pay attention to you
#9- all the sleep you can get, in 2 to 4 hr doses
#8- all the hot water in the shower that you want, plus a shower seat
#7- hospital gowns- what more need be said...
#6- roommates that cant get away from your conversations and bring crowdes of people into the room that you don't know
#5- Your room mate's friends and family getting to admire your hospital gown
#4- encouragement from the cafeteria staff on your weight loss plan - the food they send really does help you loose weight.
#3- no cooking, cleaning, or work of any sort other than trying to get to the rest room with out flashing anyone
#2- Lots and lots and lots of free drugs. Although the bad taste from the saline IVs and the itching from the morphine take a bit away from that, but try the morphine/benedryl combo, that's a winner...
Yeah, let's hear it for the hospital!!!!!!

11/4/2009 2:08:51 PM
OK, the nature of life and the universe:  IT SUCKS. I am currently in the hospital, having been here since monday, and because of this I have lost my brand new fantastic job. I hope all you people have better lives than me.  I was given the opportunity to decide between keeping my wonderful brand new job or continuing hospital treatment for a systemic infection requiring the strongest IV antibiotics available and round the clock care.  HMMMM........job and money or possible death.  Nice. 
I surely must be the most wretched bitch in the universe to deserve this crap. OK, well, I guess that is a bit over dramatic, but tell me that later. The only thing I really want to hear is that suddenly there is a great job waiting for me when I get out of here. Better luck to all of you.

10/31/2009 10:41:25 PM
Check out the Pre-Halloween photos - couldn't afford to go out to the second home, The Castle, with the Guavaween stuff going on, so spent my last $20 to go out friday, instead.  Hardly anyone there, but had a bit of fun anyway.  At least I got to dress up, a little....

10/27/2009 8:33:11 PM
PS - the new favorite quote is from the movie "ZombieLand", with Woodie Harelson- Excellent movie!  But when Woodie says "Nut up or shut up!"  HA!!!!!!
OMG, that's just so appropriate!!!!!

10/27/2009 8:29:28 PM
Hello again everyone!  Feeling much better now, and thanks for all the well wishes for my health.  It kind of made me feel happy that there are enough nice people out here that would take a moment to say something nice to someone in need!
So thanks to you all, you know who you are.
I am back at work now though, and lucky to still have a job.  I am very busy and very tired, so if I am not always able to answer everyone's messages, please be patient!
Best wishes to all!

10/21/2009 7:54:44 PM
I am SOOOOO SICK!  Yes, really sick, as in I had to go to the hospital today - verdict?  Bronchitis & Flu.  But they won't say which one. They say it doesnt really matter, got to treat them the same anyway.  So, sorry if I am not able to answer everyone's messages quickly, please be patient, and hope I don't loose my wonderful new job!!!

10/5/2009 3:36:18 PM
Well, lucky me!  One of my friends just happend to ask me if I would like to  be an extra for a movie shoot, and of course I had to say yes...  Well, Sunday I got to be a savage zombie, rampaging around, viciously attacking innocent victims, covered in blood.....WOW, it's like they wrote the part just for me...ha,ha, well, maybe a bit.  I loved it!  Cant wait to do it again!

10/3/2009 2:07:54 PM
Well, one week into my new job, and it's going great!  I was made for work like this - angry, pissed off, aggressive insurance customers, and I get to reason with them, help them, and tame them.  I kill with kindness.  Lions to kittens.  Ha!

A side note here, though, guys-yeah, you guys. Man up.  Put your money where your mouth is. If you are all show and no go, go somewhere else, won't you please?!!!  You know who you are!!!  There are some half-way decent people on here that are being completely overwhelmed by a select group of ball-less wonders, who can only get off by messing with people.  Granted, that may only be my opinion, but maybe it's just the brutal truth.  I value my time, and have enough of a life that I don't need to screw around with people on the internet just to feel better about myself.  If that is why you are doing this, maybe go seek some help, or get a hobby.  What ever you do, just go do it somewhere else.  The rest of you guys, the REAL ones, kudos for hanging around so long.  If the women are anywhere near as bad as the men, god I feel sorry for you!  You have my sympathy, But I am not one of them. 

9/28/2009 3:36:27 PM
From the worst week of my life to OMG, I just got soooooo lucky.  Months of no job, money gone, no money in sight, and I just happen to meet a nice lady who hands me a card and says she has an opening at her office for a phone person.....She's the VP, show up with what I need....
And today I started my new job, with great people, great pay, really close to home, 9 to 5, Monday to Friday.  I am so happy I could cry....

9/25/2009 11:52:10 AM
For those who bother to read, not just look at the pictures, please note this: 
I am not interested in married men, period.  Nothing personal, just dont need the hassle.
I am not a slut, a pain slut, or desperate, so don't even think of me in such terms, you will be dissappointed.
I am not into mental manipulation or domination, so if that is your thing, please look elsewhere.
What you see here is a real person looking for like minded company; if you can't be real, please don't waste my efforts keeping up with all these messages.
Thank you to those who have been kind to me.  Some of you have been very nice, and fun to chat with.

Vertical Line

 Age: 18
 Kollam, India