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Are you Looking for stern but loving MASTER for training, service, and eventual LTR (Long Term Relationship). In New Zealand - but Lurking in Australia room - see if I can import a slave. Does any-one want to re-locate to Paradise?

Fair, controlling, not into pain for pleasure. Seeking FT (full time) 36524 male slave.

Expect to be acknowledged once interest is started. If you stop contacting me, I will not chase you.

I am more interested in Masterslave than sadomasocism, but do enjoy some aspects of BDSM. I am a great believer in good manners, and etiquette, yet do believe in being friendly unless you are an idiot or try to take Me for one. (source unknown).

Slavery is usually based on hard labour, exercise, control, deprivation, humiliation, chastity, and discipline. Elements of these will be exercised at times. Always room for an element of humor and craziness too. Not looking or wanting perfection. I am always learning about myself and others.

A Masterslave relationship can be one of the most powerful and intimate things two people can know. For that to happen, there has to be chemistry and mutual respect. The whole point of it all is to get into each others heads and be able to touch those things that add intensity and bonding between the Master and the slave (sourceONEDallasMaster).

This will be a lengthy process so do not contact me unless you are willing to conduct online communications at first.

I have started to reply to profiles that I like, not in order to start anything, but to be a little more social.

Drug and Disease free and want to stay that way.

Have been and seen enough to know this lifestyle is not all about sex.

A live-in situation are ideal, but of course that would be something we move towards.

Results from 100 Dominant 96 Rigger 90 Owner 80 MasterMistress 80 DaddyMommy 77 Non-monogamist 76 Experimentalist 70 Degrader 62 Primal (Hunter) 59 Sadist 56 Ageplayer 34 Degradee 34 Vanilla 18 Primal (Prey) 12 Exhibitionist 10 Voyeur 9 BoyGirl 2 Brat 1 Rope bunny 1 Masochist 1 Slave 1 Pet 0 Submissive 0 Switch


For those who think the fakes, scammers, and financial dommes or what have you should be banned from this site need to know that this and any other site are open to all. The thing about the Net is that it is controlled by nobody. So use your wits and apply good critical skills when using the net.

+++++++++++++++++Privacy and security in our world today is a myth, there is none. Any such privacy and security about data (ination and that includes ALL the e-mails, chats, google, etc.,that we all do) is the users responsibility. One must assume any c o m munication ... internet, phone, newspapers, television, whatever, is exposed to parties unknown. You have already lost control of this data. Once they (whoever they are) have that i n f o mation (data) they might choose to use it. +++++++++++++++++

9/28/2017 10:27:29 AM
Common BDSM protocols for slaves.

Slave must remain naked in doors at all times.
Slave must wear a certain type of collar at all times
Slave must kneel at master’s feet whilst seated.
Slave must not establish eye contact with master.
Slave must great master on hands on knees.
Slave must not speak unless spoken to.
Slave must only speak about themselves in the third person i.e. This girl is hungry, Master.
Slave may be required to follow their master’s instructions as to what they may wear each day and their food choices may also be dictated by their master.
Slave may not be allowed to make simple choices as regards to their food or drink in a restaurant, choice of television programme or outing etc.
Slave is allowed no secrets from master.
Slave must always earn their pleasure by pleasing master.
{thanks andreNZ)

8/7/2015 11:47:10 PM

== Results from ==
100% Bondage giver
94% Dominant
94% Owner
93% Master/Mistress
71% Brat tamer
71% Daddy/Mommy
66% Primal (Hunter)
65% Vanilla
62% Sadist
57% Degradation giver
56% Experimentalist
49% Voyeur
43% Switch
42% Ageplayer
33% Non-monogamist
27% Exhibitionist
14% Primal (Prey)
12% Submissive
11% Masochist
9% Bondage receiver
6% Brat
5% girl/boy
5% Pet
3% Slave
3% Degradation receiver
3% All-Rounder
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2/27/2015 11:09:14 AM
Borrowed from a slave:

A Definition of Submission:
Submission is not about suffering.
Submission is about service.
Submission is not about humiliation.
Submission is about humility.
Submission is not about pain . .....
Submission is about being present.
Submission is not about being used.
Submission is about being of use.
Submission is not about control.
Submission is about letting go.
Submission is not about what is done to you.
Submission is about what you do for others.

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 Age: 41
 NY/VT/Qbc border, Vermont