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Treatments with Dr. Tesla & his faithful servant, Nurse Lick....

She shuddered because his stethoscope was cold on her bare skin...

Budding amateur gynecologist/sex therapist and beautiful assistant are seeking amateur patients. All potential patients will be screened prior to their appointment to ensure doctor/patient confidentiality and for those that have been denied or just need an extra dose)

Patients may be prescribed doses of the doctor's special "cure all" protein elixir. This delicious and nutritious shake like drink supplement is so safe and pure that people have been known to use it as a hair gel, facial cleanser, dermal scrub, breast moisturizer and vaginal salve.

Due to Insurance liabilities and other staff concerns our clinic will only "treat" those under the following guidelines:

-Patients will be HWP females between the age of 18 & 45.

-The doctor's assistant is very proficient and passionate about her work. She may assist the doctor in procedures or perform procedures on her own. Please be comfortable and/or curious about this.

-Our exams and treatment plans are honest and straightforward. Help us help you by doing the same with your treatment goals.

-Patients will not be drug users/abusers (we believer this takes away from treatment, just say no!)***

-Patients with HIV, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, crabs, lice, worms, rabies or any other condition that does not wash off with a simple solution of soap and water will be denied treatment.

-We understand that patients occasionally need to be restrained or spanked during their exam and treatment. Please ask about our "kink" options during your screening so we can accommodate your needs.

 -There is limited storage available, please leave the baggage your home.

-Please understand that results may vary, so for the best results we prefer your treatment be handled on a return semi-regular basis.

If there are no further questions; Put on this gown, sit on the exam table, lay back, put your feet in the stirrups, scoot your butt right up to the edge... It's time to relax.

***A little 420 never killed anyone, so recreational 420 users are excluded from the drug clause. If you're kinda slow, we're not real medical professionals