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Pan Male Slave, 26,  Corinth, Mississippi
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Hi Im Michael I would like to find an owner to own me for life Im very eager to serve Ive been interested in the lifestly since I first discovered it at 16











Last Online:


 Male Slave



 6' 3"

 300 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Domme/Dom Couples

Femdom Couples

Mascdom Couples

Friends Only

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Journal Entries:
3/28/2018 11:24:06 AM
Anyone want to abduct me?

3/26/2018 10:09:25 AM
Any wanna abduct me an own me permenantly message me for details

3/25/2018 11:59:47 PM
Looking to be abducted message for details please

6/4/2017 1:01:49 AM
Does anyone ever wish they were a cuntboy

5/2/2017 9:29:13 PM
Hey Wats up guys would really like to make some kinky friends to talk to an such into pretty much any an everything so no worries about scaring me off just really tired of feeling alone just shoot me a message

3/8/2017 10:48:27 PM
Has anyone heard of a cunt boy I'm curious about it an mite wanna become one of u know anything about it please message me or if u just wanna talk u can message too

2/3/2017 12:02:39 PM
Anyone wanna chat still unowned here would low to chat about anything u want especially chastity or castration

2/3/2017 12:19:27 AM
Hey anyone out the wanna chat about castration or any dominante looking to own an castrate a boy like me

1/3/2017 1:32:51 AM
Anyone up and wanna talk to me we can talk about anything would really like to chat about chastity an stuff

11/5/2016 1:01:23 AM
Someone anyone please abduct me and ship me ti Australia

11/3/2016 5:51:20 PM
Hey everyone I wanna learn about castration and stuff if anyone wants to teach me or make me their victim ;) message me here or Kik rootbeer1992

10/31/2016 8:16:44 AM
Anyone into castration I'm curious about it and would be interested in being castrated

10/6/2016 6:54:19 PM
Ruff ruff I'm a bad puppy that needs to have a visit to the vet for behavior problems

10/6/2016 12:51:06 PM
Hey anyone wanna chat with me especially anyone familiar with castration

10/5/2016 10:55:32 PM
Just curious who out there is into castration I'm curious about it myself anyone wanna talk to me about it or just chat period feel free to message me

8/5/2016 11:44:27 PM
Idk why you had to block me bpdeden I was just trying to be your friend

8/5/2016 11:25:12 PM
I guess no one wants to be my friend I try to make friends and I get blocked it's really getting me depressed and putting me in a dark place

5/12/2014 5:21:19 PM
I hate being a boy I wish someone would transform me

11/1/2013 8:00:28 AM
Well no luck finding a owner starting to feel really sad I'm not picky I just wanna be owned

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