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Please Note* While I do understand the degrading mechanism of those into forced fem training -
Bisexual Transgender Dominant, 68,  Somewhere, Ohio
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 Dominant Trans



 5' 9"

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Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

Please Note* While I do understand the degrading mechanism of those into forced fem training - its not my thing. I prefer a more traditional fem led FLR with a masculine male who can be otherwise emasculated. While many a Mistress and slave may be into it, Im not, its not My thing and not a turn on for Me. Just sayin. *** Extremes is the key word! As an experienced, dominant transgender woman, I seek to implement a Female Lead Relationship with an obedient, devoted, otherwise masculine male slave, 247365. LTR preferred! This is symbolic while still the official designation. Around the clock is not realistic and would become monotonous. Therefore periods of vanilla time are essential to recharging per-f o r m-ance. I strongly believe in traditional values where a male is the breadwinner and provider, yet still subservient to female supremacy under his Goddess control, without hesitation! Obedience is essential! I decree and demand full control with sometimes intense abuse and sadistic extremes to establish, maintain and enforce said full authority and control with complete submission! Physical and mental abuse, humiliation and degradation are very important in maintaining this standard, (and lets admit, very entertaining to the benefit of Mistress and Her own personal, sadistic pleasure). Full service toilet slaves preferred and will receive extra consideration in your appeal to be considered. By full service- This means removal and disposal head phuck games which does not necessarily mean consumption, (unless youre into that sort of desecration lol). All of which I take special pleasure in dishing out too! Whether by consumption or simple removal orally or otherwise- if not a consumer, you are simply deemed unworthy until if ever so proven. Thereby supplying good reason for further discipline, punishment and abuse. This until proven worthy to serve in all its facets and tests of endurance and devotion to your Mistress, Owner and unforgiving Ruler! Pitiless, sadistic cruelty is a necessity to establish and enforce said authority and control. Absolute dedication and devotion to your otherwise worthless existence is ruthlessly administered at all times until satisfaction with results is achieved. Let it be noted however that full on satisfaction of Mistress may never be attainable. A slave is constantly prodded to improve on his per f-o-r-m ance AT ALL TIMES!!! So to answer the question, it is not expected that every toilet slave is a natural, allowances for those who arent will be made with certain exceptions to the Rule! Reply accordingly if u think u can qualify and meet said, strict, no nonsense standards! Online training is not what Im here for. Im about reality in real time ONLY! NOT ACCEPTING slackers!! Candidates should have a means to support self and contribute to a household! Serious and Genuine only... all others firmly rejected MS74

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Journal Entries:
1/1/2018 5:16:57 PM
Imagine that, after yrs of dysfunctional 504 Errors because of overloaded servers, they've listened, wised up and finally upgraded the server. Perhaps even hired an expert go figure. This can be a great service for everyone now~ Kudos to Collars! ~ NOT                                   ***** However~ This update just added: I still cant reply directly2emails&must click on a user's profile to do so. It also strangely adds 'em & /em' to my intro&exit of said replies. I still cant find the site unless using only www dot collarspace dot com. It also has never allowed a user to enter 's-c-e-n-e' to txt. Asking support for support is a major waste of time. If it weren't for all the errors, it just would not routinely be- collarspace. They've given up long ago, just throw up their hands and ignore the issues. Clearly, the main issue is they dont know how to run a website and wont pay anyone who does- Cheapness! Cutting corners, now thats collarspace. 

11/20/2017 6:07:18 PM
I cant reply anymore, site dumps them and signs me out instead. Ive told support more then once now, they dont pay any attention to administrating a functional page. Losing users and advertisers seems to be their thing here since forever. Is that good business sense? Me thinks clearly not! Update: When dumped&signed out, I discovered can back up to the page where I was already logged in go figure. To reply to emails, have to click on the users page who sent it and reply there, go figure again. What a nutty site. 

3/3/2016 5:21:30 PM
Its time for the community en mass to complain on the support menu in technical issues about the dysfunctional server on this site which is an ongoing problem. More often then not, clicking anything results in an endlessly spinning RE-f-r-e-s-h wheel and a frozen page that is ridiculous. The administrators pay no attention to functionality and maintaining the site which will result in a loss of users and their own advertising revenue when the ratings drop. Its unforgivable negligence which this site is notorious for! Upgrade the damn server already&fix the errors PLEASE!

2/4/2015 10:00:02 PM

Ok- u find urself in some far off land and then find My pic sets to gaze upon b4 getting inspired to plead ur case. It never fails to amaze that most of these fools have nary an inkling what this encompasses. 1st and foremost: Ka-Ching! Fees and funds to immigrate? u think? Theres the apps and forms, all very costly to apply for to a foreign embassy for admission u may very well fail anyway. There r strict limits on admissions and these limited quotas are applied for by millions trying to enter the USA every yr. What about homeland security and customs clearance? All kinds of visas to navigate? Which one is appropriate? Even any? Never mind the medicals u have to clear for things like social diseases- $, vaccines- $, the processing of forms and apps $, the interviews u cant fail- $, background checks @ PD- $? Criminal Background? tch, tch. Thats a no-no u should KNOW! Passport, app and processing fees -$? That Visa u cant travel w/o if u dont qualify- $? Travel arrangements, hotels, Flights - $,$,$ ? Processing times are months, a few yrs even. If u even clear criminal checks and meds. Can u qualify for any visa? u think? Did u ever stop to think? Do u even care about wasting My valuable time if u cant take care of all this 1st? Because u knew u cant but just want to whack it? Drop dead please 

6/22/2013 9:41:12 PM

^.O.^ OINK!  Here piggy piggy! -Yes I am in great demand pigs, (by a world full of mindless zombies it seems). After interviewing hundreds if not several thousands for several yrs dredging the canals, lakes, rivers and oceans of the planet on this site and others, I find that fully less then 1% of u crawdaddys and worms r serious candidates for any kind of relationship. Perhaps a single lowlife but ideal subject will step up to bat one day and prove worthy of My attention.  MS74  =^..^=  Meow

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