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I am a single Mommy FemDom in Memphis TN who is open to meeting the right boy for ongoing wild adventures possibly leading to LTR.
Real life and single straight sincere men only. My preference is for shy sweet chubby homebody white boys who are on the geeky side and have a sense of humor. Looks are of little matter but I rarely have patience for pretty boys. I have a history of preferring younger but I am only interested in a sweet boy with a servant's heart who longs for his Mommy, and age is no barrier. Inexperienced considered, but only those who have a genuine fervent desire to role play the regressive life of being my son.
I am private and an introvert. No crowds or audiences. I am liberal and atheist, reclusive and primarily demisexual and monogamous. You either embrace this or respect it. I am confident and wicked fun with the right person but I much prefer the private life.

My style is sensual but real. I get to know someone and take him over by increments until I possess and control him entirely. If you're in a hurry or looking for casual play we're not compatible. I am fun and laugh a great deal. I get to know you and our play time is based on our shared interests, needs, desires, and fetishes and fantasies. This is a Mommy/son relationship, a shared investment of time and energy, a bonding and nurturing experience, not a casual transaction. Have no doubt, you will be completely mine.
Come to me with a strong desire to please and make me happy, to obey and serve me, to be Mommy's good little boy. You will do your chores, nurse several times a day, and live to please Mommy. Be snuggled and kissed, spanked when you're naughty or just need it, given guidance and protection. You will learn what your little penis is for and that it belongs to Mommy. I truly desire 24/7 sustained role play with breaks only for dealing with reality, personal time, and adult responsibilities.
Be open to a great deal of exploration of our roles, kinks, fetishes and activities. I enjoy Mom/son and Mommy/son role play, MDlb, and Incest Play, as well as submissive daddy/Dominant Daughter (the latter only if you're that rare individual).

The right boy enjoys gorgeous BBW Mommy bodies (a belly lover would be ideal) and bonus points if he is motivated by an interest in heavy natural breasts. I'm into ANR but not currently lactating, that can be induced again if you're a very good boy, you'll be suckling regardless to please me. DDF, primarily a non-smoker, rarely drink, 420 friendly but not for me.
I prefer to keep it within around 250 miles but there are some other places I'd consider for someone exceptional, so relocation is an option for me If you read, understood, and agreed this far you are probably just the kind of pleaser I like best.

Keywords: Mommy, son, Mom/son, Mommy/son, age play, ageplay, incest, MDlb, little, tween, roleplay, role play, breastfeed, breastfed, breastfeeding, ANR, ABR, lactate, lactating, lactation, milk, milky, milkmaid, induce, inducing
I was getting myself off the other day and it struck me that a fantasy of having vanilla sex with a vanilla guy was exotic to me. I've been doing this thing for too long.

A friend and I have this thing about Collarspace. We laugh and say everyone on here is either fat, disabled, socially impaired, or mentally ill. Which are you?

I've been on hiatus since April after meeting, and sometimes playing with, quite a few candidates. Some remain friends but none were THE boy. As I am fond of saying, the right boy makes himself irresistible.
Brains over Looks
Sincerity over Sycophancy
Enthusiasm over Experience
Loyalty over Riches
Levity over Gravity
Sacrifice over Self
Under the heading "Dommes are people too" and in answer to the question "how is your weekend going?"...

It's going great, thanks! I even posted about it on Facebook earlier. Nothing exciting, just the simple pleasures of a day spent doing the little things after a muggy Friday out tackling errands I'd been stressing about. A big storm rolled in after dark and I went out and welcomed it. I've grown so boring in my middle age but it feels so good to sleep well, drink coffee, putter about, take the dog out into the backyard, play in the rain and feel the wind, and think of all the reasons to be grateful. Oh, and well, I beat some balls last night. So there's that. ;)

Ms Blackheart FAQ

Q: Do you have KIK?
A: No

Q: Do you currently have a sub? Are you looking for a sub?
A: Not currently, but I am open to meeting the right sub

Q: Do you do long distance/online domination?
A: No. I prefer that you are within regular weekend visitation distance if you aren't local.

Q: Are you looking for a sissy/cuck/AB/DL?
A: No

Q: Are you a findomme or a pro?
A: No, but I'm happy to accept tributes or items from my Amazon wish list if you offer.

Q: Are you willing to relocate?
A: Within reason, and for an extraordinary person/situation, but under no circumstances am I interested in moving to Florida or Texas

Q: I'll be in town next week, would you like to hook up/play?
A: No

Q: May I serve you/will you humiliate me on Skype/Cam, text or phone?
A: No

Q: I sent you a one-liner/obvious copy & paste email, why didn't you reply?
A: Because you're lazy

Q: Can I fly you to me for a weekend?
A: No

Q: Will you describe what you'd do to me?
A: No

Q: Are you on FetLife?

Q: Are you looking for a full toilet slave?
A: No, it's not my thing, but I don't judge your kink.

Q: Do you smoke or do drugs? Are you 420 friendly?
A: I smoke occasionally and for fetish but I don't do drugs and rarely drink. Yes but not 
    for me.

Q: What age range are you seeking?
A: In my experience men who are 35-65 are most compatible. I am seeking someone     ready for a mature relationship and settled, someone who is his own person.

All messages from outside the US are blocked and I don't see them.
The mental energy of online-only isn't enough to sustain my interest.   I must have the flesh, the touching, the sight and smell and sounds and feel of a man, seeing his face when he walks in my door every time, making him strip, putting that collar on him, watching his cock get hard, the feel of his balls in my hands.  His face and expressions, fear and pleasure.  That and more, and everything.
I swear to you I really did just get this message:

[redacted, but a user who claims to be a female lesbian submissive]

9/27/14 10:42 PM

Miss I need your help. I have a black Dominant over and she said she wants me to toss her salad? I have no idea what that means. If i don't do it right the first time IDK what will happen. Please help!

My best friend, who is a submissive but not my submissive, and I were talking just now and she made me aware that I should probably warn you that I am quite controlling, and can be possessive, and intense.  


Consider yourself warned. 


...Lately all I think about is an ANR or ABR or something revolving around lactation, but the logistics of inducing and living alone make this nearly impossible, even on reglan and pumping.  You just need that eager hungry mouth there around the clock.  *sigh*.   If you think you have what it takes to volunteer, by all means put that hand up in the air where I can see it...

I am into what's inside, if someone can make me interested when we speak, when we touch, we can laugh and play games and take it to hot and serious and intense together at my whim and my desire.  If I feel "at home" with someone, if there is chemistry.  If he surrenders, weak at the sight of me, the sound of my voice, submits to me and begs for me and it's done.  That.  That's what I'm into. 



I was reading a thread over on the forums at and clicked on Akasha's "Good Girl's Guide To Domination", which she links from her signature in her posts.  It is a guide she has written for married male subs to share with their wives in the hopes that she will show interest and learn to enjoy D/s with her husband for the ultimate win/win kinky marriage.  It inspired such a fantasy, one that just warmed me up inside thinking about it. 


I imagined meeting someone in the vanilla world, without ties to any of the bdsm sites, some sweet geeky guy who was a homebody like I am, smart and funny, all the things that I love.  After a while things progress and we are at least cohabitating, committed, happy.  He's shown himself to be somewhat submissive, but also perhaps protective of that side of himself, perhaps ashamed of being perceived as less of a man.  But lo, in time I ferret out the truth, and he is indeed enamored of the fantasies of a true submissive male, one who longs to be under my control, but who has only dared to dream until now. 


Here is bliss! 


My joy in igniting that fire, to watch it burn, to feed the flames, to watch my beloved become my toy, my willing boy, my surrendered obedient slave, oh how delicious.  It satisfies my cravings for creating him for my desires, in my own way, to have taken him down the path for the first time, to be his one and only, his goddess, his source, his passion.  He would be mine, and we would start from the beginning, delve deeper day by day, creating a private world of mutual pleasure.

Can you imagine? 

(edited to try and fix the huge spaces, nothing has worked so far.  Irritating.)


Vat ees vrong veeth zee peekchures?  Mine are all weird and you can't see them all and you can see one that I thought I deleted and they are out of order.  I told you, Suz, I left this site for good reason.  Grrrr...rawr. 

I can forgive flaws, weaknesses, feeling lost and lonely and needing someone or something so bad that it aches, but I can't forgive you for lying to me to cover any of that up. 

If you're one of those truly delectable men who actually read about someone they're intrigued with, then thank you, and I must tell you that I'm not really looking. 

I am always seeking kindred spirits, friends, people who are simply amazing and become important to me, people who live in my heart.  But I'm not looking for someone to meet to play with.  Just NOT.  Honestly, well...yuck.  Mere flesh is cheap and easy.  It doesn't satisfy my soul.

I don't do ordinary. 

(I wasn't looking at the time, and I still like to think that I am not looking, but merely being perfectly me and someone who worships that making himself known to me)

Some nights I come on here and as any woman listing herself as a femdom will tell you, the switchboard lights up.  I get message after message, some one-liners, lots of copy and pastes, a few compliments, and rarely, someone who is just the submissive equivalent of the Fonz. And he's always taken.

I'm being silly of course, but oh jeebus, you guys make me laugh. Not maliciously, but with sympathy, or in puzzlement, or because you're just good at making a woman laugh.  Please, don't ever stop.  Even if you don't get the joke, even if you ARE the joke, you make me smile and I can't thank you enough.