I am a strong and naturally Dominant Alpha-type male who knows exactly what I want at all times and doesn't hesitate to express it. I'm also very quick to discipline should there be a need... Nonetheless, even so, even though this is my natural disposition. Please don't misconstrue this statement to imply there's any lack of ability in knowing how to show a truly deep and caring concern for the primary loves of my life. Aside from being a confident natural born leader, I'm also quite compassionate and do pride myself in having a great amount of integrity. Undoubtedly, this is crucial for a development of the strongest of bonds and a trusting nature in both parties of any committed union. I've also been blessed with extremely high intelligence (measured) in addition to common sense. Therefore, it'd be good if my sub is able to sustain a good lengthy conversation when not pleasing in the physical realm. Loyalty, respect, and obedience mean much more to me than the mere carnal pleasures obtained from sexual gratification alone. Mental stability is also tremendously important being that I'm involved with many important projects in the greater world and will likely want you to assist. All of these activities are very significant good & peaceful endeavors aimed at providing an awareness and acceptance of many others often denied this reality in the mainstream of society. Thus, if you're 'only' about the physical (i.e., spanking, biting, hair pulling, bondage, flogging, humiliation, edge play, torture, etc., etc., whatever...) it's unlikely we'd be a good match. I want to love my sub for the obedient good female energies and demeanor that only she can truly bring. I love the fine arts, various musical styles, great food, wine and mixed martial arts.. Yes. I am an extremely good protector that is physically fit. As such, nobody, and I mean 'no one' would ever dare to harm the most precious possession(s) of my life. You will always be very safe anywhere we should go. Hence, in the real, I'm in search of my primary significant other that will compliment me well in public while (more importantly) being the main source for my personal satisfaction and usage when alone... Please feel free to open up. I am wanting to know 'everything' about 'you' my most cherished & beautiful feminine sub... If any of what has been stated here resonates strongly with you, please do feel free to write so I may have an awareness of you...
 Age: 18
 Bristol, United Kingdom