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MrMEDERK - photo 1
SIR is TOP only n NEVER versatile n is a true SADIST. If that is not clear faggotbitch MUST be a TOTAL obedient submissive bottom. If faggotbitchslave is versatile, do not waste SIRS time, SIR has zero interest.

For an inspection n testing meeting, minimum requirements are presenting SIR with faggots complete stats n full clear front n rear pics. Anything less n there will be NO inspection meeting.

Black, yellow, beige, most blues, coral, FUSCHIA, tan n BROWN, some red, are ALL worn left, I could just say orange, but I do have MY favorites. Ashtray n full toilet serving is required as well. Chastity is measured in months n years or a lifetime, not in days or even weeks. Whippings are twice daily routine to assist the faggot in keeping the correct mindset. The pic is an example of the results of such a routine whipping.

SIR is realistic n fully understands that most on here are adults that have had professional n personal lives beyond the scene making it close to impossible to easily relocate. That said, SIR knows that if chemistry is found compatible, long distance ownership may be necessary in the beginning. Also, have a job or at least an income.

SIR does own a perfectly good faggotbitchtoiletashtrayslave now n is only looking for a possible 2nd or even a 3rd. SIR spends about half of SIRS time in Chicago. Separately, SIR would also entertain the idea of a part time. domestic housework slave. This domestic would work under strict rules n protocols. Respectful applications only accepted that has full stats, n full clear front n rear pics.