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Any females want to join a polly household apply with in Looking for unicorn bi female

Rules of the house belonging to the Master Mistress These rules are subject to Change by order of Master Mistress All slavessubsmaid will observe these rules. Your presence is very welcome in our home.

Upon arrival a slavesubmaid that comes here will be branded with a marker pen. A slavesub must serve one full month and be of a satisfactory standard in the home before they receive their collar. a slavesubmaid found being for just for one person and one person only will be punished. A slavesubmaid is the personal slavesubmaid for Master and Mistress. a person will work hard for the home, a slavesubmaid is no less important than any other, but as a slavesubmaid you will know your place in the grand scheme of things, a slavesubmaid is the lowest in the house. Your last words when asked to do a chore or command should always be Yes Master Yes Mistress. In time a slavesubmaid may be pierced and permanently marked. NO exceptions. A slavesubmaid will wear as the Master or Mistress decides.

The Master Mistress will not tolerate

slavessubmaid who think they can only serve particular people.

slavessubsmaids bad mouthing any aspect of the home to outsiders

mouthy slavessubmaids

slavessubsmaids that use their thoughts to lash out at the Master Mistress

slavessubsmaids with a bad attitude, jealousy, brattiness or scheming

you will never insult or question a task given by your Mistress or Master

any sexual behaviour in any without prior permission from Mistress and Master

if you displease the Mistress or the Master you will be punished

We expect from you at all times

Total loyalty

Be pleasing

To do as instructed

To check the notice board daily for any new tasks or rules

A slavesubmaid is not permitted to without first getting permission from Mistress or Master


use a computer or email

speak or text on the phone unless it is to the Mistress or Master

make friends

spend money

wear make up

have any belongings


Go to the toilet

A slavesubmaid will never raise their voice or hand in anger or use a weapon against their Mistress or Master

Good behaviourwill always be rewarded

In a vanilla role,

you will be permitted to speak with family and friends and

visitwith permission

address the mistress and master by their given names of Amanda Gary outside of the home

in the home at all times it is to be mistress and master

you will still abide by the rules

dress as you please

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1/21/2022 3:20:18 AM

Our old sub was   brat2mumandad   take a look 

1/12/2022 6:05:30 AM

Looking for a bi   unicorn 

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