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Greetings Collarspace Members I am lead moderator for the message board and only handle that area of the site. Though I may know how other areas function to some degree, I cannot assist you with Support issues. I am sorry. This profile is not used for my personal life and I am not going to respond to anything other than site business and things that evolve from them. I am very happy to assist you if you have a problem on the forum and love helping you understand something about the forum. I welcome your questions and any suggestions or comments you might have. I hope you enjoy the site!

Hello to those of you visiting my profile.

I have had some serious computer issues and just got my new computer today. I've been computer disabled for weeks now. Trying to set it up as me ready to permanently ban Microsoft from my life, rip the hair from trolls under the bridge I live by and do unspeakable things to a certain fellow that won't mind at all.

I have my clone out and about and a couple of others as I am slow in getting up and running as I need to be. I do have a day job you know and I'm sure someone in that area would like to do some unspeakable things to me and not in a good way. 

The picture issue is being worked on, but it is a slow process. It should be done soon.

Have fun!

Hello Everyone,

I've never left a journal entry before, but felt it might be best to do so at this time.

Due to illness and demands upon my time, I have a long list of things that need to be done right now(!) and I simply cannot get it all done right now. LOL. 

I am not ignoring your emails and will get to them as quickly as I can, but everything is subject to change in various ways. You know how it goes in life and Murphy's Law. I have a lot of demands in my personal life now with the changes and challenges that came as a result of my hospital stays and I am still not well, but am working on it. 

I also wish to give thanks to those of you that have been understanding and patient and for the wonderful messages many of you have sent by way of email or on the forum, expressing your concern and your best wishes for me. You are at the top of the list of reasons I do what I do, so I will try hard to get back here consistently and get it all done. 

Thank you all so very much!