Vertical Line


Hello, new here. I enjoy being playful and open. I am generally a sub but occasionally i like to give an order and see it exicuted. so hit me up lets see if we connect as friends. On Line Only!!! Yes I am Married but can chat and play on line!! Hope to meet fun new friends!! thank you!!

fictional srory:


Showed up at the hotel that the conference is at.  got my room.  very nice and cute. looked out the window. Im on the 4th floor looking at the parking lot.  but beyond that is the beach.

I decide to walk around and see whats happening at the hotel.  I go to the lobby and see signs to another concerence.  I thought it was food related, it was called a Munch.

I went into the conference room.  and boy did i get an eyefull.  lol   I was intregued though.  

I kept looking at the venders and would stop and chat wit one or 2.

It was time for me to head back to my room.  I go to the elevator get in,  another man in his 80s is in it. 


on monday, i went with him in his rig for the day.  i only wore a tanktop and flip flops.  

Husband has decided to try and entertain this fun lifestyle.  He took pics of me naked and had me text a couple friends of his. they responded and we chatted while he oversaw.  i shared more pics and and totally embarrassed myself. i have never seen him soo happy.

so my husbands fetish.  I went with him to a work conference.  he had me strip naked and crawl on all 4s up and down our hotel hall way,  

so i received a very weird email from a supervisor of a different department.  I actually think it was meant for someone else

Today is rough.  my husband just told me he has a fetish.  he said i can learn about it and play.  or not and he leaves me!