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Vertical Line

Seeking a LONG TERM FLR ONLY...Or Friendships with NO BDSM sessions.You are a naturally lovely natured SINGLE kind sub, who is able to work for his living, and ideally lives in the Somerset,or Avon area of England

I have been in serious Ds sexual and romantic relationships since My teens, and only seek another Deep and meaningful LONG TERM FLR,NO SLAVE types or service orientated types, or casual meets for BDSM service thanks, no cucks ever.NO gang bangs.No threesomes.

I wont offer My home as a place to introduce initial training if we become aquainted,just in case we arent suited after all.
Any training will be done privately,safely and away from the family home.Again just in case we arent meant to be.

I am into sadistic practises,enjoy cruel and torturous electrical play,CBT and extreme Bondage.A play space and equipment WILL be needed.

I am NOT looking for married men, who those who are dating,or those from outside of England

You are not under 38 or over 60. I will not be interested in anyone young enough to be My son I am NOT interested in those already in a Ds, or those seeking any form of slavery !!!!!

My limits are NO AGE PLAY

You will be in chastity most of the time.

4/11/2024 8:53:58 AM

You first initial message is an intro into what you are

A reflection in a mirror

I understand alot of messages are deleted unread

I also understand some messages are ignored and no reply,even I get those

But your first steps are the beginning into what you are wishing for

Be aware I am looking for something very very special and long lasting,nothing else will do

4/5/2024 9:21:51 AM

Photo exchanges arent always a nice surprize

I get to see the inside personality and then decide if I want to see the shell

9 times out of 10 Im not interested 

Tom Hardy has that voice that does something naughty to Me

He looks hot too

Pretty special if you ask Me 

3/19/2024 6:08:30 AM

Please note I am only meeting those who fit the ideal critera, and those who have been friendly and partaken in a video call to establish who we both are over time

Rome was not built in a day

No instant meets for coffee !!!!!

1/25/2024 11:56:22 AM

Come along with Me on My journey to renew old habits. Fetish Clubs, kinky adult parties,concerts,dinners,weekends away,shopping in London at Harrods,coffee shops and Tea rooms.

1/16/2024 6:00:52 AM

Our interests need to be a match...Obviously 

1/13/2024 11:27:10 AM

Im adding this here to avoid My profile being updated and offline.

I may seek someone for a full FLR kinky serious, loving and romantic LTR.

I also may seek a sub for full chastity and compantionship,parties,events etc.

The two will never be connected.Seperate relationships.The latter being more of a friendship.

1/2/2024 5:49:01 AM

Okay so many moons ago I met people who seemed suitable for a friendship, or more, on a very regular basis. But, the majority were unsuitable, or I was not attracted to them. In some cases they didn't like Me. I haven't met anyone in quite awhile due to the fact I have been very busy with life. And I haven't got much time spare. I'm not the person I was. I am now extremely selective..

12/29/2023 9:13:37 AM

If someone is valuble then you keep them for life.

If someone is useless you get rid pronto.

It appears most people are seeking to use,abuse and dispose....At what level are you expecting to be of use if not for longer than needed..Even the subs seem to be disposing ladies in charge !!!

If My profile puts you off because of the FLR LTR aspect then ask yourself why Im picking up your disposal vibe.

11/10/2023 3:52:18 AM

Its not about the submission at all.Its about the understanding that I wont bow down.Its not in My nature.Im all about harmony and good vibrations.Negativity has no place here in My life.

Some messages I get are aimed at creating a tension to get My attention.But they fail.

Submission is a choice.It's given not taken 

Im only interested in someone beautiful and angelic who gives off a shining golden aura 

7/26/2023 4:07:55 AM

People messaging may not understand that you need a connection,have the right goals,be on the same wave length,have the same standards in order to pursue someone for a Ds/FLR/LTR.

No one is entitled to a face to face meet without both parties having formed a connection, or big interest in each other.We all have an ideal type.I would only consider meeting My ideal type rather than anything less.I am aware I am looking for a needle in a haystack..reality fact

7/10/2023 3:19:57 AM

Once again someone is expecting to meet Me without even getting to know one another. It's just ridiculous. How can you form any kind of connection without knowing things. Blind dates are a no no. It's especially worse if they have a list of things they want to try !!!

I'm looking for a partner !

Not a punter !

7/7/2023 8:09:31 AM

When people mention accommodate on a message, that usually means they're looking for a service. And not a relationship. I am only looking for a relationship with someone that I can develop feelings for. It will go no further than lunch or dinner if I don't develop feelings. I'm only here looking for a full-time relationship with someone that is able to meet often. I'm not looking for a live in slave. I'm looking for a relationship.

Imagine you're meeting a girlfriend. You don't just turn up at her house the day you meet.You get to know her. Woo her. Chase her. Impress her. There are no plates here.

6/20/2023 8:24:32 AM

My total number of encounters is far more than most.But I am proud to say I am still able to count on one hand the number of sexual encounters Ive had.

6/17/2023 10:41:06 AM

Sweet Harmony and a gentle breeze..Not disgusting perverts looking for a trade off !!!!

6/8/2023 10:21:40 AM

Im not into swinging or swapping or cuckoldry.

So therefor will only meet sensible attractive monogamous males into LTR for consideration.

I do not wish to catch an STI or life threatening condition.

6/7/2023 6:08:31 AM

We are rare so I expect more messages than normal...But I deem it stupid if you have not read and understood My profile.You are wasting your own time.

6/4/2023 10:42:15 AM

Chastity can vary from only being in chastity when we are apart, to being in a cock cage every night.

Or being in chastity permanently.With assisted or supervised weekly washing, and only let out when it's CBT time.Then back in locked.

Hygienic reasons for being let out. Only when supervised. No excuses.

6/3/2023 11:45:18 AM

If your interest is Poly then we wont be suited.

5/31/2023 5:30:54 AM

Total Enclosure Rubber Mummified Bondage is MY STYLE

5/30/2023 12:31:51 PM

A sub usually comes across as needy.Always needing attention.No thank you.

An Alpha sub is more on My level.

5/30/2023 11:47:30 AM

If I was a ship.. I would be a round the world and back type of ship...forever sailing

If I was a house I would be a bungalow..all on one level...grounded

5/30/2023 11:02:42 AM

So many layers to each individual Dominant Woman...I am FLR ONLY..

I do not do slavery or forced anything.

No Live in.

No Hosting.

Dates, and Bondage if Im in the mood.

Too many seeking a service here..Im not interested 

A male with intelligence and manners who enjoys a Woman in the lead is what I seek..He wont be living with Me.But we would be seeing one another at least twice a week.No secrets.Just a nice comfortable life.

3/31/2023 5:28:32 AM

Alpha Female seeking an Attractive Smart Alpha sub for a precious loving FLR LTR Ds with lots of TLC BDSM Tantric and Adventurous Quality times.

5/2/2022 7:13:05 AM

The bondage I practise is Total Enclosure Rubber encasement or cocoon style only.

11/19/2021 8:51:33 AM

Males who are submissive and living in England only thanks 

11/18/2021 6:33:55 AM

I only meet gentlemen who understand a Woman may need to be in control because of Her nature

Vertical Line

 Age: 32