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If it's not 24/7 it's nothing at all. Lifetime Master, owner of a lovely slavegirl for the past 10 years, trained a number of slave and servant girls over time. Not interested in males of any kind, nor in females belabouring under the misapprehension they "dominate" (unless they're getting ready to shed that ridiculous pretense - broken "dommes" make just as good slavegirls as any other woman). I've travelled a fair bit, lived on four continents, strongly dislike pop-anything - from fast food to television. Never had a job, never ate a McBurger, have no idea what "the grind" is nor do I have a clue about office life. I'm an urban type, mostly, very disciplined, very intense. I enjoy teaching ; I happen to think education without even the possibility of a good caning for the lousy student is a fruitless exercise, whereas education without copulation is quite pointless. There's a lot more, too much to fit here really. Brew a nice teapot, head to Trilema and see there. (It's my blog. Thousands of articles on various topics of interest, the occasional pic, spoken bit and so on.) PS. If you were born with a penis you are a male still. No matter what anyone might have told you or how utterly you might have degraded yourself since birth, you are still a male. There is nothing you or anyone else can do or could ever do to change that. Stop wasting the world's time with the transgender nonsense.
5/22/2017 9:21:25 AM
Sorta on-ish, not reliably. If you want to talk to me your best bet still is #trilema on Freenode ( via browser) or else leave a comment on my blog, I tend to check those daily.

PS. Argentina sucks because the argentines are imbeciles.
6/7/2016 5:16:32 AM
A quick word on "feminism" : there is no such thing.

"Feminism" has no substance, it consists entirely of function, and that function is signalling. "Feminism" allows beta boys to signal their cuckoldry in vanilla social settings. "Feminism" also allows marginal or outright unfuckable girls to disavow their failure, justify it to themselves and explain it prospectively as well as ex post facto.

Cool people aren't "feminists".
5/12/2016 6:16:49 AM
Party here seems about as dead as I remember it. Maybe I'll check it again in a few years. Meanwhile, if you have anything to say to me either google my name or see webchat link in prev. journal entry. Peace.
11/15/2013 5:54:09 AM

Time to add some photos I guess. Primary and aditional #1-#3 are me as seen on Trilema headers over the years. Photo 4 from

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(May 2013) ; photo 8 from

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(Jan 2013)

The rest you can probably find on your own.