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I was raised in the suburbs of Chicago, a hotbed of depravity, as exemplified by the life of one of those who sprang from my birthplace, Ernest Hemingway. Sadly, I was sheltered by loving parents and married quite young to the man who took my virginity, so I never got to taste of the sort of wildness that comes with driving ambulances in Italy or being a foreign correspondent in Paris. Ive been to those places, though. Lived on the east coast for a time, as well as a great stint in Europe. Now I live on the left coast, a place I love. I travel a great deal for work and have the ability to fly far and wide for pleasure as well, enjoying the depravity of men and women who live elsewhere. Where I am at any given moment depends on how the top secret mission in which I am engaged progresses. But I yearn for the adventures of the Lost Generation, for safaris in Africa, for a sexual partner who shares my insatiable appetite.

An appetite for fun in the bedroom, the kitchen, the back seat of a vehicle...there is no bad place to engage sexually, is there?

My mate loves me, but has largely lost his libido. Those rare times he does wish to engage sexually are short-lived vanilla-flavoured moments. The dear man does not even enjoy blowjobs, something I have adored pleasuring a very special fella or two. After much consideration of the premise that one should live life to the fullest, I requested and received a hall pass. So Im playing with permission, with the stipulation that I not include photographic evidence in any of my scandalous correspondence. So not even my longtime lovers - save one - have photos of me. Please dont ask for a picture....I made a promise to my husband and I am a slut of my word.

Besides, pictures dont really convey much. Some of my favourite lovers are as unphotogenic as they come, and the dullest man on earth had the best portfolio of shots Ive ever seen. Its like the Papua New Guineans were right on that one...the camera stole his soul. Besides, even the most gorgeous creature whose photos are spot on can have zero chemistry with you. So take a leap and meet me sight unseen.

Ive been lucky enough to be loved by several fine men, but most of them are married to other women. Which means I am often at loose ends. A couple of years ago I had a very dominant lover who fulfilled many of my desires, but our worldviews diverged. It became clear that although he always treated me with respect, he was not the person I thought he was. While I am open to various future Ds possibilities, I prefer being sexually dominant right now. So if youd like to be queened and engage in pussy and ass worship, be trained to take my mighty shecock and wear my nipple clamps, if you yearn to be tied down to the bed and wear a ball gag, if you want to drink my golden nectar, or if you just would like some good old tease and deny with some CFnm action, Im your Goddess.

I loved being swatted, belted, paddled, cropped, in the interest of sharing the love, I can do all that with a man or woman. Ive some fun equipment and two very capable hands. I love playing with someone...fingering really is an art, and the asshole is such a private place that its great fun to engage with that level of intimacy often denied to men in their marriage relationship.

Im very careful about whom I play with in person. Which means Im completely healthy, free of STDs. I dont smoke, dont do drugs, drink only in moderation, and want a playmate who practices the same habits. Oh, and I am pleased to announce that by taking a great deal of care, I was successful dodging the covid bullet and have received both doses of vaccine.

Come play with me.

I am not on here often, but I have met several lovely people over the years.  The best place to reach Me is on FetLife or bdsmlr.  If you are not familiar with those sites, you should check them out.  They are free and offer some fun visuals and opportunity for connection. 

My FetLife profile is here


My job demands a great deal of My time, but it affords Me a chance to travel to many places to meet people.  The pandemic put a strain on everyone, and I hibernated a little, but I am ready to explore once more.

 A word of advice:  if I offer to meet you, do not play coy.  I want to touch you, not simply chat online.  To watch your eyes widen, to hear your intake of breath and your sighs and moans, to feel you tremble.  

I've been thinking a lot about My role as Goddess, as Queen, as a Dominant Woman in light of all the men I've met these past six or seven years and what getting to know them intimately has revealed to Me. 

Playwright David Ives created an interesting character in his Vanda, whose lines both illuminate and get incredibly wrong the possibilities for D/s and fulfilling the true desires of men and women.  Or at least of men I know and Me.  But I dare to believe I can extrapolate because I am not THAT unusual, at least in the regard I want to focus on.  And I feel pretty damned confident about men, because they have opened their hearts to Me (as well as their underpants) and shared genuine preferences.  They're not wired in the way that society (especially church leadership) says they are.  They don't want the things that men are supposed to want.  It's astounded Me, but I hear it over and over again from the lips of men of all ages and backgrounds.  There are underlying assumptions about who can call the shots, by what virtue She can reign supreme, that are just plain wrong.  See if you can spot where I take issue with this excerpt from Venus in Fur.

“Vanda (as Dunayev): I am a pagan. I am a Greek. I love the ancients not for their pediments or their poetry, but because in their world Venus could love Paris one day and Anchises the next. Because they're not the moderns, who live in their mind, and because they're the opposite of Christians, who live on a cross. I don't live in my mind, or on a cross. I live on this divan. In this dress. In these stockings and these shoes. I want to live the way Helen and asia lived, not the twisted women of today, who are never happy and never give happiness. Who won't admit that they want love without limit. Why should I forgo any possible pleasure, abstain from any sensual experience? I'm young, I'm rich, and I'm beautiful and I shall make the most of that. I shall deny myself nothing.

Thomas (as Kushemski): I certainly respect your devotion to principle.

Vanda (as Dunayev): I don't need your respect, excuse me. I'll take happiness. My happiness, not society's happiness. I will love a man who pleases me, and please a man who makes me happy--but only as long as he makes me happy, not a moment longer.”
                      ~ David Ives, Venus in Fur 

I've amended My profile more than once (hey, what can I say?  I'm ever evolving!) and now I'm going to simply paste the updates from that section here so they're still available for those insatiably curious about every detail related to Milky's journey.

 Update April 2017:    I will soon be based in beautiful Idaho for the foreseeable future,  but will wander hither and thither thanks to my new and exciting job.  Professionally, 'll be bossing and protecting large groups of people, but I'm always game to receive service and good one-on-one body worship in My time off.  Give Me a holler  if you'd like to spend some time together.   Even if you're not in the Pacific Northwest, I may be coming to your town soon. 

UPDATE 12/2016:  I'm in Portland for the next couple of months or so.  If you'd like to meet, message Me.  I've changed My profile from switch to list Myself simply as a Dominant because while I've submitted to a few great men, I'm not looking for that these days.  Just feeling bossy, I suppose.  

 Life happens. 

 The characteristic that I most appreciate in a man of any sort is patience. My life has been undergoing all sorts of changes and my schedule is a shifting target at times.  I do my best to keep up with correspondence and meet with people as often as possible. But my children and work need to take precedence, because they are both essential in my life. 

 I do not appreciate it when someone is accusatory towards me. Please keep that in mind if you address me with disappointment about not hearing from me as quickly as you had hoped to. 
Memorization Mode About to Engage

I need to bow out for a while, people.  That doesn't mean I won't be weak and come back and check in on y'all now and then, but I hereby announce that I will likely be away in order to complete the intensive training ahead for My marvelous new job.

Remain kinky, I beg you.  And look for Me in a month and a half.  I'm sure I'll be raring to go then.

On "I guess"

This is a phrase that I abhor.  It is reluctance.  It is disinterest.  It says "persuade me, make me want to do this thing."

Fuck that.

The funny thing is that the man I adore most does not ever seem to use it, but he has a southern semi-equivalent that I find utterly charming:  "I reckon." 

Go figure.

What prompts this little rant, you might wonder.  A gentleman contacted Me to learn where I live within the state I'm currently inhabiting.  When I told him, and asked if he visited a certain town midway betwixt us (actually a little closer to him than me), stating I'd be happy to meet him, he replied:

well I don't typically but I guess it might be possible

Pardon me if I don't drive an hour to meet someone who shows so little regard for My offer of company.
Sometimes, life slips you a curveball.  I wound up in the emergency room recently with a severe pain in My side. Turns out even Goddesses are susceptible to kidney stones. Upon  upon analysis, the doc decided I needed his help getting it out.  At least I got to choose the music in the operating room.

Five points to anyone who can guess the tune that played as I slipped into an anasthesia haze.

I'm headed back to the Ozarks to spend some time at the lake, recuperating.  Will return to PDX in early March.  Take care, y'all, and drink lots of water to avoid a similar fate.
 On foot massages 

There is a real art to this.  That was driven to home to Me yesterday. I offered a very nice young man the opportunity to worship My feet. He did so quite obediently but without a whole hell of a lot of enthusiasm. Some other men have really gotten into it.   There's a certain reverence in the way that they touch Me, a delight that transmits from their fingers to the bottoms of My feet.   This boy obediently spread lotion upon them, but there was no effort to kiss a single toe.   When I made it clear that I liked more pressure than he was applying, he mumbled some excuse about his hands being weak because he was always working on computers. Well,  darlings, unless he has severe carpal tunnel he can put his back into it. When I give foot massages to My dominant lover, The Romantic,  he moans and groans with an ecstatic "oh yes"  every now and then. More than once he has commented on how strong My hands are.  I make an effort because I know that it makes him feel good.  Also because I fucking love touching him. And maybe that is the problem. This boy had just met Me.   And while he was plenty eager to have Me stick things up his butt,  he wasn't nearly as excited about the idea of making Me happy. 
"What should I call You?" they ask.  Gentlemen are always eager to learn My preferred form of address.  Ma'am works.  So does Miss. I have always been fond of Madame or M'lady.  Mistress is good, with an occasional Goddess or Highness.  Then again, there is always M.  That works just fine.  Just make sure you capitalize it.

If you're a dominant fellow, you're welcome to call Me Milky.  But M is good too.  Just please don't presume to do it lower case unless you've been offered My submission. 💋

Chablis.  The man who wrote Me suggested we might share a glass of that.

This is not the way to My heart.  I am a red wine person.  For many reasons, some of which I might eventually tell you if we meet, but in part because of this lovely bit of writing and acting from Sideways.  I give you Paul Giamatti and Virginia Madsen, My dears.
I accidentally deleted the shot of a great marble statue I'd had as my profile shot when I went to add a pic of Myself wearing one of My gentlemen's chastity keys.  Urgh.

Trying to find the original shot again to repost is NOT easy.  Meanwhile, I found this gem.  How much I'd love to find something like this of a male displaying his point of entry for My strapon....
Someone asked today if I look at porn.  Heh.  Why, yes, I do.  In fact, today this is a lovely little thing I was checking out, dreaming of making life imitate art.  Anyone want to work on that project with Me?
Some questions stress me out.  They just do.  I'm often asked what my favourite thing to do is.  Of course, implicit in that is the understanding that it is a sexual act.

It varies.  From week to week, minute to minute sometimes.

My interests are diverse, and a great deal is determined by the chemistry that I feel with a given partner.

I've tried to provide a list of some of these depraved behaviours by choosing options on this site and at fetlife.  I created a tumblr (well, actually several) highlighting imagery of the shenanigans I enjoy.

As I told one nice gentleman yesterday when we spoke for the first time, I have a bit of a fairy godmother fetish.  I like to help men realize their dreams.  Call it Milky's Make a Wish Foundation.  If I can assist, as long as health and safety are not compromised, count me in.
I was posting on tumblr this evening, when I discovered that someone had reblogged one of my pieces and replied to my writing seeking a submissive to do something or other.  Intrigued, I looked at that person's tumblr.  I was surprised to realize it was a woman.

I know I say I'm bisexual but the reality is that I'm bicurious at best.  Still, it is fun to think about dominating a woman.  So I decided to take a peek at the bisexual women here at collar.  I don't mean to sound like a bitch, but I was disappointed that several of the profiles I looked at specified that they were "dominate."

For fuck's sake.  Please, bitches.  If you're gonna claim you're the boss lady, get the term right.  it's dominant.  You dominate.  But clearly not at spelling.  Heh.

See, that's the problem.  I tend to give men a pass on such things.  If they misspell a word, or use the wrong form of it, it doesn't bug me nearly as much as when a female does.  I can't explain why.  It just does.

Even the submissive gals who want someone to whom they can submit write that they are looking for a "dominate."  Urgh.

 I met an interesting man the other night from the site.    He showed great promise as a submissive.  But as we spoke, I became concerned because he found it amusing that his daughters had done something unethical.  He took almost a fatherly pride in the fact that they had gone out on a rented scooter for which they had declined insurance, failed to learn how to operate it properly, and then crashed it,  scraping the paint. They bought a bottle of black nail polish and painted the scrapes. 

 That's a red flag to me. 

Sex can be risky,  and I want someone trustworthy.   It's not a great leap to think that  he might find it amusing to fake an STD screening result.
And just as I think I'm destined to simply dominate men, I encounter yet another interesting Alpha male. 

That's the thing about D/s.  It presents the thrill of either dominating or submitting for me.  There is so much that I enjoy about yielding to a stronger partner, in serving him. 
I have a healthy streak of masochism that loves a good swat on my ass.  But I'm also a strong, spirited woman who knows that there are a bunch of boys out there longing to submit, and I can get off on being served by them and using them pretty darned well. 

There's a duality to my personality, a yin yang nature that is well satisfied by having lovers who are very different to feed the two needs in me.
I want to fuck a man like there's no tomorrow.  In case there is no tomorrow.

I met a young man the other day and told him about my writing.  About the themes of male submission and kink.  I didn't get too graphic, because my daughter was present, but I alluded to femdom practices and the taboo of cross dressing and bicuriosity of menfolk.  As I wrapped it up, I explained that what fuels a lot of men older than him is a fear of mortality.  When you get to be my age, you see some of your peers dying.  And that makes you think about what you've accomplished.  What you've wanted to do but haven't done.  That sexual bucket list.  The realization that it's now or never, at least potentially.  So you get braver about trying to do it, whatever "it" is.

There are so many males who simply want to be of service to please a woman.  They get joy out of making her cum.  They'd rather not have the release and drop that occurs when they orgasm.  They relish being directed, controlled, used, ravished.  It is a story largely ignored when all the clamour is surrounding Fifty Shades of Shit. 

Even the dominant men I've met like to have a woman guide them, use them, allow them to relax and get a taste of the fun they've been dishing out.  To have a loving, firm hand swatting their derrieres.  To kneel and give a blowjob to a shecock.  To be penetrated.  There's intense curiosity about what it feels like.  Those who love anal sex can easily experience it in reverse thanks to the miracle of strapon technology.   And if they have bicuriosity, I can help them indulge it.  They might not have homo-romantic feelings, but my presence allows them to explore homo-eroticism and love on me.  Win/win.

I'm rambling.  I do that lately.  My mind is a little scattered.  I need to focus and get my writing done.  Consider this a warm up exercise.  Now back to the novel....
Warning:  Not a lot of the sexy in this post.  Just about integrity and timesharing.

It's been a long time since I've posted a journal entry.  I suppose I'm due.  I've enjoyed a lovely pet who came over from Australia to spend time with me and see parts of the US, from the snowy mountains of Washington's Mt. Rainier to the sweltering streets surrounding the other Washington's national monuments as we watched Fourth of July fireworks.  He was a great lover, and we had fun, but his visa expired and so back to Oz he flew.

I loved him.  But he loved another woman from his past, a girl who had grown up and married and had two babies.  Unsurprisingly, she was not willing to disrupt their lives by abandoning them to be with him.  I was shocked to discover he had been hoping she'd do so.

More recently, I've enjoyed being the lover of a self-described fucked up southerner, a Memphis good old boy who loves too deeply - so much so that he's supporting three other men's children as well as his own grown son.  He gets into relationships with women who have young children and takes it upon himself to play Santa Claus, taking them to Disneyworld, paying for private school tuitions, the works.  The fathers of these kids are long gone, happy to shift the burden to someone else.

So it would seem the pendulum has swung from one extreme to the other.  At least you can't say I always pick the same kind of man.

But I'm ready for a change.  I'm not saying I'd not consider a man who has children or financial obligations.  I actually like that, the responsible loving father behaviour earns big points with me.  But I don't want someone who is overextended, his time so tapped that there are only infrequent, brief stolen moments for me.  Nor do I want someone who would shirk the obligations to care for those who count on him, or expect a woman he loves to do so regarding those in her life.

Yes, I am a kinky, sex-loving creature.  But I also know that there are other things in life that shape our characters.  I am tired of the extremes.

I'm a switch.  And I lean submissive.  But because I'm a pleaser, I've been doing all sorts of domme-ish things lately.  I'm glad to do them, I enjoy doing them, but I need that submissive in me used.  And I'm craving a bit of pain as well.  Okay, a lot of pain.


I was talking to my sweet sissy slut tonight as I spanked his naughty little ass.  I noted that I was giving it to him good, as I wished to get it from a man.  He asked me if I switched with the same person - he likes to spank and dominate - and I said I had in the past, but it was on a case by case basis.  He seemed to relax a bit that I wasn't expecting that from him, that he could just relax and be used, not put forth the energy to dominate.


I get that.  It's work fucking a lover.  I got sweaty when I pegged R.  And even tonight, with the feeldoe, I expended a lot of effort boinking my lil slut.  But I do it because it gives him such pleasure.  He was so darned grateful, so happy.  I felt like the Good Fairy, granting a wish.  And he was darling, after all.  The reversal is a turn on, to have a mighty shecock and hit a man's sweet spot, rocking his world.  I had a great time, and came hard as I did it.


There are so many men who want that.  Very few also want to dominate.  And honestly?  I'm not sure I could submit to someone who didn't begin our relationship in the dominant role. 


There are so many men who say they're dominant, but when we meet, they're clearly not.  Don't get me wrong; they're lovely.  They want to talk, to laugh together, to have sex, but they don't really have alpha personalities.  I understand that a fella can hone his skills, but if you aren't wired a certain way to begin with, it's not going to work.


I want someone who wants to exercise control, to use me, to inflict some pain.  It heightens my senses and causes pleasure.  My name is Milky, and while I can dominate, thanks to my strong personality, I yearn to submit to a man who'll indulge my masochistic tendencies.

I've had some lovely fun the past few weeks.  Collarme continues to provide a wide assortment of playmates, men who are interesting and passionate lovers.  No two are alike. 




I've met a very intriguing switch, a guy who presents publicly as a real man's man.  Yet the fabric covering his cock is pink lace.  Who'd have guessed?  And he wiggles his perfect ass in the most flirtatious, girly manner.  That ass is gonna get fucked pretty soon by yours truly.  It's already been caressed and spanked during a very nice evening spent at his place.  It was fun, doing that.  He has these perfect butt cheeks - smooth, curved, white, utterly hairless.  He laid across my lap as I sat on the sofa and my firm hand warmed his soft pale skin, pinkening it.  Lovely.  Then I took him up to his bedroom, a wonderful place with vaulted ceiling and wooden bed frame, and slid things into his butthole.  Great fun.  He even sent me home with a gift - a large bag of scrumptious Sun Gold tomatoes from his garden.  Sweet!


I'd play with him on Saturday, but he's going to be busy having sex with a woman in a more traditional way.  I'd not be too surprised if he swats her ass.  But he's eager to be back across my knee as well.  I told you he was intriguing.


Another man treated me to homemade scones and tea.  He served them naked.  We had a wonderful day together, with a great deal of play.  His scones were delicious and so was he.  We even took a shower together.  It was so nice enjoying his body against mine.


Yet another man has treated me to some incredible moments in local adult video stores.  His strength and humour is an enormous turn on, as is his mouth, his hands, and his wonderful cock.  The guy just oozes sex appeal.  He's taking things very slowly, exercising control, driving me slightly mad as he orchestrates our affair.  I'd love to just yield to him immediately.  But he's all about the slow burn, this man.  He's patient, and he's training me to be so as well.  He endures my giggles and chattering and elicits my moans and sighs and whimpers.  A splendid partner, and I am blessed to have his attention.


It promises to be an interesting autumn.

I've done it.  I pegged a boy and I liked it.  And he did, too!  I sort of rocked his world, I think.  And then I did it again with another one.


My first lover from collarme requested that I refrain from interacting in 3D with any other men while I was involved with him, and I honoured that.  Since that time, no other man has made such a request.  In fact, the man who is wooing me now seems to revel in my promiscuity. 


Life is weird.  But wonderful.


And so I go from man to man, learning each one's story as well as his kinky desires.  Kissing a few.  But I've not brought out my strapon for a while, nor have I engaged in the wild, reckless behaviours I did a few months ago.  I'm not sucking cock nor rimming these days for fear that my luck will run out.  I'm clean as a whistle still, and while it's tempting to say it's because I have such good instincts about whom to trust, the fact is I was damned fortunate none of the guys passed something scary on to me.


So from now on, if Milky is going to put her lips to genitals, she's gonna have to see a doctor's note from the owner of the genitals.  This is a bit of a hardship, as I dearly love to lick and suck manflesh, and fucking adore the taste of cum.  But I have a whole lotta loving ahead of me, and I need to be smarter about how I engage.


The good news is that while I'll miss the sucking and gagging and swallowing and rimming, I can at least thrust into some boys' buttholes.  Get some exercise whilst listening to them moan.  It's amazing how much sweat a girl works up fucking a man.  It's hard work wielding a penis!  But I love using my shecock to bring joy to the world.

We met.  He tied me up.  Clamped my nipples.  Kissed me.  And I played with his scrumptious cock and butthole. 

It was a lovely couple of nights.

But we were found out by his missus.  Sort of, anyway.  And now he is afraid to do anything with anyone for fear of damaging his marriage.  Lord almighty, I thought I'd chosen a well experienced adulterer, one who knew how to cover his lovely runner's ass and prevent such stuff from happening.

Men, do not give your wife access to your Linkedin account.  Then your wife cannot see who has viewed your profile. 


I refuse to accept responsibility for this.  Or at least, I refuse to accept all the blame.  Perhaps I should not have peeked at his deets, but who the hell gives the little woman access to such stuff?!  Especially when he's been fooling around for years with various women? 

Back to my pool of gentlemen.  It's tempting to stick with those who have hall passes or are single.  But we'll see.  If a man can convince me he's careful, I might take on another cheater.  He was awfully fun.  And I miss him.

Collarme has yielded some interesting results in my search for adventure.  There's an interesting mix of ages, racial diversity, and a wide range of interests and styles. 

Each man is lovely in his own way, but there's one who's definitely captured my mind.  At this point, that's all it is - a mindfuck.  Not that my other erogenous zones haven't gotten in on the act, but we've not met in person yet, so...

But that's about to change.  Wednesday.  We'll finally meet, after almost two months of corresponding, chatting, phoning.

I have high hopes.  But if it doesn't work out, I've several other very nice prospects.  Life is good.

The beauty of meeting someone through a site like this is that you can cut through the small talk and just get on with the fun of sexual banter.  Encounters begun away from a place like collarme demand a certain level of propriety be observed, a courtship period before familiarity can begin.


This expedites things.  One knows that they will not have to deal with someone whose libido is flagging, whose tastes are vanilla.  Thank you, baby Jesus.


I've met some really cool guys here.  Almost without exception, I've found each one interesting in one way or another.  And there are a couple who really ring my bells.  This should be a very nice winter.  I'm not going to rush into anything, but if the scheduling gods cooperate, I may enjoy a lover in the not too distant future.

Who the hell knew there were so many interesting, attractive, sexually adventurous - or at least curious - men out there?  I'd fallen for one earlier this year on another site, rather hard in fact.  But he seemed quite unique to me.  Obviously I hadn't visited collar me yet.  Holy hell, there are a bunch of fellows here who ring my bells.


It gives me hope that the future might be filled with more than a steady diet of vanilla.  Make that a very infrequent diet of vanilla.  Thank the gods I negotiated a hall pass, so I don't have to do this on the sly.  I am not one for cheating.  I took some vows - forsaking all others - and kept them until I received acceptance of my desire to explore with other men.  Though I've kissed a few - and slept overnight with one - I've yet to really go all the way.  But I'm getting ready to do so.


As Hamlet observed, the readiness is all.

Exhaustion is setting in.  There are a lot of wonderful men on this site, but only so many hours in the day.  I want to respond to each one, but the pressures of taking care of my offspring and fulfilling various responsibilities and commitments leaves me insufficient time.  I worry I've bitten off more than I can chew.  I hate the thought of anyone feeling I'm ignoring him, yet I must sleep.

If only I had time travel capabilities.  I could get some rest, then go back and answer mail.

I'm more than a little overwhelmed by the friendly reception I've received on this site.  I'm sure it will simmer down in a day or so, but I'm having a tough time keeping up with correspondence.


Then there's the little matter of juggling my children, work and other commitments with meeting these gentlemen.  That may prove to be a challenge.  I may have been premature in coming to this site.  Only so many hours in the day...



It would appear I'm not the only one who loves pegging.  This photo captures perfectly the attitude I have about such an act.  Joyous, fun, sexy and engaged with a partner beyond simply inserting tab A into slot B.



I received a lovely welcome from the men and women of collarme tonight.  I do find it bizarre that this site does not give nearly the options of in indicating personal data and fetishes, but I tried to make the most of the options given.  Still, it's decidedly annoying that of all the interests they list, theatre is not one of them.  Just musical theatre.  The fuck?!  Shakespeare lovers need to rise up and demand a category be added.