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Hetero Male Master, 52,  Liverpool, United Kingdom
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hi all this wont allow me to edit so i am male dom for over 40 years enjoy most plays with most people i dont suffer fools gladly my age i expect looking for play mates nothing heave i cant be arsed with the drama that goes with it i am of the old guard so protocols and respect to be upheld at all times if i havent put you off drop me a line who knows where it may lead












 Dominant Male


 United Kingdom

 5' 11"

 200 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

Friends Only

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 Romance Novels



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 Museums (Beginner)

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Journal Entries:
6/27/2008 6:16:46 AM


Smoke and Mirrors


The Girl wouldn’t tell me ,so I tied her hands behind her back then roped her legs from top to bottom .she screams I smile I roll her on her back and note the tears in her eyes again I smile .I ask the same question " what was it I saw in your eyes " her eyes widen and the fear wells inside her and she shakes her head . I place my hand over her mouth and nose she look afraid the burning in her lungs for air increases she tryst to struggle I watch her eyes roll back as she starts to fade the hand is removed ,and she gasps in lungfulls of the air eyes filled with tears looking at me with a stubborn look and says " I cant tell you sir I have dishonoured you and disobeyed you” " the smile returns as I replace my hand over her mouth and nose pushing down hard seeing the same fear in her big brown eyes holding the girls life in my hands "nod when your ready to tell me" I say and watch as she feels herself going limp trying to breath through my hand but without success .she nods barely noticeable as she is about to pass out . The hand is lifted and the air rushes in gulping it down greedily she sobs ." I am so sorry sir I had sex with another with out asking . " Oh dear I say in a detached voice ,did you enjoy the nella sex " I ask " it was fun at the time " she replied "so we must get you some more " I replyed.After saying this the girl was set free from her bonds and allowed the freedom of the house. " I have to make some phone calls so make yourself busy out of my way slut " "yes sir " she replied and scurried off to the kitchen to clean . Phone call finished I went to prepare the play room . It was 6 o’clock that eve when the girl had finished the chores and returned to the study where I was working ,she peeped round the door and asked if she could be of service to me ,I looked at her coldly " go and shower and wash the stench of that nella off you" I growled . with that she shot up to the shower and started to scrub herself hard . two minutes later the door bell rang I answered it . the efforts of my phone calls were rewarded .I put my finger to my lips in a shhhh sign and beckoned the new comers in and led them to the study sitting on the table I outlined my scheme and all was agreed .after a few more instructions to them I left the room and headed for the shower room . Hearing the water running I knew she was still in the shower and opened the door silently on entering the room I noted her clean garb on the wash stand and smiled to myself . Watching the form of the girl through the steam covered glass I could see was using the water and her soap covered hands to feel her nakedness rather than washing .I watched her in silence as she moved her hands slowly down her body from her cheeks to her shoulders and down over her ample breasts down over her not quite flat stomach and on to her pubic bush and then disappear and linger between her thighs letting her play with her self for a minute I snapped “enough of that you dirty little slut ,your in there to scrub the stench off you get it done “ At the sound of my voice she visibly jumped and banged her knee on the shower wall with a small squeal she answered “yes sir sorry sir I was just . I stopped her there “I am well aware of what you were doing so I want no more lies from your mouth today in fact I don’t want to here your voice anymore till the morning is that understood “ I saw her wipe the glass with her hand she looked at me and nodded . “you have 5 minutes then meet me in my playroom ,again she nodded . I turned my back to her as my smile returned to my lips and left the room .

Walking along the hall I made my way to the play room this was the room I was most at home in looking around it I saw it had been cleaned and everything back in its place all the floggers back on the racks canes in there stands straps and gags on there shelves it pleased me to see it like this . The walls were a deep red the ceiling black as night with small lights in that looked like stars the room was lit by red and blue light bulbs that were in the six wall lights that adorned the walls .The equipment was what you would find in most dungeons’ such as the st Andrews cross the whipping stools the medical table with the tools for use on this in there trays that were stowed under the bed on there flexible arms and then there was the horse with its black leather straps attached to the legs and the top once a body was placed on that there was no escape and like all the equipment was at the mercy of there captor

I walked to the throne in the corner of the room and sat down .

It wasn’t long before I herd the girl emerge from the bath room and make her way along the hall she entered the room and I beckoned her to come to me ,as she started to cross the room I drank in the sight of this girl 5ft 4ins in height dark brown hair that reached down to to the middle of her back and was wavey when dry but now it was wet and hung

Straight and was behind her shoulders .her face was pale almost white with large brown oval eyes that sparkled in the red and blue lights of the room ,a small nose that toped a rose closured mouth with full lips made for kissing and pouting which she did often .Around her neck she wore my collar was a simple silver band round and shaped to sit against the skin of her throat .her dress was that of the slave girl plain black that was pulled together under her breasts and the skirt hung down between hip and knee her legs as white as snow against the black of the dress were shapely with strong thighs and nice calves her ankles had the chain and bells of the dancing slave .her feet were bare her small feet on show for all to see .

This then was the sight before me .egger to please until bored and left alone then the mischief behind the eyes took her over and she would use her sex to get her own way ,but I had a cure for this as she was about to find out .

“So your clean now “ It was a statement not a question she nodded needlessly “Go and fetch me a drink I commanded .”yes sir “ she answered with that I was off my seat and my right had crashed into her left cheek with a resounding slap “ I said I didn’t want to hear your voice till morning now that was the last time I want to hear it “ her eyes filled with tears and one or two started to trickle down her cheeks I grabbed her hair pulled her towards me and with the tip of my tongue licked them off cupping her face in my hands looking deep into her eyes I whispered “Go and get my drink now “ she again nodded and turned to leave the room I watched her form as she walked away the hem of the skirt dancing up and down as she moved .her peach shaped bottom swaying side to side with no effort on her part she was a beauty that was for certain .Once out of my sight I could here her running don the stairs hurrying to fetch my drink ..I sat back and took a cigarette from the pack lit it sat down again and waited .

I herd her enter the study as she opened the door and then the ear shattering scream then the muffled scuffle and the curses then there was silence again the smile    

From the study the was the sounds of men’s voices I heard on say go get the other one and again heard the muffled squeals’ from the girl at her sound of these words . Footsteps were on the landing and three of the men burst into the room and one shouted “ Get the bastard there was a scuffle in which I was over powered and knocked to the floor in a heap just after this the girl was carried into the room by the three others she had s tea towel stuffed in her mouth and a hand holding it in place she was placed on the floor but to of the men still held her in check she looked at me on the floor and the venom in her eyes as she looked at the six men spoke volumes with out a sound leaving her lips .The biggest of the men went to he side and grinned “now you do exactly as I say girly and you may live through this and we might even leave that alive as well “ he poked me with his boot as the word that left his lips .She nodded and the big man said “tie the bitch to that thing and gestured to the horse the rest of you go search the gaff see what there is to be had “ With that the two men holding her a ginger man with rough hands and a face only a mother could love and a dark haired man with a full beard and shabby suit that needed a good pressing dragged her to the horse and bent her over it and were about to start to strap her on it ,when the big man shouted “strip her first fools” her hair was grabbed from behind by ginger and the beard was in front of her grabbing at the hem of the dress in one flowing motion the dress was lifted right up exposing her for all to see ..Again she was forced over the horse and this time the body strap was fastened tightly pinning her to the apparatus ginger let go of her hair and the dress fell to the floor in front of her landing over my feet and lower legs sounds of the others returning from there search reached her

ears twisting her head she watched them re enter the room that was the last thing she saw as ginger forced a gimp hood over her head which blindfolded her and zipped down the back and enclosed her head holding the tea towel in place in her mouth robbing her of her senses she is now at the mercy of the men she feels her hands being strapped then her legs being spread wide and strapped to the back legs now helpless she waits for the inevitable .

The room went deadly quiet as she lay there straining her ears tiring to anticipate when the rest of the ordeal would commence. She stiffened as the sting of a thousand bees bit her in a line across her rounded buttocks they were using sirs toys she thought as her brain was trying to comprehend what was going on again the bite of the cane dismissing all thoughts from her head as the burning started to take hold of her. Time after time she felt the bite of the dragon cane whit each stroke she sobbed harder into the tea towel tears being absorbed by the gimp hood which was now soaked with them her breath was coming in short gasps as she tried to breath through the pain without any success. Then as suddenly as it started the beating stopped she lay there sobbing her rear on fire she felt the trickle of what could only be blood running down the back of her legs the caning was hard enough to have split the skin . Through the mist in her head of pain and horror of what was coming next she could hear the muffled voices of the men planning the next onslaught on her body She felt a hand between her legs and a finger run the length of her slit she came back from the misty thinking place she was about to enter as she realised she was wet very very wet . She could here the sound of laughing all around her and a deep voice saying “ the dirty little bitch likes it look here and feel this “ and a chuckled that made her blood run cold . She felt more hands touching her and feeling her wetness this brought her back to the predicament she was in now fully adhere of what was happening to her again the cold grip of fear and terror took hold of her and she began to sob uncontrollably her mouth dry as the towel in her mouth soaked up every bit of moisture in there ,her face was chafing on the wet leather around her eyes that was soaked with her own tears . She felt the first of the men behind her making ready to make use of her

The feel of his drowses brushing against her buttocks then she felt the head of his cock trying to find its way in .”she’s to short “ she heard a voice say and more laughter from all round her . From in front of her she heard another voice say “I can fix that “ she felt the hand spreading her cheeks and the cold steel of the hook being inserted into her little tight hole of her backside then the pressure as she was being lifted she tried to push her toes into the floor to relieve the pain as she was being hoisted into the air by the wicked hook that was pulling her up higher than her toes would go .”how’s that “ the deep voice asked .no answer just the same cock being inserted and beginning to pump away inside her with every thrust she felt the searing pain of the hook trying to rip itself out of her and her insides were stretched making her pussy elongated and felt like the cock was about to split the sides wide open the raw pain and the brutality of this was just to much for her never had she felt pain or torture like this before . The mist was starting to return and a blanket of calm descended on her as she gladly let the red mist engulf her as she lost herself in her own little world. Then she was gone.

She opened her eyes there was not a sound she could see her legs the other side of the horse slowly it was coming back to her . Where she was still laying over the horse but she could see her legs were free she could see them dangling in front of her ,she turned her head both her arms were free .she could see the towel on the floor in front of her on the floor the hood was gone

She lay there feeling the burning of her butt and the strange feeling of going back to normal after being stretched her pussy felt raw and bruised it was light daylight now how long had she been gone her mind in a whirl of thoughts and confusion . She lifted her head and heard a familiar voice “Welcome back you “ she turned and looked at me I smiled back at her . “Are yo you ok sir “she stammered . I rose and walked over to her gently lifted her back till her feet touched the floor then let her fall back into my arms and lifted her carrying her back to my seat where I put her on my lap and cradled her in my arms . Looking down at her I smiled again and asked “why would I not be ?” Those men she said . “Think she means us sir “ there was a chuckle in the words and a softness that wasn’t there before . She sat bolt up right on my lap and looked round at the six ginning faces confused and bewildered she looked back at me smiling I said” look round the room “ she did as I had bid her she saw my cane next to the horse on the floor was a plastic hook thin and flimsy she looked at the walls all the suspension hooks were there unused and last of all a huge dildo lay beneath the horse . “But how ,why ,did, “ I put my finger on her lips and said “ you gona screw any more nellas without permission ?” she shook her head then the penny dropped all this was for that . I looked into her big wide brown eyes and smiled “ do it again and I will give you to this lot “ she looked back at me “ I sent you for a drink 7 hours ago and I am still waiting “ I growled “yes sir “ she was off my lap and out of the door in record time as she was running down the stairs she was smiling and behind her she could hear the laughter





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