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There are 3r things which cannot be hidden long, the sun, the moon and the Truth
The truth has revealed itseld.

Thanks to all who have shared advice and been so kind. To those with other motives, well, its pretty obvious. i am submissive, i truly wish to serve a beautiful, strict woman who can mold and train me. But please, dont mistake my desire for desperation, my lack of experience for lack of intelligence. This is a difficult thing to seek and explore to begin, those with less than honest intentions are beginning to show their true selves, you can only hide so much behind a computer screen and only for so long, the truth finds a way.

Clearly ive been naive, perhaps willingly ignorant. It was premature to post under consideration this early, too fast, to eager, too much to expect too soon, though i do hope the wonderful woman i have engaged with is still serious about me as i am her! It has been wonderful getting to know you Miss, i only hope its just the beginning. But...as with all things in life, a step back is often the first step forward. and so i shall...

Hi. This is all very new to me. Im recently divorced and somewhat lost. I do not want a man, not at all! Ive realized that I have a need to submit to another woman.women since an experience in High School, since then Ive dreamed and fantasized about this time and again.

When ever Ive been in a position where another woman is in charge I get incredibly aroused, especially when being given orders and told what to do. I believe this must be visible because some women seem to realize and take advantage of me. (One neighbor actually had me doing her laundry and cleaning her house, just told me to do it one day and I did! I couldnt help myself, it was like she had some kind of power over my mind!)

It is clear that I will need direction and training, but I am sincere and eager to learn.


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2/2/2018 7:34:15 PM
I love you. No, I really love you. All my life I've heard, "From pain comes strength. From adversity comes success." I never truly understood those words. Until her, The One. She builds from ashes, creates from dust. She doesn't draw strength from the frailty of others, she grows by strengthing those who have fallen. Tonight, oh tonight, I get what love truly is, it is her. She gives me so much and doesn't even know it. To be half of her would be more than the greatest could hope to become. And I get to love her. Blessed is all I can say.

1/10/2018 1:59:26 PM
You are my voice, when I cannot speak, you are my compass,. when I am lost, you are my "True North", you are home. My Life, my love, My Mistress. Thank you.

1/4/2018 3:23:48 PM
I obey her, because I want to.

12/29/2017 1:08:21 PM
It's simply unbelievable! This year SUCKED!! Until Thanksgiving, and I met "The One"! Still pinching Myself, am I dreaming? If I am, PLEASE, don't wake me up! Misstress, I'd March into HELL for you! I love you!

12/28/2017 3:48:45 PM
Every time I look at you Baby I see something new You take me higher than before You make me want you more I don't want to sleep tonight Sleeping is waste of time I'm all about loving you!

12/25/2017 9:45:02 AM
Merry Christmas! Thank you Miss! You've made me happier than I thought was possible. I love you always!

12/23/2017 3:10:17 PM
Ma Samntha! I would never disrespect you, I'm so sorry, I did not know you were you! Please, I beg you, do not let my mistake be in anyway a reference upon my Mistress! PLEASE! She has trained me to be respectful, made the horrible mistake of thinking you were a Troll!

12/16/2017 3:43:28 PM
My Mistress... "When it's 3am, the darkest hour And you can't sleep, I wonder Do you think of what might be ours? When the demons of yesterday come to call When the the dreams you had start to fall Do you long for me? When you feel like giving up And all your friends are far between Do you long for me? When the storm rolls in The ones you didn't plan for Am I that beacon, that light on the shore? I wonder, do you long for me? Because I long each night To be your beacon burning endlessly bright And I long for you" My Mistress

12/15/2017 2:40:33 AM
She tortures me with her little finger...up all night last night, just thinking about my Misstress. I can't even eat, that's ok, need to loose more weight anyway.

12/14/2017 5:29:17 AM
What can I do? She makes me feel like the 13 year old girl I once was, that crush, that need, that fear of loosing her. Knot in my stomach, don't want to eat, can't sleep, too much Misstress Brittany on my mind. I Love her so...

12/9/2017 9:12:49 AM
GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY!!!!!! We're on the same team, just not today! 😄

12/8/2017 3:02:20 AM
My Misstress is sick, it breaks my heart!

12/6/2017 3:08:44 AM
I guess my Mistress mustn't need much sleep, she's up all night invading my dreams and tormenting my nights! I love her so?

12/5/2017 5:21:58 AM
My Mistress plays with Demons...as well as Saints! She is loved by both! But neither can love her as much as I! I have the best Mistress in the World! (No offense Miss Kelli)

12/4/2017 7:25:04 PM
I'm fragile, she knows it, my Mistress plays with glass, God, I pray she doesn't drop it. I feel like a fool, time will tell.

12/4/2017 6:37:32 PM
Ever walk with an Angel? Dance with the devil? I have. Satan was the most special, Beautiful Angel 👼 God made Am I in love with an Angel or the Antichrist? I don't know

12/4/2017 3:01:35 PM
A wonderful day! Not a single attack to defend from! I pray my Mistress has traveling mercies and God is watching over her. To my dear Miss Kelli, thank you for your friendship, kindness and wise counsel! I cannot wait to see you! God bless you and your family, be happy, Heaven knows after what you've been through you deserve it. I hope my Mistress let's me be a blessing to you!

12/3/2017 4:10:06 AM
Last night I went to war. It was not a war of my choosing, indeed, it was brought to my my door, without warning and without provocation. Had the attack been simply upon me I am big enough and confident enough to ignore. However, when the attack, laced with vial and defamatory allegations places my Mistress, whom I love and have sworn to serve and protect, squarely in the cross hairs I fought back with the furry of a mother tiger 🐅 defending her cubs! I waged a righteous war and will not hesitate to do so again should another enemy, her heart filled with hatred and venom, come looking to hurt she who I love or anything or anyone my Mistress loves. If you come, come with far better and far stronger than I saw demonstrated last night, for it was far to easy to rebuke and defeat the little attacker last night. I am fierce and quick to wrath when the safety of my Misstress or those she loves comes in harm's way. Now, an unfortunate casualty resulted from the heat and fog of last night's battle. A "friendly Fire" incident, if you will. At the moment I had no way of knowing who was friend and who was foe, I offended a friend, for this I am sincerely sorry. I've pleaded for her forgiveness and offered her the truthful explanation of what I have described to you, my dear reader. But still she demands retribution and my Misstress sees fit not to protect me from it, and so, I shall bear the strips with pride, no one will get the satisfaction of the slightest whimper from my lips nor tear From my eye. I love you Miss Brittany, always.

12/2/2017 7:18:42 AM
I fear my Misstress may be a sorceress. She invades my thoughts and haunts my dreams each night and commands me, I cannot resist her, I have no desire to, she has stripped me of my ability to desire, to need anything but her. I love you MissBrittany,my Mistress.

12/2/2017 7:15:06 AM
I fear my Misstress may be a sorceress. She invades my thoughts and haunts my dreams each night and commands me, I cannot resist her, I have no desire to, she has stripped me of my ability to desire, to need anything but her. I love you Miss

12/1/2017 8:49:22 AM
Having such a hard time concentrating here at work, just too much Misstress Brittany on my mind, feel like a school girl, no control, she owns my heart, my soul and body.

11/29/2017 8:24:00 AM
Never have I felt more joy, more sense of meaning! Thank you Brittany1989! I love you always!

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