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CS is like a train wreck ... You know you shouldnt look ... But you cant look away. Its not necessarily a fetish...but rather a bit of an oral fixation...coupled with an infatuation with legs, heels, hose toes... Most of the CM fruit has fallen to the ground. Some still hangs from the lower branches. I must strive to pick the best fruit from the top of the tree... Available for part timeshort term or long term,monogamous relations or play (unless it leads to something grand!) Moved to FL for 7 years for a lifestyle change. (no, not this lifestyle, a semi-Caribbean lifestyle saltwater...And while I dont expect much fromm the CM at can be enjoyable to view, peruse photos profiles dream. Hell, I dont expect but to make a few friends here. Blessed cursed with a sense of humor... I like all things that are erotic, provocative, sensual stirring... This lifestyle is a mere facet, certainly not all consuming. There is a full, rich rewarding life outside of... Theres so much more, but like so many, after a while, its blah, blah, blah anyway. ...a bit twisted, but always a gentleman...good manners are never out of style... Legs, heels, hose n toes...nice, nice, nice... no married or involved women, please. I was a major snowboarder in Colorado for 18 years. Move to Florida for 7 years after taking up Scuba And so...CO had 3 seasons, FL had 2, and am now in an area that has 4 distinct seasons seasons...
Good judgment comes from experience... experience comes from bad judgment
I think the old legz hosiery commercial had it right..."nothing beats a great pair of legs..."

? So...if a podiatrist has a foot fetish...does that mean they work under a constant state of arousal?

Finding a partner could be likened unto buying a will never find it perfect, but if you find 80% of what you should seriously look into it!


Chivalry is not dead...not yet. It's just not taught anymore. No role models...very few gentlemen...
While sitting in the office managers office...she.caught me gazing/staring at her open toed sandals. When I looked up, she was smiling. I was embarrassed and exhilarated at the same time...
Queening...does it get any better...?
I found the woman of my Dreams... But it is never going to work if she wont remove the Restraining Order. Hahahahaha
If you have little or no.expectations...I can meet or exceed them all.

I was at the beach all day, today. I found some nice shells, I found some sharks teeth,

 I found my libido ramped up about 40%...

True friendship is like peeing your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel it's true warmth.

'author unknown.

A mind, much like a parachute, works best when open.

The great thing about a 2nd childhood is; there's no adult supervision!