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Please be sure to read the entire profile before contact. This includes my checklist on the le
Hetero Female Switch, 26,  DC-Metro Area, Virginia
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 Female Switch

 DC-Metro Area 


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Please be sure to read the entire profile before contact. This includes my checklist on the left of this description, dearies. :)

... and now you feel the pain is real
you have no one else to blame
don't let your rain fall down on me
wish i was there to prove you wrong...

The intro:
I don't like people. I am disobedient, arrogant, irreverent and uncontrollable. I challenge every order, and spit in the face of practically every Dom who has ever tried to get me to submit. I don't fear the paddle, or he who weilds it to convince me to be obedient. I'm fascinated by eloquence, and annoyed by inconsistency. I love to push buttons, and I guarantee you won't like me.

As an artistic individual, I need passionate individuals to inspire me. I've a fairly open mind, and am willing to at the very least listen, if not offer to participate. I am also fairly territorial, and if I find myself involved with someone, I expect some respect to that.

Have love, will travel. I am a Geek, capital G. You have been warned.

The Stats:
Age: 26
Seeking: ...
Bust: 38DD
Waist: 34 (and shrinking *flex*)
Hips: 40
Natural Haircolor: Red
Eyes: Green/Teal (I've been told they change hue.)
Skin: Porcelain, some scars, occasional eczema (allergy-and-stress related)
Piercings: Ears only, 12ga
Tattoos: None yet, designing my own.

I appreciate mental stimulation. Speak in complete sentences, using more than one word, and I'll be happy to talk. Effort equals interest, dears.

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Journal Entries:
12/10/2009 5:59:53 AM
Bit of advice: If I only speak to you once or twice, chances are that I won't have you on a contact list of mine. Nor will I remember you if there's more than two months of non-contact. Unless you're something remarkable... y'know... if you really make an impression... expect me to be very short with you when contact is remade. Because, really, who in their right mind assumes that someone will wait with bated breath for the next contact from someone without a real connection? I certainly don't. So to call me uptight for being, well, honest when I decline interest in speaking to you again... well that's just silly. I've used too many interjections.

4/3/2009 12:51:40 PM
I had a really spooky nightmare the other night. I almost broke the boyfriend's hand following that. Woops.

3/5/2009 8:59:55 AM
Oh My Gods, you guys. I have recently discovered that my entire adult life has been a delusion! I'm not 5'3", as originally perceived. I am, in fact, just three inches shy of being able to register for a disabled tag on whatever vehicle I drive, as I am nearly too short to see over the dash. I'm a whopping 5'1". Put that in your pipe and smoke it. -- The giant among midgets

5/9/2008 11:03:58 AM
she came out west to find the sun
she lost her name but found a new one
amy goes to school all day
but at night in the neighborhood
they call her amphetamine
she's perfect in that fucked up way
that all the magazines seem to want to glorify these days
she looks like a teenage anthem
yeah, she looks like she used to be
happy with the girl inside.
yeah, she looks so bored sometimes
she's got that super-pale skin
and those soft green eyes
she looks like she could have been
happy in a better life...

4/15/2008 7:34:07 AM
It is way too early in the day for me to deal with other humans.

Word to the wise: Don't expect me to be pleasant between the hours of 7am and 2pm. If I am pleasant, then be glad I am and don't nitpick -how- I'm being pleasant.

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