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Pansexual Transgender Submissive, 35,  London , United Kingdom
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 Submissive Transgender


 United Kingdom

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 11"

 187 lbs






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Dominant Transgender

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Domme/Dom Couples

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 Foot Worship

 Masks (On Partner) (Beginner)

 Outdoor Bondage (Beginner)

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Rubber Fetish

 Serving as a Maid/Butler

 Stockings (Expert)

 Whips (Beginner)

 Goth Lifestyle

 Lifestyle BDSM

 Victorian Household



 Anal Play


 Body Worship (Beginner)

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 Hair Pulling (Beginner)

 Housework Service

 Masks (Wearing) (Beginner)

 Obedience Training (Beginner)

 Pantyhose Fetish


 Spanking (Beginner)


 Horror Movies

 1950s Household






 Local BDSM Community (Beginner)

 Hoods (Beginner)

 Orgasm Denial

 Plastic Wrap (Beginner)

 Curious About:

 Public Play  (Beginner)

�I completly understand and agree about my place infront of Mistress. my place is under her foot. I can do only my mistress want and i can walk until long her chain as dog. i must kneel infront of her everytime if she doesnt order to do someting. I am her table, chair, toilet servent, foot bench also must serve my body and mind as she wish. i must not complain anyting when she got angree and please she all the time and tease her crop whip, spank or paddle with smile how much its hurt or painfull. As a slave i deserve it. � � Asian crossdressing submissive living in london, looking to be a submissive slave for strick, dominate mistress. Willing to sign slave or sissymaid contract and wearing chastity to prove their ownership. Have experience as sissymaid, nun and harem girl. Like to tied, bondage, cage, gags, paddles�as mistress wishes. Specially someone who seeking crossdressing slave. I am not looking any pay or financial gain for serve as slave . prefer to female mistress between 25-60. master also accepted. � � hope to be a long term relationship with mistress who like�to enslave me. She should have to help me to dress as proper maid/women as her wish and can be fully contral me as slave maid. Can do all the domestic work with chains or tied and hope she punish me every little mistake which I made. � � She must not bother about pain or screaming while she humiliate�her slave and strick with punishment. not stop punish or let slave escape even if she crying, beg or screaming while mistress's sharp whip cord kissing her ass. Also�love to serve as sex slave if mistress wants it. I dont like straight sex and prefer to ass play�with mistress's rubber dildos. Have experience with anal play and dildo play as well. Love to serve as lesbian slave with dressing as perfect women. Hope my mistress owend me and use me as her owned property and must not her slave has any rights more than her own pet. force to�complete lots of tasks in short time with perfect and clean, force to worship her ass, lick her boots and worship her. I am not looking online relationship and willing to do�real time.

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Journal Entries:
4/9/2013 4:24:46 PM

Mistress came toward sissy's while she tieding up the stuff which she bought from the shop now.

sissy ...........why u get soo late. mistress asked. Do u think u can slip this work if u late..she added.

No mistress, that's not my fault. I had to take the bus and waiting sometimes for it.  sissy replied.

Shutup ur fucking i tell u to expalin...mistress roar..

no, mistress...but i tell the truth..

Oh....are u trying to teach me right & wrong...she step forword and slap over sissy's face.

pls..dont slap me. i done lots of work for u whole day..its not my fault.............sissy cried again.

U...........Shut up sissy. u will be punish for this disobediance and try to argue with ur mistress. ready to face our mistress's court. Final word given by mistress.


Soon few friends of mistress, came with their own slaves, catch the sissy. they tied sissy's hands and prepired to submit to court. When the court started, sissy had to appier infront of them garding with other two slaves, and mistress make the complain. ''This's my slave. This morning she argued with me and tried to hit me. I had to call my friends for help. Cos, I worried about she will start fight with me.''

Head mistress of the jury who roudy fat women directly look at sissy's eyes.

I ask u worthless sissy bitch....did u argue with ur mistress and ready to fight. i order u to tell the truth. give the direct answer. YES or NO ?

Sissy wondered about her mistress and start shaking with fear. yes mistress....i realy sorry...pls give me wisperd..but I did not try to hit her.

I told u early, to give one word. YES or NO..thats it. who ask u to expalin....she roared..wheres the gards,....put on the gag her...she ordered.

soon gard slaves put on the gag with sissy's mouth.

After few minutes discussion jury announced their jugement.            ''According to the complain this jury decided this sissy slave subject to punish. this's major fault done by any slave and must give maximum punishment. therefore this sissymaid will be execute by breast busrting whipping. Punishment will be held on mistress Emili's farm on this evening.''  Further this court will order, prepair this sissy for punishment as soon as possible.

When it heard sissy start to cry. she new how painfull it. as a helpless women she hasnt any chance to escaped. her gards slaves took her to farm house.

sissy change her dress for punishment. she had dress all white as condemned women. long silk seethrough skirt, busty boobs with soft bra and tied the rope around the boobs getting blown. when the time comes, gard slaves forced her and drag her to garden and tied sissy's hands behind back over the whipping pole, while she crying and screaming with fear. than they tied sissy's legs together and with pole and make sure she unable to strugelling.

Two mistress took long arabian whips and stand beside sissy. ''Hey put the gag and cover her eys'' mistress ordered. gards quickly put on the gag and black mask over sissy's head then sissy can see anything.

start....................mistress shouted...sssssssssssss thud...........sooooooooooooo thud.....two mistress started whipping over sissy's body and boobs from both sides. sissy crying with pain but she cant even screamed with mouth gag. Poph...After long time sissy heard her left boob burst.

Her mistress shouted....ok...stop for a while...will have a coffee break. thay stoped whipping and went to coffee. still sissy tied with pole and waiting for them.

After sometimes she heard they came back and soon somebody shouted.......start ??

Again she start hurt with ..two..three......................................15..16...17.Pop..she heard next boobs bursted.

Ok..stop whipping..her  mistress ordered....slaves untie her and take in to inside..









2/14/2013 4:40:01 PM
Sissy almost finished her tasks. she was look tired with lots of works from early morning. she carefully looking around and quickly pull her black rubber mini skirt down, checked her boobs and white blouse and make sure her dress ok for face her mistress.
Suddenly,..she heard sombody talking and foot step out side the room and sissy get back to work quickly.
Door opened. Her mistress enter the room with big lady sissy never met before. anyhow sissy welcome them, ''good evening mistress....''
good evening slave... mistress replyed. did u finish ur duties sissy? she aksed.
Yes mistress, sissy please her mistress, ...came towards and kneel infront of mistress, bendover and kissed her boots.
Mistress looked around the room carefully............Well sissy, u finished all duties on time. she said.
are u tierd ?
sissy new her mistress well. she smiled softly. No mistress, anything else should i do for u mistress.. she asked.
Not now..sissy. mistress replied. she sat on the sofa comfortably and speak..
anyway..this is my friend Bindra. she introduce her friend. Lady Bindra loooked over the sissy with her gready eyes. sissy kiss Bindra's boots to welcome her.
Mistress speaks...u may know sissy, today is the black moon day. this is the darkest day for the month and satan is very powerfull today. As satan's doughter, i decide to held satanic ritual tonight. So, we are going to sacrifice virgin girl to satan as usual. Bindra will joine with me as professonal executioner for the ritual tonight.
So.. we have to do lots of things before the midnight............
Everybody silent for a while. mistress looking around..sissy keeps down her head.
Mistress stand up, she slowly walking around the room and took the rope and give it to her friend. Bindra.. tied her. Lady came toward her. sissy... Keep ur hands behind back.. she ror. Sissy obey her and keep her hands behind back. The lady quickly tied it and fixed the chain with sissy's collar.
Sissy.....Do u have any idea about sacrifice victim ? mistress asked.
No mistress.. i am sorry about that..sissy wispered. god...u must know sissy...hah...hah..hah..mistress laugh...The lady bindra was standing behind sissy.
Sissy still keeps down her head. mistress walking around her...and softly rub sissy's head...wisperd sissy's ear...
my u like to sacrifice urself for me tonight....
Sissy looked at her mistress face with her inesent eyes. oh my god...she wisperd.
Suddenly she shouted... U are the victim sissy. I decide to sacrifice u to satan tonight. friend..take her in to the dressing room and prepair for the ritual.
sissy soo confused. she couldent believe what she heard. she tried to tell something but noting comeout from her mouth with fear. then she tried to stand. it was too late.
Lady Bindra put black mask over sissy's head and and tied it. U fucking sissy, dont even think to escape. she wisperd sissy's ear.
Poor sissy cant see anything, start to cry. Pls mistress, pls dont do that...i dont want to die, i want to live. pls ...or ....pls...mistress..i beg u...pls give me mercy...i'll obey u forever as a slave...dont sacrifice me to satan...oh....dear....pls..oh my god ............. pls mistress.......................somebody help me ................oh...pls.pls..pls................................................................
Ah....!!! sissy screamed with got hard whipped her bump.
Shout up ur fucking mouth..mistress ror. How u refuse my order. u are my slave..u must do what i want. ur life is mine. u are worthless sissyslave..she gave another few strocks to behave her sissy. Bindra take her. Dress her as belly dancer.
Sissy knew she cant escape or against her mistress. Also, it will couse to more painfull punishments. she was surrended with whipping. Bindra drag her in to the room while she strugelling.
When she get in to the room, Bindra locked the door and untied her hands and removed the mask.
Hurry up girl... its almost eight. midnight 12 we have to sacrifice u to satan as virgin..Bindra said.
Sissy removed her blouse and mini skirt. The lady gave her new bra to wearing with busty boobs sissy never wore before. it was big and heavy. then she took the rope and tied around sissy's boobs to boobs getting blown up. Finally sissy dresed white colour belly dancer bra and long skirt. Lady Bindra help her makeups, to wearing neckless, bangles, anckles and other jewellaries and finally put the long head vail and face vail.
Now Sissy completly turned as belly dancer.
knock..knock..somebody knock the door. Lady bindra opened the door and mistress was there. very good Bindra, u are so cute my slave..she hug and kiss sissy's face. are u ready to sacrifice urself my girl ? mistress asked.
Yes Mistress... sissy wispered.
Well my darling..i know u are good girl...Bindra.. get dress quickly.. its almost nine o clock. sissy.. u come with me. mistress take sissy's hand and take her in to the visiting room then sissy went coner of the room and kneel on the floor faced to wall as usual.
Mistress locked her anckle chain with ring on the floor and gave a paper to sissy. read this carefully girl.... repeat it and try to remembering. u have to repeat this. sissy start to read.
Within few minuts she heard mistress and her friend went to the ritual chamber and swith off the lights and start the ritual.
Nearly hour sissy listening their prayers...sometimes her mistress read something loudly.
Suddenly she heard,....................Bindra.. take the virgin !
Lady Bindra came out from ritual chamber. she was wearing red boots, red mini skirt and latex elbow gloves. red latex bra covered her top. she look scary with her dark   executioner mask and huge arabian sword.
she unlocked sissy's  chain and said, ''lets go girl...satan waiting for ur soul''.
Sissy enter the ritual chamber lighting by canddles. Her mistress keep saying prayers and putting flowers over the satanic statue. she turned to sissy,
My dear girl...satan will delight to see virgin dance. u may dance around this circle with statue and then sat on this cock on the floor. she show the big rubber cock fixed on the stand on the floor.
Mistress take sissy's chain and play on the soft music and sign..sissy slowly start to dance around the satanic circle. after sometimes mistress said ''enough''. sissy obey her order and came infront of satanic statue and kneel over the cock and sat on it and let the cock ram in to her ass hole. Mistress tied her hands behind back and make sure sissy unable to escaped.
Closed to midnight, mistress finished their prayers and came to sissy and wisperd,
ready to sacrifice virgin..............sissy scared and start to shaking  with death fear..executioner Bindra took the beheading block and placed it infront of satanic statue, grab sissy's neck and stand up her, drag to the woodden block. poor sissy struggeling to escape and mistress used her crop whip to behave her.
U cant escape my slave, obey ur destiny,...kneel down the floor,  keep ur head on beheading block and help to executioner.  ........ mistress shouted.
Poor helpless sissy, finally obey her mistress...kneel on the block, push her busty boobs with woodden block and keeps her lovely head on the block with crying. Lady bindra moved her head vail, remove her neck collar with chain and open sissy's neck.
Do u want to say ur final word virgin.? ...Bindra asked..
No mistress....sissy replied with crying. read ur prayers. pray for satan and sacrifice ur soul to satan as ur own will virgin....mistress wispered. I'll read it and u may repeat it loudly..
she started to read sacrifice prayes and vergin repeated it with crying.
MASTER SATAN! LORD & MASTER! Unhallowed be thy name,
Give us this day our Daily Sin
Lead us unto temptation
Deliver us to Evil, lust Sin & Perversion,s & Satan,s Worship
Forever & Ever, Ahmen in Hell!
I vergin offer my Mind, Body to Satan..
Accept my Mind & Body as your living Sacrifice
I vergin, reject all my past religions
I accept all that my chosen path
The Left Hand Path has to offer me, through good? times or bad?
I  vergin, allready have offered my Soul to Master Satan, in his Locker in Hell
my Soul remains, for my body now to be received by Satan in Hell
To be thrown into the lake of fire, to be tormented forever & ever, may the Legions of the Damned receive my lost life
I vergin, am Dammned forever & ever, i  beg for Mercy, however to receieve none! i knew i have no chance to against or escape
I vergin, give up my life to accept the executioners kiss! my head on the block awaiting the Sword!
No more shall i breathe, & Undead headles she-girl siren, souless & lost forever more!
I vergin slave give up my Mind, My Body & My Life, to the Executioners Kiss, i know my load executioner waiting with huge sword to chop off my head and sacrifice my soul to u,
pls executioner, i am ready to sacrifice my life for satan, pls..pls let ur sword to kiss my neck and chop my head from only one load satan..
pls receive my soul.......
Goodbye cruel world.
When the final word slip from her mouth , sissy new her time will over very soon. Bindra lift her sword and kept on the sissy's neck.  she tried to screamed but meanwhile she realized it will useless. When Bindra lift her huge sword and down slowly took down and take the target,...sissy closed her eyes and straight her neck and hardly push her boobs with woodden block and ready to receive executioner kiss.
mistress started to
Sissy feel her pantee get wet with orgasming and comes spred over her legs and silk skirt.
She hardly closed her eyes.
three......................................she heard mistress voice as dreamed...
suddenly, somebody grab her hair and pull back hard...and wisperd...keep ur boobs on the block...
sissy dont know wts going on but she did as mistress said. mistress pulled sissy's head back and hold it. sissy saw the sword comming down infront of her face and heard choped her busty boobs at ones.
Perfect...mistress shouted happily and pull her, then sissy laying down the floor.
Sissy still confused but she knew still alive. after few minuets lady bindra untied her hands, help her to sat on the floor and sissy looked around. she could see the thik red lequid over the beheading block and the floor as blood. she knew its was in her boobs.
Mistress was delighted... she hug sissy....brave girl...u done it well....the she spoked something slowly with her friend who looking at sissy gready.. finally said .....
Ok Bindra.. take her in to the bed room upper floor and lock with bed. Will have a coffee and ready to sleep after that..
She turned the girl.. go with her....i going to give some reword for u. no need to change ur dress. my friend will happy to play with belly dancer tonight. stay there and waiting for us. u will have unfrogetable gift tonight.
Sissy knew she dont have any rest tonight but she must obey her mistress all the time. she let Bindra to put her collar back and followed her.
Mistress called again. Bindra friend, dont forget to bring two cocks from my cupbord.
Bindra took her in to the upper floor bad room and gave new bra and boobs sissy to wearing. sissy put on new bra and boobs then wore new belly dancing bra over the boobs and Lady bindra tied it from the back. then she locked sissy's chain with master bed then sissy kneel on the floor beside the bed. Bindra oped the cupboard and took out two huge rubber dildo cocks. Sissy know they are going to use those cocks over her holes but as helpless slave she must obey her mistress wishes.
Bindra softly girl... take some rest.  u are so beautifull. i love u. but  u can see wts going on next. as a good slve u better obey ur mistress all the time. I'll be back soon. take this cream and rub it with ur holes. it'll usefull to less pain and help to serve. i wont be long...bye..
thank u mistress..thanks for ur kindness.. sissy replied
Bindra took dildos and left sissy along in the room and went back. sissy heard she locked the door from outside and her foot step going away from room and steped down.
Poor helpless sissy couldent escape, took the cream and slowly start to rubbing with her ass hole and ready to face her destiny.

2/3/2013 3:46:07 PM

The mistress enter the chamber with smile. ''good evening mistress'' wish her sissyslave kneel on the floor beside the chamber.'' good evening slave '' mistress replied.

So, my slave..u may know, u have broken my expensive tea pot being careless cleaning.. she added. Are you ready to pay for it. 

oh my mistress, i didn't do that perposly. it was a mistake. pls mistress, i beg u mercy, slave cried. 

shut up ur fucking mouth. i am not telling u to explain or i dont want it. how dare u open ur fucking mouth without my permission, mistress shouted. u will be punish for this insabordinate behaviour. anything u want to say that slave ? she asked.

No mistress, i am ready for punish. sissy wisperd.

well, u will punish by impaling sissy. take that biggest and longest rubber cock and fix it top of that high bar stool sissy. mistress ordered.

sissy took that cock and fixed it on the impale stool. then rub some wax on it.

ok sissy, mistress called. put the chains with ur anckle and take that gag and rope. Dont try to escape.

sissy obey her word. she's being surrendered by mistress and asked to open sissy's mouth and put the gag on and tied sissy's hands behind back.

Well sissy, now u warking around 3 times in this chamber with cat work. mistress took crop whip and start to whip sissy's back while she working around the chamber with cat work.

Soon sissy's bump getting red with whipping.

Enough..sissy.. now ready to impale...mistress shouted. sissy cring and working to impale stool and climb the steps, mistress lift her skirt and move the pantie then make sissy to sat on the cock. sissy slowly sitting down and mistress keep holding the cock  and help to push in to the sissy's ass hole. when the painfull huge rubber cock ram in to her ass hole sissy crying,  shaking and strugelling for escape. but it was  too late. Soon she completly sat on the impale stool and long rubber cock deeply ramed in to her ass and sissy fixed with on the stool.

Good slave, mistress removed sissy's gag. how u feeling my slave ? she asked.

its really hurt my mistress, i feel something inside my belly.  but thank u for the punishment.. sissy replied.

well...its not over sissy. u have to stay like this and suffer until i decide to release u...mistress said. dont even think to escape sissy. she added. then she removed the foot step and now hagging the sissy's legs from high stool. sissy screamed with pain. pls mistress, dont leave me like this.. i beg u.. ohhh pls pls....she cried.

mistress laughed, she tied sissy's legs with high stool and make sure she cant escaped.

U fucking sissy, shut up ur mouth. mistress shouted. she came sissy's behind and pull her head and push the gag in to sissy's mouth again and tied it quickly.

ok, wait until i'll back.. mistress leave the chamber.


1/29/2013 4:46:06 PM

Thank u my mistress, i deserve to punish. its really hurt ur 50 strocks of whips but i must thank ufor that

10/31/2012 5:18:04 PM

I am sooo happy, completly agree and obey to dedicate my body & soul. Hope ur holy spirits will happy to see me with this sexy outfit. I love to dress as arabian dancer with this huge boobs. thank u mistress. ur slave will ready to sacrificed.

10/16/2012 5:28:01 PM
End of another busy day as usual, sissy called by her mistress. she sat on the sofa in visiting room with her friends. some of ladies came with their own maids and slaves and they were also with thair owners.

have u finish with my baggage sissy ? And how about the dinner..? she asked.

yes mistress, its all done as ur wish..sissy replied.
Her mistress going abroad for 6 months vacation this time. Now sissy tiedy up her stuff and arrenged the baggages from the morning. even she invited her friends for the dinner too.
Sissy was delighted about mistress's jurney cos she will be free very soon after that. sissy kneel on the floor infront of mistress and worshiped her.
Mistress speaks, my girl...i'll leave by tomorrow evening. i think i dont need ur service anymore. but i think i should give some reward for ur service so far. i hope u would be happy about that sissy ?
oh, mistress.. u are very kind on me. I never expect from any reward from u madam. anyhow I really gratefull ur kindness.....thank u very much for that..sissy replied.
well my dear....she silent for a while. girl.. she start again,
I wont be back some time. But i traned u and looked after u isent it ? So, i think to recover something i already spend on u. that's the reward for u as well.
sissy is still confusing and trying to understand what she mean by.
Mistress called two of slave girls came with other mistress. girls....take this rope and tied my sissy .... she ordered. girls quickly took the ropes and tied sissy's hands behind back.
good my girl, u may happy to know my decision......i decided to sell u as slave and recover my expences.....suddenly she said. i'll going to auction u.
sissy started to cried...or mistress, pls let me go.. dont sell me as slave. ..oh pls............pls..................
shout up ur mouth sissy, u must do what i want. i am the boss...mistress roar..girls..take her................Dress her as belly dancer and makeup as much as feminin. my friends will happy to enjoy with belly dance tonight. she ordered...sissy get dress quickly.
Girls grab sissy's hands and drag in to the dressing room and quickly dress her as belly dancer and done the makeup and help to put on the jewellaries. Soon sissy turned as arabian belly dancer. finally, they put on the chains with sissy's anckels and took back to visiting room.
sissy, ready to entertain my friends. her mistress played the soft music and sissy start to dance as belly dancer. mistress start drink with them and enjoyed her dance. Suddenly she stand up and said, ready to auction. her friends sitting surrounded by them.
poor sissy got scared ..hug wooden pole very hard and started to cring and screaming. two girls who dressed her, drag her hard to move from pole, but she didnt moved. Finally they had to called others for help. Now her mistress changed her mood. she called sissy very softly and explain why should she do this. she said,
'' my girl, u should respect ur mistress all the time. U are my slave, u belongs to me. ur duty is obey my all wishes ''. she huged her softly, kiss and rub sissy's head slowly, softly take her hands from the pole and make sissy kneel on the floor and surrended her well. then she took the rope and tied sissy's hands behind back, put the collar on and said ''she is ready now''.
she grab helpless sissy to middle of them and called, '' This's my slave, she's most feminin, can dance and good sissy maid. bid for her''
200 pounds..somebody started. no..250...mean while she turn sissy's back to audiance...she has nice bump..pretty holes..she show them sissy's advantages and point out special features. 600...................ok 600...............600...........750........
ok..750...............750..................anybody wants this girl........................nice
finished the auction. one of mistress friend bought her for 750 pounds..she came with her own slaves. those slave girls catch her, put the gag on her mouth and new chastity. sissy still confused but she knew she has to go with her new mistress very soon. she worshiped her old mistress and she huged her and handed over to new owner. new mistress paid the amount she agreed and sign the papers.
then she said..........ok my darling ...have a nice jurney.....girls take this new slave to my vehicle. keep in ur mind sissy....i am ur new boss and owner. u must obey me all the time. lets go...she took sissy's chain and drag her. sissy still waiting and lady took the crop whip and whip her bump then sissy followd her mistress for face her destiny.

10/15/2012 4:34:23 PM

Had nice time with u mistress. it was bit hurt but excited. i really sorry to screamed when teased ur long whip on my back and ur huge dildo impale my ass, but i deserve it. thank you mistress.

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