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i'm looking for real-time ongoing professional or a lifestyle situation with someone who is interested in enforced chastity and diet control. i have managed to lose 10lbs on my own, but would like to find someone interested to continue enforcement, so i don't fall off the wagon. perhaps this could lead to further modifications. this person should be either a female or transgender girl. i'm sorry, but i'm just not interested in men. thank you please note: if you just request to add me to your circle of friends without every writing or talking first, i won't respond. hello. at the risk of sounding like a snob, my tastes run to somewhat higher end desires. i'd or a white burgundy over a beer, although i like a beer now and again. i prefer tori burch over target, etc. i keep my environment clean and tasteful, and people that appreciate those aesthetics. i have the ability to appreciate the full spectrum of life.
first off, contrary to the name, i'm not married. i was.
if you have any experience with hypnosis, i'd like very much to meet you.
not looking for a sexual relationship, but one in exploring bdsm.

people ask me to be their mistress even though i list that i'm switch/submissive. doesn't make sense.

in fact, i am submissive to the point where i would put a dominant's interests and desires before my own. so much so, that i would actually give up my trannie desires for the right person.

feminize transgender transsexual glory hole shemale sissy premarin hormones feminization tgirl tg ts sissified pre-op post-op

all aspiring shemales or sissies should google sissymaker.  you will find an excellent hypnosis video

everyone, thanks for the help!


i as of a few minutes ago got the large plug in.  it's in now and i'm sitting on it and it feels wonderful.  now i just need someone to lock me up while i'm plugged!

girls, boys, and everyone in between.  i need some advice on anal training.  i bought a set of anal plugs that are 3 sizes.  i can't get the largest size inserted because it's too painful.  anyone have any advice as to how i can move up to the largest size plug?



queen's keep.

i just got my chastity device and locked myself into it.  even though i have the key, it's better than i ever imagined.  i can not play with myself at all and i can't get out without the key.  pure bliss.  i also bought some anal training plugs and i'm wearing them at the same time.  up to the medium size and working up to the largest.  it's really amazing.

my first erection has just tried to happen and i filled it up with no escape.  i really can't wait to find a keyholder.


very excited...just ordered my first chastity device.

check out


can't wait to wear it!  even better to have someone lock me up in it and hold the key.


i'm looking for real-time ongoing professional or a lifestyle situation with someone who

is interested in feminization, enforced chastity and diet control.  it doesn't have to be a genetic girl, but not a male.


i have managed to lose 10lbs on my own, but would like to find someone

interested to continue enforcement, so i don't fall off the wagon.  perhaps this

could lead to further modifications.  this person should be either a female or

transgender girl.  i'm sorry, but i'm just not interested in men.


thank you


well, i guess i do have some self control.


to date i've lost 10 lbs doing my diet, which would be better described as

caloric restriction than a diet.   let's hope for 10lbs more in another month.


so, i don't really believe in diets, but what i do think works is diet restriction.

calories in calories out.  it's pretty simple.  i'd like to find someone interested in helping

me enforce my daily caloric consumption so i can get down to 160lbs.  i think it's completely possible.  so, that could mean controlling what and how much i'm allowed to eat.


so far, on my own i've managed to lose 6 lbs in 2 weeks by eating one egg in the morning,

no lunch and a small dinner.  eliminated alcohol.  drink plenty of water and maybe 8 ounces of juice during the day.


times seem to be changing.  another one out of the closet.  this time

it's a member of seal team 6.  holy shit.  chris beck, now kristin beck.


another girl out of the closet in the news today.  don ennis, now dawn ennis - abc executive.  pretty high profile news.


i was just thinking that being a sissy/trans/shemale is a lot like being an actor.

you can't decide you only want to take parts where you just have to act. sometimes

you have to be willing to sing and dance, too.

i think a lot of people complain about collarme.  whatever.  i also think that it's a great place for sissy's that want to express themselves.  i've very few places for this on the internet.  thank you collarme community.


i have a thought that may interest some to understand my intent.


i have retained what little body hair i have as a male.  the intent is that the domme that is special enough shall have the pleasure of removing all of this last vestige of manhood.  i have very little body hair, but i reserve it for the one that collars me ( lifestyle or professional ) that persuades and removes every last remaining hair on my body.

maybe it's selfish, but it's also a privilege i'd like to give to my domme.


this is a position i'd like to find myself with another trans or female, sans the guy.

i'm changing my diet. nothing radical. eliminating meat and chicken. i'm only eating fish and plenty of vegetables.  maybe i'll eventually go vegetarian.  curious to hear anyone's opinion about diet, etc.  i'd really like to get my weight down to around 155lbs @ 6'1" would be feminine height to weight proportion.


i've always being fascinating with using brainwashing or hypnotizing combined with 



it seems to me that combined with 420 activity or maybe even molly (i've never done it) that would be a very powerful tool.

i think of myself being bound and restrained so that i could only watch a monitor playing

feminization hypnosis video infinitely looped.

sort of like the vids that play on youtube or xtube that can be used for feminization hypnosis. 

has anyone followed lana wachowski?  she's an inspiration.

i'm sure there are a lot of us that are jealous, but it took a tremendous amount

of courage for her to do what she did.  it makes me feel like a coward.


in LA area for a month.

leather and latex clad dominas.  i can view and admire your dominant stance and beauty, but i cannot touch you.  arousing and intoxicating presence  encased in a shroud of power.   my chastity denying my fulfillment of any sexual desire.   kneeling at your feet, to submit to your whims and desires.

only knowing that my fate is sealed.  

i think i have become obsessed with submission and thoughts of feminization.  it's beggining to be a problem in my daily life.  i may have to take a break for my well-being...


has this become a good or a bad compulsion?  why?  i don't know.  i can't focus.

does anyone know anything about lana wachowski?  updates, etc?


just updated my pictures with my favorite new shoes...let me know if you like them as

much as i do!

the internet just gets better all the time.  i finally found a website that has tasteful, as well as tawdry shoes for a girl like me with a big foot.  just bought a new pair of knee high boots and a pair of strappy heeled sandals.


the right person for me would probably write "lives for" crossdressing/feminization.

just came back from the standard in nyc.  fun night.  so many cute thin girls.  i wonder if any of them new i was envious of how skinny they were rather than wanting to hit on them.....yes, i was in male-mode.


i have decided to learn the art of cunnilingus.  hopefully, that doesn't distract dominant women into thinking i'm just some horndog.  i've started reading a very good book on the subject.  i've learned that there is a lot i didn't know.  one thing, which is mostly unspoken

is that sexual studies have shown that women whom have been stimulated orally are reportedly have 89 percent of the time been led to climax ( if done correctly, it helps), while only 58 percent find intercourse to lead them to climax.  the book is called "her first" and it makes sense.  so, i think combined with my personal interest in keeping my snake locked up through chastity helps to make me a better submissive.  i don't feel it's important for me to get off, but to get my mistress/dominant, whatever term you find useful, off. there are many useful points in the book and i hope they make me a better sub.  i'm not proclaiming these things to flaunt myself, but to share what i'm learning. perhaps some other subs will find it useful.  as for how i feel, i hope to someday find someone to hold my key and use my knowledge to serve.  as for now, it's helping me get more in touch with who i am.   hope this makes sense to those reading.  i always welcome comments.

has anyone seen the girl with the dragon tattoo?  i love the scene where she tattoos the 

scummy guy.  more than just the depravity of the act, but how she steals away any glimmer

of power he had and gains back her own power.

you should watch.

i don't want some tasteless wig and a hairy body. i want to be smooth, lean, feminine, classy and curvy. not into cheesy and tawdry. can a girl be classy and slutty at the same time? i think so, some don't. if you don't, i'm not for you.
okay, on the kinky side, i've gone about 3 weeks now with an orgasm. i wish i could find a keyholder, so i could keep this going permanently. i understand the power of being possessed by someone that controls my urges. does anyone have the desire to be a keyholder? i'm interested in your thoughts. i thought of wearing a chastity device 24/7 as a secret, or not a secret, between 2 people is quite alluring.
i think i may have come to the conclusion that i perfectly fine with a), being a shemale (sorry if that offends), b, feminizing myself without the support of someone else. for sure i am submissive, but i don't need it in the context of feminization. i could see myself switching with another girl like myself. thanks for reading.
i stumbled on a interesting story on, believe it or not, oprah. it's a piece about a high school quarterback who transitioned. if you go to there's an interview and also a piece she did about going back to her high school reunion. this will be informative to tgirls, admirers, or anyone who is interested. it was done very well. i totally connected with the piece.
does anyone have experience or knowledge of an orchiectomy? are there downsides? is it better than using a testosterone blocker?
the saying goes: you don't get a second chance to make a good first impression. very true.
is there any dominant female or tg in the ny area that is passionate about feminization? while chronological age is not important, a mature, intelligent mind is a necessity. it's a desperate search here. maybe you are a submissive tg, too, and you can recommend a domme.
cb-3000, $149.99. Having a key holder for your cb-3000. Priceless.
hi, they say a picture says a thousand words... just uploaded an illustration of a look and scene i'd like to emulate. can any help me?
can someone help me out? take a look at femdommeinohio's profile and let me you know what the device is for in the picture. i'm not sure, but if it is what i think, i want to find out where to get one. thanks!
cheap, sleazy or tawdry wouldn't be my desired outcome.
haven't posted in while. i'm about to embark on a new little journey. i've bought a cb3000, which i am going to start wearing. after a trial period, i plan to mail the key to a place i own down in florida. this would prevent me from any break in my chastity unless i get in a car or plane and go down there to open my mail. let's see how desperate i become. anyway, the other little project i want to start is to go on a diet and exercise program that will reduce my weight down to a slim, feminine, 155lbs. i also would like to start some hormone therapy program. i would appreciate any suggestions or resources so i can pursue the diet and hormone therapy. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
recently, i have noticed a bunch of female dominant profiles which seem fishy. they all are looking for submissive men and submissive trans. the narrative sounds similar on each profile and they usually don't show a face in the picture. a lot of the pictures remind me of pics i've seen somewhere else. buyer beware.
yay, i got my latex french maid uniform today! i just added the a picture in my new outfit. everyone says i look too dominant, so this might help convey a more submissive stance. hope it gets approved soon. i'm dying to hear some feedback. anyone need a maid?
a submissive treat: lovely was a bad, bad girl today. I was displeased with her performance on too many levels to list here. Suffice it to say that she is being reminded of her shortcomings as I type this missive, but most of you expected as much anyhow, correct? she is nicely laced and locked into a full length discipline corset, neck corset, arm binder, and six inch dress boots. Stabilized by the chain connecting her neck corset to the overhead door frame, she is not going anywhere until the morning hours. The moans are so delicious that I have had many orgasms at her expense already! The way the leather sounds as she twists and pulls is just soooo nice!!!!
Transgender Challenge: does anyone have a good resource for an undergarment corset that won't break the bank?
whatever i've said about giving up feminization in my earlier posts must be wrong. at least that's where i stand now. i saw 'the curious case of benjamin button" the other night and it had an interesting effect on my thoughts.
When is it too late for a male to transition to a female? I'm over 40 now. I'm wondering if I've waited too long to fulfill my dream. I seem to have genetics on my side, but perhaps I'm a bit delusional. First off, I wonder who would even want to be with me. I know it's a special condition which afflicts me. Even rarer, the special person whom understands. This is the start of my semi-mid-life crisis. All are welcome to critique, good or bad. Thanks.
i'm just curious, but does anyone know why there is no category for a switch trans?
what does everyone think about this economy? i definitely think we are headed into deflation. i wonder if the nyc mistresses are feeling the effects, too, now that wall street has been down over a year and a lot of high paid folks are cutting back. it feels like one big hangover, right now. the kink industry as an economic indicator. anyone have any thoughts?
whom do you make a request to add another category? i would like to see enforced feminization as a category rather than just feminization.
i've been dieting lately and got my weight down almost 10lbs. does anyone have an opinion about what the perfect weight should be for a 6 foot tall girl? i could use the advice so i can set a goal to reach. i think diet and an exercise regimen are a vital part of proper feminization. thanks!
i'd like to form a chatroom for those of us interested in feminization. i don't know much about chatrooms. anyone have any advice?
The start of a real-life encounter. i knelt there, naked at her feet. she was tall, very tall, six feet five in her shiny patent leather knee high lace up boots. her leather corseted waist accented her curves in the most delicious way. she stared down at me and smiled. "so, you like restrictive bondage, huh?" then she turned and picked up a length of vinyl twine. she smiled and grabbed my balls, squeezed and began to tie them, first at the base, then separating them. finally, she pulled the ends as hard as she could, knotted them and smiled once again. i grimaced in pain. with one had she pulled on the twine, stretching my balls to their maximum. i moaned, while she took the other hand and pinched my left nipple as hard as she could. "get yourself hard", she commanded....
i started yoga for the first time ever. what a great form of exercise and relaxation. i can't wait to see the results. anyone out there a yogi?
i did a mini photo session today. i think even at my age that i could actually pass with a little help. is there someone in the nyc area who is skilled with make-up and hair that would help me?
in a perfect world we'd be who we are a world without war a place other than heaven what would it be like.
i had a new idea today, briefly it goes; daily viagra, chastity, bondage, teasing and denial.  i think that could be lovely.
so, i've been getting some responses and i think i should be clear.  i'm not into forced feminization.  someone who accepts and supports this would be ideal and allows me to pursue feminization further.  the image i have for myself is more of a classic stylish woman than a slut.  so, please, refrain from the "slut" comments.  thanks.

you can't just walk up to me and expect to top me.  i have to respect you for it to work.

i visited babeland today. what a wonderful place and nice people, too.  i got some nice things.

not looking for online flings...