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Pan Male Dominant, 56,  Oakland, California
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Hi, Im Mark!I am located in Oakland, CA, and am looking for mf friends and partners at all levels of intimacy, from casual to deep.

My main affinity is with Dombabygirl relationships, so if you are a sub in search of obedience training, affection, wild adventures and creativity, Im your man!

If youd like to try out some bondage with me, from an artistic rope dress to a full-on suspension or anything in between, let me know.

Im also into whips, floggers, role-playing, etc. I can be gentle or cruel, -- or both, -- depending on your needs.

My non-kink interests include art, music, movies, literature, nature, urban exploration, hiking, good food, philosophy, etc.On that other famous fetish style site I am markyugen Friend me!












 Dominant Male



 5' 11"

 190 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Dominant Female

Dominant male

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Switch Male

Domme/Dom Couples

Sub/Sub Couples

Male Dom Couples


 Lives For:

 Art Galleries (Expert)

 Fine Dining

 Movies (Expert)

 Museums (Expert)



 Canes and Crops

 Mental Bondage

 Outdoor Bondage


 Suspension Bondage



 Intellectual Discourse




 Political Activism


 Alternative Music

 Classical Music


 Amusement Parks

 Antique Shows

 Bar Hopping


 Bird Watching

 Coffee Shops

 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales





 Blindfolding you

 Breast Play


 You wearing my collar



 Local BDSM Community

 Being Massaged

 Domestic Service

 Fire Play


 Gas Masks

 Hair Pulling


 Housework Service


 Placing you on a leash

 Masks on Partner

 Modern Primitivism



 Sensation Play

 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Public Play

 Rubber Fetish

 Wax Play


 Comedy Shows

 Horror Movies


 True Crime

 Art Collecting


 Online Auctions






 Liberal Politics






 Blue Grass


 Country Music

 Eighties Music

 Electronica / EDM

 Folk Music


 Industrial Music


 New Wave

 Nineties Music


 Pop Music

 Punk Rock Music



 Rock Music

 Seventies Music




 Going to the Opera



 Electrical Play

 Masks (Wearing)




 Science Fiction


 Libertarian Politics

 Heavy Metal Music

 Opera Music




 Musical Theater

 Renaissance Faires

 Rear End Play

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay




 Oral Service

 New Age Music



 Conservative Politics


 Computer Expert

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Journal Entries:
9/8/2016 3:17:50 PM

I have a slideshow of a smattering of kinky images I've created from 2011-2016 here:

8/31/2016 1:59:06 PM

Models needed for Oakland,CA studio, Dec 15 2016 - Jan 1, 2017

I have use of a downtown Oakland, CA art studio from now until November! It’s clean and spacious, with a secure, safe bondage suspension point, various pieces of bondage furniture and toys, a bathroom+shower, and an outdoor area, etc. I am set up with all the usual lights, backdrops, etc. to do professional quality photos and/or 4K video.

I’m open to a wide variety of kink-related ideas, as well as hoping to work on some of my own. I prefer female models, and nudity is a plus. TFP only. You share rights with me to all photos, and I give you copies of everything, lightly edited, within a few days. Any additional modifications you need to make such as not showing your face, removing tattoos, etc., will be fully respected. Feel free to check out my profile for examples of my work, and let's set something up!

I also know of a number of marvelous outdoor locations we can use if you prefer, as well as an authentic 19th century saloon/brothel patronized by the famous author Jack London!

6/22/2016 1:31:56 PM

Yesterday I had a shoot with a girl I covered in gold latex bodypaint. I then took her to a store with a sign that said We Buy Gold and tried to sell her.

6/19/2016 8:17:52 PM

“The female body has always been a construction. Even feminist art of the 1970s fashioned a body in accordance with its own ideas, and in this regard it was a form of manipulation too. Subsequently, we’ve had to engage with a lot of things that we used to disavow as manipulation. We can’t just dismiss everything as manipulations anymore, since the alternatives are constructions, too. From our perspective, from this corner of the planet, we have to admit that it’s all constructed. There is absolutely no nature. Nature is one of the biggest constructions.”

- Valie Export

4/21/2016 4:17:54 PM
My downtown Oakland photo studio is now open for TFP models who are interested in exploring the experience of bondage, rope, and rope suspension. Get in touch and we can set up a meet! All levels welcome, including total newbies. You will get free copies of all photos to use any way you wish, plus 50% of any print sales.

6/28/16 My studio is still available for a couple more weeks!

3/6/2016 11:26:43 AM
To be perfectly honest, I’m anti-bondage in the bedroom. I much prefer that we fully intertwine our arms, legs, lips, mind. I have no interest in aggressively stimulating a passive object, however beautiful, that I must one-sidedly activate and make come to life.

10/7/2015 11:16:16 AM

Awesome offer! Free professional TFP photoshoots in a safe, private downtown Oakland studio

Unlike many other photogs on here who use pro equipment like I do, I do not charge or trade for services, all my work is free!.

I use only the highest quality professional photo and video equipment and lighting, and have a variety of styles to choose from. I’ve shot everything from artistic nudes, to bondage and fetish, to hardcore porn, and am entirely flexible on what you want. The studio is in a safe area of downtown Oakland, a few blocks from BART

I am open for shooting in Oct and Nov, so get in touch via PM and let’s set something up! Preference for females and trans. My specialty is rope bondage and suspension, so if you've ever wanted to try this, contact me now!

9/30/2015 9:35:45 PM

[Oakland, CA] In search of a F slave who desires to learn photography, rope – and more!

I am interested in finding a female slave who will serve me on artistic kinky photoshoots both within a studio environment as well as outdoors. In addition, you should be willing to be available as a model when necessary. Public play is optional.

I am proficient in slave training, photography, photo and video editing software, and rope bondage, including suspension. My past three subs have been in the 20-24 range, so I am particularly interested in finding within the SF Bay Area somebody into an older Dom and who has an appetite to learn, a passion to serve, and a drive to soak up knowledge and experience and grow together with me as an artist and person.

9/24/2015 10:02:49 AM
I put up a new self-portrait, in case any of you gals want to see what I look like before you make a decision about whether to contact me or reply. It's admittedly a bit weird stylistically, but it is accurate nonetheless.

8/16/2015 11:42:26 PM
Today I uploaded some movies to Vimeo: a stroll through Berkeley, a drive beneath a bridge, a story about gay midget sex and bloody gums, etc.

8/2/2015 10:36:57 AM

Sadly, the door to happiness seems to have been slammed in my face yet again. Thank you to all the women, artists and natural wonders that brought me the few moments of happiness I did enjoy this year.

6/19/2015 10:04:00 AM
I have access to a spacious, private studio in a safe area of downtown Oakland through July, if any of you ladies would like to get photos done. Equipped with backdrops, pro-quality lights, bathroom, shower, workstation, etc. Suspension point in ceiling for rope.

Any kind of photos or video are welcome. I have experience with bondage, porn, and video editing.

Always professional, and all free! TFP only.

5/30/2015 3:48:47 PM
Ladies, I’m looking for rope bondage play partners in the Oakland CA area in the month of June. No sex or relationship involved, just rope-related play, and possibly also artistic photography to document our fun. I have access to a spacious private downtown Oakland photo studio for this purpose. See my profile for examples of my work with others.

2/1/2015 1:59:45 PM
I have a selection of my kink-related photos as well as doing some live and in-person rope bondage for an erotic art show coming up in Feb in downtown San Francisco. Here’s a link

1/25/2015 12:45:05 PM
What’s up with you ladies ranting on and on for literally hundreds of words about the trolls, haters, and other loathsome men out tthere who email you with their vicious attacks and repulsive fantasies, and yet you won’t type even 4 words to say thanks but no thanks to my thoughtful, carefully-crafted responses to your greetings?

12/27/2014 3:06:45 PM
My post-Xmas health kick: goji, chia, maca, kale, cacao, -- I’m learning a whole new vocabulary. This better make me an irresistible sex-magnet to the ladies and give me diamond-hard erections, or I’m going back to burgers and fries.

11/16/2014 10:08:36 PM
To the dom who blocked me without giving me a chance to respond to your words in response to my words in response to your words: I was just making a silly joke, no sarcasm intended whatsoever. I genuinely appreciate your genuine appreciation of my work, no joke, and did not mean even slightly to mock, offend, perplex, or otherwise confound.

Ah well, today provides me with yet one more example of why I'm a misfit's misfit, and everybody's fool.

10/27/2014 2:34:10 PM
Looking for God in all the wrong places
I don’t want any woman to worship me as God. No man in my world is God – (not even God is God as far as I’m concerned, but that’s a subject for another day!), -- and any man who sees himself as having Godlike traits such as inpregnable infallibility is not only delusional but dangerous. Only sociopaths like Adolph Hitler, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un see themselves as God, and their influence is destroying the world. I would even go so far as to say that modesty is one of the greatest of all virtues, and if a Dom doesn’t have a healthy dollop of modesty adorning his character then he is lacking an essential part of what it means to be a Dom, which is to live comfortably with one’s flaws and foibles without any blinders on.

10/21/2014 1:36:53 PM
Finally, a self-portrait in my pics page! This better get me chicks, hopefully glitch-free....

10/20/2014 9:34:05 AM
- Some writing I did to a model:

I don’t really approach bondage in my photography from a BDSM perspective, so the whole ritualized iconography of BDSM kind of eludes me, but I can fully understand why you would not want to be identified as a sub if you are not one. I personally dislike damsels-in-distress photos, and the idea of creating an image of a man dominating a woman or vise versa leaves me cold, although I have done plenty of such images by request. I also don’t care for images where the woman is just a prop, plopped in the middle of a landscape or some such thing. I prefer images where a woman’s intelligence, beauty, poetry and inner strength comes through in the midst of adversity, degradation and ruin, and, yes, some humor is okay when appropriate. Think Joan Rivers meets Joan of Arc, or something.

10/13/2014 10:23:25 AM
Why do the women I meet with say that it’s okay to contact them again, then never respond when I attempt to follow up? Are they being rude, or is it just a “thing” women do nowadays? I am genuinely baffled, since I consider myself reasonably articulate and pleasant to be around, and don’t come across even remotely as any kind of psychopath.

10/4/2014 9:42:59 AM
As a onetime still-unrepentant child of Marx and Coca-Cola, I still find it hard to accept anything as property, especially other human beings. As Proudhon famously said, “property is theft,” and I have no desire to steal what belongs to everybody and can only be acquired through violent symbolic appropriation via marriage, collaring, etc.

Having clarified my position, the idea of woman as property in an exclusively non-capitalistic, non-sexist, non-religious sense is not wholly unintriguing to me. The only way I could approach this issue without feeling like a hypocrite, however, is by not objectifying a woman the way I do a piece of furniture, say, nor by dehumanizing a woman so that she becomes the equivalent of chattel. Rather, the possession I take of a woman would be more imaginary than real, more evocative of a future philosophy than representative of corrupt contemporary values. Indeed, it would be ideal if I could find an anti-capitalistic, atheistic, pro-feminist model for the woman as property paradigm and thus reconcile my competing desires, but for that I will need to give the matter a great deal more thought. . . .

10/3/2014 4:14:02 PM
It is perfectly fine in the name of role-play to invoke, explore and limit-test imaginary hierarchies, but if you truly believe women are inferior to men or vise versa, you are seriously fukked up.

9/28/2014 10:34:39 AM
Why are the most joyous experiences also the most difficult to attain? Misery is part of my daily life, and happiness only strikes in fleeting moments, if it ever arrives at all.

Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t I be gloriously adrift in an ocean of bliss? Maybe I am demanding too much from the world. Maybe the meaning of life is to be lonely, to suffer, to be repeatedly assaulted by the talons of failure, anxiety and despair. The idea that we ever have control, -- over a person, over an image, over ourselves, -- is a fantasy all too human in its manifestations, and all too revealing in its distortion of the truth.

9/24/2014 11:05:26 PM
A fetish is the taking possession of a taboo. By it’s very nature a fetish is an act of aggression, transgression, overcoming. To limit what can be fetishized only to what is socially or politically acceptable or psychologically comprehensible is to limit the full complexity and contradictoriness of human nature in both its brightest and darkest manifestations. Fetishization transcends ideology, problematizes rationality, destabilizes morality, and calls identity itself into question. A fetish occupies the limit-space of existence, blurring the line between being and nothingness, order and chaos, repulsion and desire.

9/20/2014 11:14:23 PM
Labels like kinky and vanilla mean absolutely nothing to me. For me the distinction is whether you enjoy playing with the parameters of sex rather than simply using sex for its banal utilitarian purpose. If you are extending the boundaries of sexual exploration in ways that are fun, creative, exciting, and possibly even revelatory, then you are the kind of person I would like to share myself with, learn from, teach and transform.

9/14/2014 10:21:06 PM
I think I’m going to be putting my search for a sub on pause for a while. Nobody in the SF Bay Area seems to want an intelligent, experienced, creative, honest, compassionate older dom, or at least one that has my particular set of skills and experiences. I'm not exactly sure what I might be doing wrong, so if anybody out there sees any flaws in my current approach, I'd be more than open to hearing what you have to say, provided it is a constructive critique and something I actually can improve upon.

9/9/2014 7:13:59 PM
I’ve been going into CS chat a little bit lately, mainly out of boredom. Inevitably, a certain number of the regulars will go into attack mode whenever they see me disrupting their cozy coffee clatch or for not fitting my oddly-shaped peg into their square hole as conformingly as they insist. I also have made a few friends, astonishingly, and in that sense consider chat to be a not wholly unproductive experience.

Even so, my overall impression is that chat is a profoundly silly place where seemingly smart people often take offense at the most trivial of offenses. Rooms never to visit again: Secret Desires, Master-Slave. The list is sure to get longer as I alienate more people, which is something I seem to be innately good at doing, even though I am sweet, compassionate, and light-hearted by nature, and take even a stranger’s rejection very sadly.

9/6/2014 10:20:23 AM
So how long does a rope dress take to tie, you ask? If I’m just tying you up it usually takes around 30 miniutes on average. If I’m trying you up and squeezing, licking, sucking, kissing, biting, slapping, pinching, tickling, clawing, spanking, probing, etc., then it can take as long as I want it to take, and then some.

9/2/2014 11:38:25 AM
A static, purely binary M/S or D/S relationship is not what I seek. I am looking for a sub who isn’t simply obedient all the time and a complete slave to my will, but who engages me in thoughtful inquiry, finds inventive solutions to my predicaments, pushes me beyond my mental and physical limits, shares her expertise to complement my own, and challenges me to find new ways to grow, just as I would be doing with her.

9/2/2014 10:44:11 AM
Lately I’ve been watching chess commentary videos on Youtube. My favorite players to date are Fischer, Tal and Morphy. After Fischer, or maybe a bit into Kasparov’s reign, chess became too much the product of memorizers and machine-brains, and  the ensuing lack of creativity and gutsy bold strokes a la Tal dims my interest significantly.

The reason I raise this issue in a kink site is because I would love to design a BDSM scene with a sub along the complex, multifaceted lines of a chess match. Of course I would need an extremely bright sub for this, and so far I haven’t met anybody up to the challenge, alas.

9/1/2014 2:42:17 PM
Whenever I see the word “submissive,” I keep thinking it says “subversive.” I kind of like the idea of dating a subversive woman.

8/30/2014 2:33:34 PM
No, I do not own any pink nylon girly-rope. If you want to be tied by me, you will be tied by a man in a man’s rope, jute or hemp, in basic red, black or natural.

8/29/2014 12:36:22 PM
Just my luck I wasn’t born without a heart. Good luck or bad, I’m not exactly sure.

8/18/2014 1:28:36 PM
I have some new photo projects I'd like to get going, if anybody's interested within the SF Bay Area.

8/15/2014 10:33:24 PM
Come on all you pretty ladies who look at my profile but never write: it’s not that hard to send me a few kind words. I’m a smart, unique, friendly guy who just might change your life. Yeah, I’m old, but hey, Age Happens.

8/9/2014 9:42:23 AM
CS appears to be a place that is full of flakes, fakes, and girls who panic at the mere suggestion of turning an online chat into a real-world meetup. I’m extremely discouraged by this place, and am losing hope that it will ever yield any delectable fruit. Isn’t there even just one sexy, intelligent, submissive lady who would like to meet up with me and share ideas, stories, fantasies, gazes, touches, and kinks?

7/30/2014 7:38:52 PM
I may not be the best catch in the world, but I am honest, contemplative, down to earth, have a good sense of humor, and can tie you up so that you are sure to burst with pleasure, so what’s keeping you from saying hi, ladies?

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