Vertical Line


*** IMPORTANT: Due to the strange restriction that professional photos are not allowed here all my photos have been rejected! I will not make bad photos extra for this website (99.8% of the photos here are horribly bad!). Since several fetish photographers are among my friends, I have only professional fetish/sm photos of good quality. I refuse to fall back behind this standard and to show myself in a manner I deem not appropriate. **** I'm intellectual, graduated from university (PhD), travel to congresses allover the world, teach students, often attend theatre and music performances, visit exhibitions and always like conversation on high levels. Some years ago I discovered BDSM; perhaps this was related to my preference for theatre, I just had finished a book about drama. Well, at first I didn't know how to handle it, then I went to a professional dominatrix in order to find out more about myself. I was lucky and so many questions were answered, she introduced me to a new world. Nowadays I am looking not for just BDSM. There should be more connection, atmosphere and compatibility between two persons than just agreeing on a (ed?!) roleplay of one or two hour's length. Not being a friend of standardizations "dom-sub-switch" all I can say is that I enjoy a lot of things in BDSM, often being switch, enjoying both sides where appropriate (not at once). It really depends on the character of the person I am together with.
Also messages to the effect "You should prove how submissive you are by bying me ..." are deleted and the sender blocked. Men, contact me for a list of these cash collector girls. Do not send money or anything to people whom you do not know!
If you write to me messages to the effect "Send me the amount of $XXX to the adress YYY before I even speak to you", then you are at the wrong place in this profile. Unfortunately there are too many liars here. Yes, there are many men hiding behind *stolen* womens' photos here on You think you can collect the quick money from dumb subs, huh? NO!
Please use an English idiom that is comprehensible, should you wish to be understood. Texts that consist only of abbreviations or rare and obscure slang words may sound stylish to some people, but they render any communication useless. It's a shame that I even have to say this! I get the impression that many people here do not want to be understood. Why are you here then? Do you communicate or not?! Ergänzung 16.7.05: Da ich Deutscher bin, spreche ich natürlich auch Deutsch.
And another experience. There are dominants here who request gift certificates and then are unable to write their own email adress correctly. If they use **so**very**little**care** in a matter they claim to be important for them - what will they do with keys of chastity belts, for example? I can only shake my head and ask myself whether I should stay any longer here on One or two of these incidences more and I will run away from here.
There are so called dominants here who want one to send completely naked photos. That is simply very dangerous. I (and others too) never send compromising photos via internet to someone I don't know at all! Photos are fine, we all want to know whom we are talking to, but that kind of photos is only for those one has established trust with!
I have no idea why refuses to publish my photos. They are not vulgar, and I did do an effort to have some nice photos with good aesthetics. Is it true they only take those unsharp, ill-colored amateur webcam-at-home-snapshots? I'm not willing to publish my worst pictures!!