Hello! They say that the Twilight Saga is crap and the only ones that like it are the tweens. Being almost 30 myself, I say that it is the fantasy of most women but they will not admit it. What is more romantic and heart felt then someone that will give up an entirety of happiness just so that you are happy for a couple of decades? Trust me, I see both sides the realist and the romantic, but you can't help but to dream.
10/15/2016 6:37:16 AM
Guess Daddy still wasn't satisfied with girl entry so he gave her another day of doing the same thing just more spanks and longer times. But girl didn't get the message since she wasn't home. Daddy got annoyed that girl didn't do it and now it has been 4 days since he talked to her. Not really sure what is going, girl feels like Daddy just doesn't want her anymore. That he is not happy. Girl just feels that Daddy wants something different then she does. There is probably going to be retribution for putting all this in writing but not like there is any other way for girl to get these thoughts out. 
10/8/2016 6:15:12 AM
Daddy has not been happy with girls entries lately so last week he gave her a whole list of things to do last saturday. This included wearing rope panties all day, playing until girl came twice every two hours, and three separate times having to do 100 spanks on each tit and pussy. She also had to bind her tits for two hours and have a plug in her pussy for two hours
10/1/2016 6:09:18 AM
Another day of the same thing. Daddy is working and so is girl. The weather is finally changing to actual fall weather and girl is loving it. Going to decorate today for Halloween other than that not much to talk about. 
9/24/2016 6:28:23 AM
Daddy is still working a lot and now girl is working more (kind of). There really isn't much to talk about other than the boring everyday things girl does. And not going to waste time talking about how girl is feeling, so guess this is it for today.
9/17/2016 12:09:21 PM
So obviously girl is late writing her post and her punishment is 200 on her tits and pussy 3 times in 12 hours. She was also told today that she seems to have forgotten who and what she is. Namely because she doesn't say good morning to Daddy every day like she use to. She was also told that its not important it is just a routine. It seems like it doesn't matter what girl does but it does matter if she doesn't do it. Girl will get in trouble for not doing things but when she does do it it doesn't mean anything.
9/10/2016 6:13:42 AM
Still a lot going on with work and Daddy is still working a ton. Girl has felt so drained the last few days, maybe it is the weather. All this rain is making her feel extra sleepy. There really isn't much to talk about when all you do is go to work and come home. 
9/3/2016 6:22:13 AM
So there is a lot going at work but not much else. Daddy still works a lot so it doesn't leave much time for chatting. Even though girl understands sometimes it is hard.
8/27/2016 8:45:00 AM
girl is late with her journal today and already knows what her punishment is. Doesn't seem like Daddy has been very happy with girl lately. Maybe it is just in girl's head. Nothing really seems to be going right, just hope that it changes soon. 
8/20/2016 6:40:04 AM
Starting to really look forward to fall and Halloween. Girl loves that time of year. Not much else is going on.
8/13/2016 6:55:18 AM
Another week of work, school, and home. Not much to write about when your life is this boring. Daddy has been busy working so only have a little time in the evening to talk.
8/6/2016 6:33:19 AM
Girl is just tired of acting like everything is ok when it is anything but. There are just times when she doesn't want to pretend any more and be real. But no one wants real, they don't want to no if something is wrong. They want the fake smile and forced joking.
7/30/2016 8:02:28 AM
Girl completely forgot about having to do her journal entry this morning and she was punished for it.  Daddy also made girl take a picture of her naked tit outside in public which is really hard for girl, then she had to redo it. Having to take pictures outside makes girl dirty and sleezy. Not sure what else to write
7/23/2016 5:48:04 AM
Daddy wanted girl to use this journal to write about what she thinks and feels but girl has a hard time telling any one what she is really feeling because it is always wrong. Daddy likes to ask girl what she is feeling during play and every time it terrifies girl. She racks her brain to think what she is suppose to be feeling but girl still doesn't always say what she should. Girl doesn't want to disappoint Daddy but it seems that she usually does when He asks what she is feeling at a particular moment. It would probably be easier if girl knew what Daddy was feeling, or more accurately, what He was thinking.
7/16/2016 6:37:45 AM
Daddy said that girl only has to do a journal entry on Saturdays now. Girl feels really bad, like she let Daddy down. He said that He wanted girl to open up in her entries but it is so hard, especially with all the people that can read it. Girl has a hard time opening up like that anyway but to do it publicly is so much harder. Girl really just wants to make Daddy happy but the entries He really like are the ones that describe what girl had to do for Daddy. Since we don't play every single day it is hard to write about that everyday. 
The last time Daddy had girl do anything was a couple days ago. He was just enjoying teasing girl, making her beat her tits and rub her pussy but not cum. Girl was so wet but Daddy never said she could cum, girl thought about begging after her last 20 minutes of rubbing but Daddy was already asleep. So girl had to go to bed wet and horny with her tits throbbing. 
7/11/2016 8:16:10 AM
Again there isn't much to write about. Daddy and girl don't get to talk much let alone do anything else. Hoping that Daddy is not too angry with girl being late with her entry today. Perhaps there will be more to write about this weekend....
7/10/2016 7:00:35 AM
Not much to write about today, last day of break and have to work tonight. Need to do some stuff around the house too. Other than that not much is going on.
7/9/2016 6:27:24 AM
Here is something girl has never understood, those that say they live a Gorean lifestyle. Have you read the books? The women are slaves, they have no rights and can be killed on a whim. Not sure where you all live but slavery, true slavery, is illegal in almost every country so not sure how you can really say you are a Gorean slave. Also the women in the book serve first and foremost out of fear, not love. They serve and do their best because they can be killed if they don't. Why would a man want a women that is terrified that at any minute he could kill her. It really just doesn't make any sense to girl. She could understand if it was the idea of TPE and even using the kneeling positions but beyond that it really isn't possible. Perhaps it is more of a mindset to do all of the Master's biding without question but their are those that do that without identifying as Gorean. Please feel free to message girl your thoughts on this, she is open to conversation about this and another point of view. 
7/8/2016 6:52:14 AM
There is plenty girl could write about today but most of it is pretty mundane and don't think anyone here would care to read about it. think of something more exciting than just what girl is wanting to do for the day or other stupid stuff that has no relevance to most on this site....
This isn't really exciting but it is something for new subs to think about. Most new, young subs want an Owner. At the least they want a mentor. Girl is all for having a mentor, especially when you are new to the lifestyle, but to limit it only to Doms is a bit short sighted. There is so much that can be learned from subs that have been around for a while. They can give a different perspective on things. Dom mentors can be great but sometimes it takes someone that has been in your position to really understand what you are going through and be able to help. Keep your options open, if a sub wants to help consider letting them. It could make a big difference in the end. 

7/7/2016 6:36:05 AM
Nothing like some good Disturbed to get the morning going :) Probably one of the best bands ever. (Yes, girl is sure some will disagree but to each their own) Going to get some stuff done today starting with a run to the store for some essentials then need to finish mowing (grass is still to wet to cut). Then some housework and big cooking tonight for dinner. Hopefully girl does not get interrupted too much today so she can actually get it all done. 
7/6/2016 6:41:41 AM
Been a very rain day so far, guess it kind of matches girl's gloomy mood. Or it could have caused it. Daddy started a new job so it is changing our routine, girl always hates the adjustment time but there is nothing to do about it but wait. Might be a good day to get some house work done since there isn't much else to do with it raining like it is. 
7/5/2016 6:13:26 AM
Missed yesterday's journal because girl had no internet access. Did have a pretty fun weekend dong fireworks and cooking.  Also off from school until Monday so a perfect time to get other stuff done that  always gets put off. 
7/3/2016 6:27:09 AM
Ever feel like no matter what you do you are going to be wrong?
Maybe there are no right answers sometimes, it is just what will cause less trouble. Girl hates this feeling, it is so much easier to just know what is the right way. Of course in life very little is cut and dry, black and white. There is always the grey area. Even though girl trys to stay away from that area as much as possible she still finds her self there from time to time. 
7/2/2016 6:42:38 AM
Trying to get homework finished up so girl can enjoy the rest of this long weekend. And after girl gets this homework finished she will have a whole week off from school. Yay!! Really going to try to enjoy this week since life could be getting a lot busier after it. Not much else to write about today, need to get things done. 
7/1/2016 6:42:53 AM
Well looks like girl might be in for some more changes. Had an interview yesterday for another job that girl is really interested in. So might be back to having two jobs.  The problem with having two jobs is that it can make it harder to serve Daddy and that really bothers girl. Guess it will just have to be dealt with when the time comes.
6/30/2016 8:08:02 AM
It has been such a long morning and now girl is late with her journal entry. Yesterday Daddy told girl that she will have to beg again to get the pain that she needs. This is so hard, girl knows that she will have to at some point but she is just so bad at it. Girl doesn't think Daddy is ever completely satisfied with how she begs. Guess she will be getting a lot more now though. Maybe girl needs to do some research on it. Do they have classes on how to properly beg? (lol) 
6/29/2016 6:51:06 AM
Daddy liked girl's entry yesterday. It might be because now there is a written account of what happen or, more likely, because He likes when girl tells everyone what she has to do. Daddy likes it when other Doms message girl and want to know what He made her do. That is another reason He wants girl to put pictures of her tortured tits on her, so then people will ask about them. It use to be a little difficult to tell other's what Daddy had girl do but it is getting easier. 
6/28/2016 6:12:09 AM
So yesterday Daddy wanted girl to ask to feel the pain that she needs. This is so hard for girl, think there are a couple reasons. One is that girl doesn't really like asking for anything. It may also be that she feels like she is just being setup to be told no. Daddy loves to tease girl, get her excited for something then leave her hanging for a while. This seemed like another way for Daddy to do this. Finally girl did ask for it, but that wasn't enough, she had to beg. Which she has written before about begging and this time was no different. Finally Daddy gave girl what she was begging for. First, He had her tie her tits really tight, then 100 with a wooden spoon on girl's tits and pussy. But that wasn't nearly enough so Daddy had girl do 100 more on each. By this time girl's tits where red, starting to bruise, and aching. Daddy also had girl use on of her plugs to stuff her pussy full. It is at moments like that girl feels owned..when she is aching and stuffed. But it wasn't done, girl also had to rub her clit but didn't cum and finally girl had to do another 125 on each tit and pussy. There is a picture from last night in girl's profile.
6/27/2016 6:58:55 AM
Well not everything got done yesterday but the most important stuff is taken care of. Only one more week and girl gets a week break from classes, can't wait! There isn't much else to write about right now since not much is going on. It has just kind of been about getting through the daily grind, which of course does not spark the imagination to think of something to write about. On one hand a routine is kind of nice, knowing what is going to happen for the most part. But on the other it is nice for things to get shaken up, to be different. While girl's life is never completely routine it is pretty much the same every day, maybe in a different order some days but still all the same activities. Perhaps during her break from school girl can change things up a bit. 
6/26/2016 9:10:32 AM
Today is one of those days where girl wants to do so much but already have the feeling that not even half of it will get done. Guess some prioritizing is needed then jump in to it. The morning was already ruined so girl really needs to get back on track. Think it is time for some good music and tuning out distractions. 
6/25/2016 8:06:32 AM
Ok, going to try this again, had the entry done earlier than the site kicked girl off and won't let her back. It may have been a good thing since what girl wrote really wasn't that good. 
Here is something that girl touched on in another entry. The sub men on here that message sub females asking if they are dommes or want to practice it. To girl if you put that you are sub in your profile then it means that you are a sub, not a dom. If girl wanted to try it then she would look for a guy. But randomly messaging females to see if they will boss you around is not really the best idea out there. Girl knows that switch profiles are usually discarded but if that is the problem than make two. And for the guys looking for a domme, try typing that into search instead of messaging the first female that comes up. Just a thought. 
6/24/2016 5:17:48 AM

Do you trust other people automatically until they do something to break that trust… or do you reserve your trust until they have earned it?

 This is the journal prompt that girl found today. This is an interesting question because at first girl was thinking that she does trust until there is a reason not to but that is really not the whole truth. In reality girl trusts very few people. But there are very few people that girl really does have to trust. Most people in girl's life are just acquaintances, they are not friends, they are not depended on. Several life lessons have taught girl that most people lie and cheat, they are nice and maybe fun until something really happens then they are gone or they turn on you. It is better to keep your friends circle small, it is one thing to maybe hang out a little with someone but getting close, even on friendship level, can be dangerous. This may make girl sound cynical but it is what it is. Pouring your heart, soul, and time into some one generally ends up poorly. 

P.S.  The journal prompts used are from
6/23/2016 6:49:57 AM
So girl was reading some journal prompts and one asked if you need validation from other subs. Really girl doesn't have many sub friends and so many that message girl are actually guys looking for a domme. Really have no idea why they message subs about being a domme but that is a different entry. Girl did have a long conversation with one sub that was asking questions about he should do. And now girl does have a sub friend on here and it is great to get to talk to her. Just being able to talk is more what girl likes rather than needing validation, she gets that from Daddy. It would be nice to have some more sub friends since girl really has no one to talk to about kink or D/s. There is also a chance of learning from other subs, they don't have to be super experienced either. Sometimes just being able to talk things out can really help. 
6/22/2016 6:45:09 AM
So for some reason girl really wants to have a tiki party. It would be so much fun. Was looking at a bunch of decorations for one yesterday and they are so awesome. The cups and plates and hanging decorations. It probably won't happen but fun to think about. 
Any way, really need to get to the store and work on school. Have a good day everyone. 
6/21/2016 6:53:29 AM
So girl is thinking of redoing her profile a little. Mostly just putting that she has a Daddy and is owned closer to the top. It will either mean that far fewer people will message her because she is taken and no one really wants just friends on this site. Or it will mean that more will message girl thinking they will get some one else's girl. Girl already knows the game, been there done that. Everything is perfect and they say everything perfect until you leave someone for them then it becomes much less perfect and they have less time to spend with you. Everything they promised becomes not possible at the moment and it all falls apart. So if that is your game don't try it with this girl, she is not stupid just because she is a sub. 
6/20/2016 6:44:11 AM
Girl is terrible, she got so wrapped up in her own stuff yesterday that she forgot what day it was. There is no excuse or making up for it. Don't even now what else to say.....
6/19/2016 6:46:32 AM
Well, girl didn't get everything done yesterday so have to finish it today. School is just taking forever, the class is stupid and should not be required. What is the point of something based on theories that are based on theories that are based on theories? None of it can ever be proven or disproven. Really all it is is educated guessing. If someone that has been studying it for 20 years can't put it in a nutshell then there is no way that girl is going to learn it in 6 weeks. This is beyond frustrating. 
6/18/2016 6:37:41 AM
Have a lot that needs to get done today so girl is going to have to focus. A few days of not feeling well has left girl really behind on pretty much everything. But girl finally has some energy and wants to but it to good use. So not going to write much today, instead going to get busy, get caught up, and have time to write something better tomorrow. 
Peace, love and chicken grease :)
6/17/2016 5:49:30 AM
What is wrong with people? Just because this is online they think it is acceptable to be rude and disrespectful? Would you really walk up to a woman that is with her husband in public and tell her she is going to suck your dick? Don't think so. So don't do it on here. Girl understands that many on here are just looking for sex, and that is ok, but don't assume everyone else is only here for that too. It also helps to check your hormones for 30 seconds and read a profile. Just because this is a kinky site it does not mean that all respect has to be thrown out the window. Ok, rant over. 
6/16/2016 5:33:57 AM
Why do people lie? Girl hates being lied to! Once you lie to someone you have broken what ever trust they had in you. Girl used to say that she can get over someone cheating on her faster than if they lied. For girl honesty is one of the most important qualities in a person. Other faults can be dealt with because at least they are honest about it. What's more is some many lies are told over silly things that don't really matter. There is no reason to lie. But it shows girl that they are someone that will lie about anything, and likely will lie often. We, as a society, need to learn to be more truthful. To deal with consequences upfront rather than trying to avoid then. Eventually it all catches up.
6/15/2016 7:02:21 AM
So girl was trying to find something fun to write about and now her time is almost up.  Just need to jump into something......
Well here is a little something. People need to stop making judgments about other relationships. Everyone has a different opinions, different needs, and different situations. Just because it may not be what you would want or how you would do it does not mean it is wrong. Girl would think that in this lifestyle there would be tolerance and understanding since we all are so different. Obviously we are already different from the vanilla world but our difference can go well past that.  
6/14/2016 6:58:56 AM
Not sure what to right today. It is not from lack of thought either, more like to many thoughts were nothing makes sense. So much needs to be done around the house, plus there is some problem with school that girl has to take care of, and homework. At times like this girl sometimes feels silly for deciding to go back to school when she was almost 30. Yesterday though, she got on Facebook and so a post about how some of the most successful people didn't start until they were 30 or older. J.R.R. Tolkien was a professor until he was 35. Morgan Freeman didn't get a role until he was 51. J.K. Rowling was a suicidal, single mother at 29. That is only a handful of the people that it listed but it gives girl hope that she is not to late and that things will work out, she just has to keep plugging along. 
6/13/2016 6:39:15 AM
One thing that really bothers girl about this site or any other where people come looking for kink or BDSM is all the self proclaimed "masters" that think that if a women identifies as a submissive then they should fall at the feet of any one that says they are dominate. Sorry. That is not how it works. Girl is a submissive but also has a brain, knows how to make decisions, and is strong willed. Sure there are those already thinking that girl can't be a sub if all that is true, WRONG. A submissive is not someone that HAS to have someone else make decisions for them. They are not weak. They are not a victim. Submission is a gift, it is given to someone. It is not something taken. It is not because the sub can not function without an owner. When girl follows the orders given by Daddy it is not because she doesn't know what to do or because she doesn't have anything else to do. It is because she respects Daddy, she wants to do as He says, she wants to make Him happy. Girl has gone toe to toe with males all her life, she doesn't have to listen to one now, she chooses to do so. Girl finds joy in serving her Daddy and doing as He says. Those out there that think they are masters or sirs really need to understand other wise all they are ever going to find are the weak females that have never had their own thought to begin with so dominating them means nothing.
Domination starts with the mind.
6/12/2016 5:54:25 AM
Summer has just begun but girl is already looking forward to fall. This weekend has been so hot and humid and it is only going to be more of the same for the next week. Sometimes it is so hot it makes it hard to breath. Girl much prefers fall-the changing leaves, cool weather, the holidays, baking...everything is just better. There should only be a month of summer then 5 or 6 months of fall 😀 The heat is just so tiring, makes everyone lethargic.
6/11/2016 8:42:02 AM
So this entry is already really late and Daddy is REALLY not happy about. Girl's punishment is 150 on each tit! Probably going to have some bruises after that. Going to be even harder since girl is at her family's house and highly doubt Daddy will let her wait til she is home tonight. Really do not want everyone here to hear what girl has to do since that would be a bit awkward. Plus girl always feels so dirty when she does it out. Even though girl hasn't been home she has found time to get some school work done but will still have to finish it at home. Not sure what else to write right now...
6/10/2016 7:02:00 AM
Ever wake up and just not know what to do first? The feeling that almost everything is a top priority? How do you know which one is really the most important? Family is so very important to girl, but so is Daddy and school. Disappointing anyone just kills girl but there are times when choices have to be made. 
6/9/2016 5:30:10 AM
Alright so girl was poking around the Internet and found a journal entry about begging. Girl has been vacillating on whether or not to write about it as it is a difficult subject for her to write about. Begging is so hard for girl, it is not something that she does often if ever. Guess the thought is that if a person does not do it when girl first ask there is no point in begging. This may be the case in the vanilla world but from experience and what girl has read and talked about with other submissives that is not always how it is in the BDSM world. Daddy loves when girl begs Him for certain things and it is always hard. There is an art to begging and it is one girl has not mastered. Begging also leaves a person vulnerable and exposed, this is also not easy especially for girl. The more you beg the more the other person knows how much you want it and the easier it is for them to torment you with it. Daddy seems to be a master at that :)
6/8/2016 6:37:03 AM
OK, so this ties in with what girl was writing about yesterday. Looking at journal prompts last night and one is - Do you automatically show respect to Dominates? How do you determine who to show respect to?
This is almost a two part question because there is real time and there is online. Girl thinks it is easier in real time to determine who should have respect and who shouldn't. If you go to a munch or play party it is easier to see how others are interacting with a person. If everyone recognize a dom as Sir or Madam so and so then it is fairly resonable to assume they have earned that title. Of course for an owned submissive there is whatever rules their owner has given them as to what to call others. For some it could be Sir whatever or it could be Mr. whatever, depending on what the dom feels is appropriate. Online it is a bit harder since anyone can put Master or Sir as there user name even if they have no experience at all. It is also harder because you rarely see how others interacted with them. For girl her general rule of thumb is to be polite to everyone. The title of Sir or any other action that shows respect is earned. So far Daddy has not given any specific rules so girl does what she feels is right. Daddy has read some messages and told girl not to bother showing respect to someone that says whatever it was they said. Girl also has a hard time with those that demand to be called sir after one message, remember, girl doesn't know you from Jack.
6/7/2016 6:41:02 AM
So girl didn't get much done yesterday, didn't even start on school work so that is going to have to be done today.
It is funny to see all the ones on here that talk about how the mental aspect of D/s is the most important but from previous experience they are usually the ones that want a picture after just saying hi. Girl just wishes more people where honest about what they want instead of trying to sound like they think others want. What is even better are the ones that don't even look at a profile, they just send a message. Or they do read the profile but think they can still say whatever they want. If girl says she is with someone then she is and no amount of smooth talking or flattery is going to make her walk away from Him. Just have a little respect people and don't expect everyone to be cheaters.
6/6/2016 7:15:48 AM
So yesterday was kind of a long day, Daddy decided that girl needed to rub her pussy for 10 minutes every hour but not cum. After doing that for a few hours girl just wanted some release but it wasn't allowed. Girl usually isn't allowed to cum after doing something like that but she is always a little hopeful. 
Still trying to find a routine that will actually work, so far no luck really. Getting up earlier might work, early morning is usually really peaceful while no one is up and the world is quiet. Still working on the procrastination too, girl knows it will take some time but since she has really committed to doing something about it girl thinks she is getting a little better. Or at least not as much is being put off so long. The real test will be school work, so easy to put it off. Like right now girl really wants to go color but she should get started on school...
Tonight girl wants to spend some time thinking of topics to write about so it is not such a struggle every day. She knows there are dozens of topics she has thought about writing about but never did, just need to remember them...
6/5/2016 6:53:34 AM
So Daddy has decided He likes it best when girl lays her tits on the counter top before using the wooden spoon on them. So now that is how girl will have to do it every time. Even though girl doesn't want to admit it Daddy is right that it leaves better marks. 
Finding it hard to write today, might just have to hang it up and try again tomorrow....
6/4/2016 6:37:58 AM
There's another world inside of me that you may never see.
There's secrets in this life that I can't hide.
Somewhere in this darkness there's a light that I can't find.
Maybe it's too far away
Or maybe I'm just blind
Maybe I'm just blind
So hold me when I'm here, right me when I'm wrong,
Hold me when I'm scared, and love me when I'm gone.
Everything I am, and everything in me I'll also be the one you wanted me to be.
I'll never let you down, even if I could I'd give up everything if only for your good.
So hold me when I'm here, right me when I'm wrong.
You can hold me when I'm scared, you won't always be there, so love me when I'm gone.
Love me when I'm gone.

Those are the lyrics for the first half of 3 Doors Down's song When I'm Gone. Girl has always loved this song. Yesterday she was listening to it and realized that those words could easily be talking about a D/s relationship. There's secrets in this life that I can't hide.  That is how a lot of people describe it when they know they need a power exchange but are already in a vanilla relationship. So hold me when I'm here, most subs at some point just need their Dom to hold them so they know everything is ok. Right me when I'm wrong, for most subs being punished for doing wrong helps them grow and also eases the guilty of having done something wrong. Everything I am, and everything in me I'll also be the one you wanted me to be. Like how every subs wants to be the best sub they can be for their Dom. Always striving to be better, to discover more about themselves so they can better serve. Girl really does love this song and now it has even more meaning ♥
6/3/2016 6:33:52 AM
So was looking at some journal prompts to help get girl writing today and came across and interesting one. It asks "Do you or are you the type that who needs to be micromanaged? Why or why not?
Girl doesn't necessarily want her whole day planned minute by minute. So many times things change at the last minute and often it is out of girl's control. Instead girl does better if she is given a deadline by Daddy. Like with this journal, it has to be posted by 9 every day. This works because then girl can not keep putting it off but gives her the freedom to do it when she is ready in the morning. Procrastination is probably girl's worst trait. Just the other day she was reading that procrastination often comes from fear of failure. Now girl is not always afraid that she will fail. She has also read that procrastination comes from the thought that the person will not be able to do the task the "right" way so they wait. This is more likely what girl's problem is. That and she often builds up tasks as something that will take far too long so getting started is really hard. When Daddy gives a deadline though girl can usually force herself to get started earlier then she normal would. Of course sometimes it is just because girl hates doing whatever the task is, like laundry. Laundry is the worst and girl often puts it off too long. So, now that girl has put this out there and made it very real, she knows she needs to work on it. Procrastination is not helpful in life or as a sub therefor girl is going to work on at lest minimizing it. One trick she has heard of is setting a timer for just 10 or 15 minutes and starting a project that has been put off, maybe that is a good place to start. 
6/2/2016 6:21:09 AM
Well Daddy was pretty unhappy that yesterday's journal entry was late as you may be able to tell from the new profile picture and the other new picture.  Girl has no desire to have a repeat of that today so just going to start writing and hope something worth while comes out. 
Yesterday girl was also sent out with her tits bound to go to the store and then she had to take a picture of her bound tits outside in the sunlight. Never had to do anything like that before and it was diffidently a test for girl. The whole time she was out she was looking for somewhere that she would be able to take a picture and not be arrested for indecent exposure. Doing tasks in public always makes girl keenly aware of the fact that she is owned. Lucky she did find some place and think Daddy was pleased with the pictures. 
So a random thought to end today. There is a Confucius saying that "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." Girl wonders if that is where they got Dory's mantra of "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...."? Would be pretty funny :)
6/1/2016 7:18:46 AM
So finding it hard to think of something to write about today. And now this is gong to be late and girl will probably be in trouble :( Guess girl can share some good news here, she got a job yesterday, nothing spectacular but it will pay the bills. Don't start until the 8th so girl has a week to start working out a new schedule. It was so much easier when work was really the only thing to worry about going to do or making time for. But it will get figured out like always, at least this job won't require that girl get up at 3 in the morning, yay!

Daddy had girl use a wooden spoon on her tits last night and now they are a little bruised. Not as much as girl thought they would be considering how quickly they turned red and got the little blood marks. Might take a little longer, who knows. Even though or maybe because it left such bad marks girl was so wet, she was hoping Daddy was going to let her play and cum but not yet. 

Well that is all girl can think of today and really need to get this posted
until tomorrow....
5/31/2016 6:41:43 AM
So Daddy did have His girl perform some tasks yesterday and Daddy seemed to enjoy it. It can be so hard to complete some of the tasks when girl is out because she doesn't want to get caught but it seems Daddy loves pushing girl to do more in public. Have to say girl was a little surprised that Daddy didn't have her take a picture yesterday to post on here but sure that will happen soon enough. Girl is still getting a couple comments a day about her pictures and she is never really sure what to say, usualy ends up just being "thank you". One thing that is surprising is how many ask if girl is owned when it says she has a Daddy in her profile and in at least some of the pictures. It is also hard because girl thinks Daddy wants people making comments and sending mesages but also doesn't like when girl is on here too much. Maybe (sorry) it is just because if girl is on here then she is not getting other things done?
5/30/2016 6:55:54 AM
Daddy had girl post another picture on here, it can be seen in girl's pictures. Daddy likes the pictures the best when girl is marked as His property. Today Daddy has given specific instructions about what girl is to wear which is a first. Have a feeling He is going to have girl do at least a few things that will make her nervous. Guess as long as no one around girl can see what she is doing it will be ok but still makes girl nervous. Not sure what else to write today and need to start getting ready for a cook out today, tomorrow will probably be a longer entry.
5/29/2016 12:05:39 PM
So Daddy wants His girl to start writing a journal entry everyday starting today. Today is suppose to go back the last three days...a little hard since girl doesn't keep track of days very well :)   Not much has really been happening except that the other night Daddy let girl touch herself but the big surprise was that He let girl cum, a lot. It was awesome since girl kind of needed, she diffidently slept better that night! Girl always likes it when Daddy surprises her with something like that.
Girl has a feeling she is gong to have to start posting more pictures on here too since Daddy likes it so much. The only thing is that girl hates pictures but its not up to her....Daddy likes it and considering that girl is getting more messages now it would seem so do other males on here.  
Also wondering if this means Daddy wants to get more serious about how much control He has over girl. It could just be that He is curious what she will write about and if others will read it and comment. Guess time will tell. 
Well, girl just got a message on her and since she is waiting for a reply from a message Daddy had her send she is going to go read it...more will be coming :)
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