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New information:  Its with great regret that I must step back from the bdsm lifestyle for at least six months or longer to address some medical health issues.


I will not be responding to any new emails until I do get things back on track.  One of the things that I pride myself bringing the best to any new relationship.



I will still be checking in here online to read new journals etc.   Take care and everyone enjoy their journeys.



Madame Diva

You know what will be really cool for a change?

Receiving my first email from an honest, intelligent sub/slave who opens up the conversation, by telling Me about his/her skills in service first and how this can have an positive impact upon my life.  For example he's an professional masseur,and he can offer deep tissue massages for those days when the stress level is high.

I guess, that's too much to hope for.

Madame Diva
Wondering if there are any un-collared, available, honest, intelligent, white female slaves/subs in Tennessee/Nashville area?
January 24, 2009

Don't put off for long that what you believe will add beautiful music to your life.   I just had that experience wanting to wait to just the right time, for this, for that and missing everything in the end.

When you have the opportunity to dance, don't sit it out.    DANCE !!

I have just missed out on the perfect dance partner for myself.

TRUST encompasses honesty, communication and respect.  Its essential for safe, sane and consensual play. Its the cornerstone of D/S PLAY.

That small paragraph is worth the reading and remembering!

  2008 - New Year with all types of possible great things to happen, make happen or create.

Lifestyle Dominant - a person who is assertive and in control of her relationships both inside and outside of the bedroom.  Enough said!!

Hope everyone is enjoying our summer weather!

The newest thing that I would like to add to my online journal here is this:

Until further notice I'm not seeking, looking for a sub/slave at all!    The only thing I would be interest in is meeting at a local dungeon for possible practice on a willing body.

I have some projects that I need to be done around the home.  I will supply the materials, I just need the right slave/sub to supply the knowledge along with the manual labor necessary.

I need a good carpenter to do moulding work around the ceiling, and also to put on wasitcoat board in the lower half of a bathroom.

Need a good carpenter to put in two mantels over existing gas fireplaces.

Another handyman who does excellent tile work, for tiling in a garden tub, and tile work underneath the kitchen cabinets.

So all of you subs/slaves that get a thrill on providing *service work* to a Domme send me an email, telling about your skills.

Serious replies only.

Seriously seeking a sub/slave male who is a very good handyman or master carpenter.   Or he is does good tile work.


Wonder if has ever thought of adding Hall of Fame addition here; where we could post all the id names of the fakes! So Doms/Dommes wouldn't waste their time.


Taking a time out from, it seems to have become too much the playground of the online liars.

Do not contact ME!

Madame Diva

12/8/05-What I'm seeking: Desirable qualities I seek in a slave:Obedient, sincere, intelligent- a thinking slave. Plus his ability and mine to make a good emotional connection. A slave who has learned the *The fine Art of Seduction of the Domme*.
An exchange of gifts, you are giving me your mind & body as My personal playground. your gift is not one-sided I'm giving you a gift also, the gift of Dominance.

I require a responsive partner, not a blob who just sits, stands, emotionless, offering up no signs, no body language not giving me anything at all!

Also seeking My 1st female to dominate! I have been told by many to seek out a lesbian slave that they know how to treat a Domme right.

Let me just take a brief moment out, and let you know what I'm seeking:

First of all, I'm searching for a *Pleasure Slave*, one who has been trained, or willing to be trained in the fine arts of providing erotic pleasure.

If he possess massage skills... whether thru actual doing or professional.... that's a very major plus in his standing.

Next if he is bless to be well endowed or very well-endowed another heavy plus in his standings.

He also has to be intelligent, emotionally available, trustworthy and accomplished in his vanilla life, along with enjoying culture things, including traveling, dancing, attending live theatre as my escort.