Vertical Line


Due to a personal issues, I am taking a little break.  I will be checking in but just not up to playing right now my heart hurts.

So you would like to know a bit about me, hmmm lets see, I'm a leo & a redhead. If you care about height, weight and/or age then we don't need to be talking as I don't think that they are of any value in getting to know someone. Can you tell I can be a tad bit opinionated? Or could it be I actually believe in getting to know someone without preconceived ideas of what they look like you find the nicest surprises in places you wouldn't think of looking in. (Think about it)

Currently located in lovely Southern Calif

I'm a Dominant and as most of us are I'm in search of that "one". I've been in the lifestyle as a Dom for over 10 years now & came up as a friend tells me "the old fashioned way" I have been a bottom, a sub & a slave. (With all of that I have over 20 years of experience). 

I am looking for friends, maybe another sub but it will have to start with friendship first.  I believe that I have much to learn and to share and enjoy learning and sharing with others. 

Please don't think that you can only write me if you are looking for a Dom I enjoy chatting with just about anyone and everyone as I feel that much that is wrong in this world can be solved with a little conversation.


Just so all you lovely subbies who have written lately know a one word e-mall is not going to get my attentiion, it's not going to get you a reply, while I think it's great you want to say hi to me, you need to give me a bit more, communication is a two way street one word is not communicating if you can go to the trouble of reading my profile etc you can write an e-mail that will make me want to continue getting to know you.

On the same note, being from outside of the US and promising me your loyality and devotion if only I will help you come to the US is not going to work either-if you truly want to come here and serve me then you need to figure out how to get here yourself . 

To those who wish to chat-I cannot get the chat feature to work. I do have yahoo and if asked nicely might decide to let you chat with me via that.

In response to the mail I've been getting lately (way to many people who don't read profiles I guess)

I am not looking for a Master (we now return you to your regularly scheduled program)

Well it's been a very long time since I've written here and I need to update my profile but that will happen when I have more time.  I am still searching for a sub and ideal would be someone that my partner and I could share.  A heavy duty pain slut would be something we could have alot of fun with. If you are interested please drop me a note (more than one line please) and lets chat.