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Hetero Male Master, 58,  Maidenhead, berks, United Kingdom
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 Dominant Male

 Maidenhead, berks 

 United Kingdom

 6' 2"

 170 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women


 Exhibitionism (Expert)


 Card Games


 Fine Dining


 Blindfolds (Beginner)

 Body Worship (Beginner)

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 Medical Play

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 Online Chatrooms

some days are diamonds................................

some aren't!

if you contact me, please tell me why and how you decided to. i also like to know exactly why people view my profile, and a polite indication why, from ladies, will be appreciated!! .................
i only wish to talk with those that can and do read! obviously, those that wish to do all manner of disgraceful stuff with me, and are easy on the eye, will be subject to a later filtration process, pretty on the inside comes first (although horny attractive dunces may well ease through the selection process and be given some latitude)

i that desires to please me, no slave, although that might be pleasant, but a sub woman that wants to do whatever for me, after negotiation, with the assurance that what they need from me, they will get, because that will please me also. if you are just looking for a wife-beater that treats you badly, i would struggle to play that role. i won't hurt or humiliate just because i can, but only because you desire or deserve it!! i want to see in the eyes of mine that what i am doing, or what they are doing, we are doing because it is wanted, by both.
i am content should someone successfully pretend they will do that and i will accept temporary arrangements, with no strings attached, on a "sale or return" basis!!!

if i have a particularly firm requirement, it would be an interest in exhibitionism on some level from my woman! details, and the level of exposure can be discussed, but some level of that requirement must be negotiable. understand that please, as it floats my boat.

WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You doNOThave my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.

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Journal Entries:
3/11/2016 8:55:25 AM
i like this girl;

11/26/2015 8:00:02 AM
wiltsgirly is yet another one, Morganslut is another one,  pollykettle is one, sorrylittleamy is another one, the dumbfuck can't even spell (moronic spelling is another red flag for this guy mostly among the new users section) there are many others. he fills the new user list daily, and is fairly easy to spot. he will eventually kill this site, and is a sorry little cunt.

11/25/2015 8:26:40 AM
Vdbc2 is one of the latest fakers on here. he likes to pretend to be a sub woman, and makes new profiles just about every day. feeble little cunt, imho.

7/13/2015 7:33:24 AM
there still appear to be a large number of fakes and fakers on here! generally, if your "wants" are just too indiscriminate, i am probably not interested, as long lists including some kind of catchall "anybody, no matter their sexual persuasion" just smells of desperation or confidence trickster.

5/5/2014 9:37:29 AM

it's funny how one can hold a promising conversation here, only for it to evaporate mysteriously, along with a profile, for no apparent reason?

3/11/2014 2:38:01 AM

when keeping an eye on the "new users list" (women anyway, i don't look for men) i see there are 4 or 5 new joiners everyday - usually using extreme implications in their sketchy profiles - that don't visit the site (when compared to the "currently on" list!


this suggests to me that it is the same mentally crippled moron faker constructing more thuggish and dangerous traps for the unwary to step into. i sort of wonder why admin don't jump on the little dicked weirdo, because i pity any naive that might be sucked in by whatever the faker (i think it is one prolific one, but it might be more) offers?

2/18/2014 7:22:27 AM

around 30% (in my opinion) of the "new users" listed every week, turn out to be the same illiterate tosser faking new profiles! were i admin, i would ban the inconvenient little shit, as he is primarily responsible for much of the dissatisfaction here.

1/21/2014 3:13:00 AM

few read these anyway! there seem to be more fakes here than there were.

11/4/2008 4:50:45 AM
anybody want to do my laundry?

7/17/2008 2:27:45 AM
love is the illusion that the one you loved is different.
it is just an illusion!
i respect loyalty more than anything else, and mine has been shit on once too often.

7/1/2008 3:31:08 PM
a bank robber pulled his balaclava up by mistake and said to the cashier...............
"did you see my face?" the cashier said "yes",  and the robber shot him through the head.      he turned to the hostages and said "did any of you see my face?"     one guy raised his hand, and the robber shot him in the head!         
he slowly turned to the rest and said "did anyone else see my face?"      
there was a deathly silence for a minute or two, until one guy at the back said.......................        

"my wife might have caught a glimpse!!"

6/18/2008 8:58:05 AM
nothing i care to share, currently!

2/29/2008 2:37:46 AM
nothing to report. yet!

7/23/2007 10:15:35 AM
nothing occurred to me today! except that, i wonder why so many people are seriously rude to so many people that they have never met, and are never likely to, on their profile? when they shake hands with others at a function, do they say "hello, are you a whanker/moron/knowitall?" if they do, i should imagine they don't get invited back to many functions! now i have to go read my own profile, and omit all rudenesses!!
addendum; fortunately there were none!

7/20/2007 3:24:01 AM
a short reality check, for the few ladies that have commented to me that i am "lying about my age". 
point one; 
it is a device i am using to appear on more search results, and it isn't a lie if indicated prominently in the first line of my profile! 
point two; 
some of those that have commented/complained about that, i notice, have not included their weight on their own profile!  this indicates to me that they are ashamed of their weight, and just a tad hypocritical.  i am proud of my age, which is fortunate, as i can do little about it.   weight, however is a different matter.   male or female, if you have to lift your gut to see your genitals, you eat too fucking much of the wrong food, and you don't exercise enough.  humans do not photosynthesize!!
to put on a stone in weight, you have to eat more than a stone of food!! glands and "big bones" are bollocks. i am prepared to wager that a 20 stone womans skeleton weighs very little more than a 15 stone woman!!
do not critisise me for mis-stating my birthdate when my age is clearly stated, if you don't have the cojones to put your weight on your profile.
do not misunderstand me, i have nothing against chubby girls, but they ain't got the right to get on any high horse if they mislead by omission on their own profile.

7/12/2007 5:09:04 AM
a duck walked into a pub; and asked the barman for a quick pint, as he only had 20 minutes for lunch.
the barman said " if you don't mind me saying so, we don't get many talking ducks in here"

the duck said "look, mate, i told you i only had 20 minutes for lunch, i'm working on the building site over the road, i want a quiet pint and no conversation, alright?"

the barman said "ok, no problem"

the duck drank up and went back to work, the barman rang his friend, who owned a circus, and told him about the talking duck. the circus owner asked him to offer him a position in the circus if he came in again.
next day, in came the duck,
"pint of beer please, no conversation, thanks, i've only got 20 minutes for lunch before i have to be back on the building site again"
the barman said
"well, ok, but i had a word with a friend of mine last night, he runs a circus, and would like to offer you a job"
the duck said
"a circus? is that sort of a large tent thing, made out of canvas, with clowns and entertainment?"
the barman said
the duck said

"what the fuck would he want a bricklayer for then?"

7/11/2007 7:15:27 AM
that was an interesting conversation last night, with an honest viewpoint shared, and me being the recipient  was highly appreciated.   maybe flippancy isn't always the right way?  having said that, i flatter myself that i consider all possible courses of action, then plough on regardless of my conclusions as i rarely make a mistake i didn't mean to make!!

7/10/2007 2:59:38 PM
hmm, another nice person!
i is a babe magnet!!
i are going to do more of this conversation malarkey!!!!
it is your mind i am really interested in (after i have shagged you bandy, obviously)!!!!

7/10/2007 11:47:17 AM
advice to the naive; if you are sucking a cock, saying "don't come in my mouth, will you" is exactly the wrong thing to say!
try "i like to see the come spurting out of your cock" or "come on my tits/belly/arse, please" as those requests are likely to be met, and you will get less in your eye!!
also, just to fuck up lots of blokes sex life, if the guy you just sucked off won't kiss you afterwards, you are a complete idiot if you ever suck his cock again in your entire life, harhar.

7/10/2007 10:47:18 AM
hmm, another favourite returns. maybe i am just too nice? while it is appreciated that people return to see me, i must be doing something totally witless if they don't lust after me enough to consider a closer friendship, or want to suck my cock, or at least want to meet me! perhaps i should have some photos done in lederhosen and a stupid hat, a la village people! i shall now implore all those females that read this to give me advice on being more irresistable. being "not like other men" isn't hugely successful just at the moment. i would prefer to be beating admirers off with a stick, if i am honest, than welcoming them back for polite conversation whilst they are sucking someone elses cock! no offence intended, of course!!

7/8/2007 3:58:07 PM
life is going reasonably well, currently, some promising things are happening. i don't post about the now stuff, or even recent stuff, but fond or not so fond remembrances of things long gone, regretted or fucked up by me or circumstances. i stopped going to bukkake events after i felt that they were less enjoyable due to the fact they became money making ventures. i have never used a prostitute, i think that is fairly rare in a man! i am also highly concerned about std's nowadays, as they weren't a big factor when it was a quick trip to the clinic, and a short course of tablets (i have only been once to a special clinic, and that was a false alarm, and i found that chat-up lines didn't work in the waiting room!) and i don't have indiscriminate sex, or casual sex, but require empathy before sticking my cock in unfamiliar women, no matter how good looking. i will come on tits on a first date, if we are getting on well, but not inside the restaurant!!
i will be in control, and i will do stuff my way. 

7/8/2007 3:44:11 PM
while i do peruse the message boards, and participate, i am stunned sometimes at how they are much like the crappier womens magazines problem pages. why the fucking hell do seemingly otherwise sane and intelligent people ask for opinions from fuck knows who, along the lines of "my partner wants to brand me, do you think this means we have a future together?" sweet christ almighty, if you need to ask opinions of others on here (and then say trite shite like "i have learned so much on here") you probably shouldn't be allowed on the fucking internet.

7/5/2007 4:33:44 PM
getting to know people, that is a very difficult thing to get right! while i think i have good instincts, i have blind spots like anyone else. sometimes it's easy to spot a wrong'un, often it isnt, as has been proved to me many times over the years! even if you get a good'un, so many times the thing that attracted you in the first place, becomes the thing that gets on your tits the most in a short while. what you have to work out is, whether it really matters or not? as someone once said "love is the illusion that someone is different to all the others!"!!

7/3/2007 4:00:32 AM
gentlemanly discretion precludes me giving details of a recent meeting, and the ensuing result. but it was exceedingly interesting and promising. i like damp labia, and those were damp, and i liked them!

6/26/2007 8:03:59 AM
i shall be stepping through the scary this week, i hope.............
we shall see what we will see.            maybe i will post another episode from my colourful past sometime soon. one of the exhibitionism ones, maybe! there is written porn further back in my journal, it depends how nosey you are, really.

6/20/2007 3:54:19 AM
some interesting profiles on here, sometimes i just wander through them. there are some i would cross the road to avoid, and some i would swim the channel to meet, however, i am not so naive as to think that those that are superficially interesting are actually as rivetting as they say they are, or seem to be! i communicate with some that are delightful, and some that are curt, but i wonder if, on a personal level, one might get on better real life with ones that one might not get on with webwise, or the converse? the more i know the more i need to know, i think. lets hope i live long enough to find out all i need to know.

6/19/2007 3:40:30 AM
a favourite returns to my list, how nice is that?
a privilege, indeed, to communicate with one that is pretty on the inside, as well as pretty on the outside! rare, indeed, is that combination.
fakers fuck off, anyone genuine is welcome to get in touch, although males, i am afraid, go straight into the bulk mail folder.

6/18/2007 1:27:42 AM
it's interesting, sometimes, to reprise the profiles of those that posted a couple of times then disappeared. they seemed genuine, and often delightful, then fade away? were they fake or fantasists, and does one ever find out. one was a particular disappointment to me, because she made my heart sing. perhaps she just got cold feet?

6/11/2007 8:56:42 AM
i shall talk about porn, today, as many aspects of D/s are involved in that! i have seen crappy porn and good porn and gross porn, but although one mans meat is another mans poison, i often wonder why so many porn films try to pretend the camera is a non-presence? most of the good stuff i have collected over the years has involved genuine and enthusiastic  performing for the camera lens (sometimes specifically for the man behind the lens, but seeming as if they were performing for the viewer) and by and large the good amateur stuff is best in my opinion. i hate that fucking shitty max hardcore stuff, i like spit and sperm all over my women as much as the next guy, but not mixed with tears and regret. i shall try to find a permitted way to provide links to what i consider great porn, for discussion by any that read my journal!

6/10/2007 7:52:24 AM
i am returned from the seaside! knobs of all kinds are not welcome thanks. if you are honest, post to me, if you aren't, fuck off please. life is too short (but it's too long for the saddos and fakers) in my humble opinion!!

6/1/2007 11:33:45 AM
i am on holiday, for a week, please queue in an orderly fashion, as i may not be able to get to a pc. no squabbling, and no pushing in!

6/1/2007 3:29:52 AM
in the event that you disagree with what i say, i am forming a steering committee to discuss the possiblity of arranging a meeting to frame the rules for a quorum to decide on a date for the consideration of your point of view.
you are not on that committee!

5/31/2007 2:02:26 AM
alas, the really nice ones are often too far away!
pretty on the inside shines through from some, and if they are pretty on the outside as well, so much the better!!    
many good wishes to all those that are pretty on the inside!!!

5/29/2007 3:32:13 AM
final instalment of my first gang bukkake (loose definition of gang being more than 6-10) the others in the series are further back=====>

just impressions, really now, extracted from the more hazy memories of that evening. the subgirl was presumably under orders to be as active as possible, as periodically throughout the evening i saw her being fucked by 3 guys once and watched by many while doing so, with another couple fucking on a mattress by her side, and germangirl came into another side room, with her bloke, and invited by hand actions to place their dicks in her mouth, an offer taken up by quite a jostling throng, it was darker in this room, and details obscured, but i just watched for while (her bloke asked if she was ok there, with all the jostling, and she hummed assent and nodded, with a brown cock in her mouth- i like a hummer- and many others being rubbed against her) and he moved away, back into the main room. i moved away with him, me naked and slightly chilly now, but i wasn't going to put on my clothes with all that sperm around! subgirl was there on her knees with many guys around her, sucking cocks in turn in a kind of frenzy, with her bloke taking pics, and there was a golden moment when he said, quietly in the bustle of it all;
"dee, look at me!" and she did, with spunk running down her body and one cock in either side of her mouth, with an intensity that was very impressive as he took another picture (my knob was in the shot, and no doubt still on the net somewhere, as are some from other events, i kept some for a while on my old pc, from this and other events in other times) and maybe i shall do some searches for it....  
as i glanced up, mostly just to see who was watching my cock now getting it's turn in subgirls very slippery mouth (a little too furiously and fast for my taste, personally) i spied scarymary from the door (the one i had vowed to stay away from) looking at our particular scene (there were others, similar, going on in the main room, and several couples just watching the action and stroking each other) and she walked into the room that germangirl had just left. i disengaged from the too furious stuff, and followed her! she removed her skirt and bra and climbed onto the bed and had decided to partake, but on her terms, as i heard her tell some of the probably 15 guys crowding frantically around her to back off a little, or she would call a halt. i climbed upon the bed away from the crowd, and crouched between her feet, spreadeagled, and admired her body and appearance, she had jet black hair, totally white body and jet black horn rimmed glasses, but had kept her panties on, from which i inferred that her cunt was off limits, but i stroked, gently, her white thigh as she glanced round at all the dicks surrounding her and being thrust at her breasts (very fine and very white) and i started playing with my cock as she started sucking some of the cocks. i was probably one of the few there that wasn't too impatient or too intrusive, as i was content just to watch this slightly scary looking librarian type girl receiving some fairly ugly knobs, and she looked into my eyes as i wanked with my right hand, and kept my left hand on the top of her thigh, almost at the damp bit, but not quite, and she removed the current cock from her mouth and said, to me, only!!
"make it hard, for me, i like to see the spunk coming out!" and that, i am afraid, was just too much for me, and i spurted till it hurt, all over her legs and she smiled. i'd like to say more happened, but it didn't. i had done and seen enough, and had no wish to spoil any illusion that for that brief moment my cock, me and my sperm were the most important things in that small room filled with frantic bodies, to her. she turned back to the other dicks, and i slid off the bed, located my clothes and dressed, pausing only to answer a very incongruous enquiry from one of the bouncers wandering around in full black rig circulating the room and weighing up the action, who said
"everything alright, sir?" i mumbled "yes thank you" as i pulled my pants on, and rather wished he hadn't asked at that moment. then i left.

5/28/2007 4:52:21 AM
to the fakers that contact me, i do hope you get some really nasty diseases before you die, screaming!

5/25/2007 4:08:30 AM
to the nice girls that have contacted me, thank you very much!.........
the ruder stuff is further back.

5/23/2007 3:26:11 AM
maybe in real life, one needs to be more upfront about ones inclinations! why fuck about for months on the net, hoping for one of the right ones to collide with you, and then hope they have the nerve to approach you in some way that is acceptable to them, and their sensibilities.
if you tell everyone what you like, even if it is shagging road kill, eventually someone that shares your roadkill shagging interests  will let you know that they are secretly interested as well, but haven't had the nerve to talk about it before with anyone!!....... anyway, i don't like shagging roadkill, but i do like a mainly obedient female, that mainly likes to do what they are told, and wants to do what they are told, by me!!!
we will talk about what they like to be told, and how they like to be told, after we start talking, so speak up, and speak up now. seize the day, because tomorrow doesn't happen for some people!!

5/21/2007 7:15:18 AM
3rd instalment of my attendance of  my first ever gang bukkake event, the other 2 episodes are somewhere back in the journal---->...................................

pretty german girl and the sub i have wanked over before lay on the dais, with skirts pulled up and kissing head to head, while fondling one another. cue general crowding around and removal of trousers by the throng of guys, most hanging back a little (nobody wanted to be first, including me, lest someone shout "april fool" and start pointing and laughing) but both girls were by now looking around and beckoning some of the guys over, while their heads were hanging over the edge of the "stage" and they were licking their own and each others lips.
one of the braver or hornier guys sashayed over with his trousers round his ankles (not easy to do, that, it's a bit like being in a chain gang, or a sack race) rubbing a fairly average cock furiously, until he sprayed sperm all over the subs face, and germangirl licked and spread the stuff all over the subs face, then another, with trousers removed and pants lowered to knees (looked a lot easier to walk like that, so i resolved to take a leaf out of his book on my turn) more spunk, but a little more evenly distributed between the two girls faces, then two guys from opposite sides splattered both girls (and each other a little, i noticed, deciding i would watch a little while longer, while the eager bad aimers scattered it everywhere) and i moved down to the other end of the stage and watched the girls fondling each other as more and more guys removed their kit and donated spunk to their faces and eager mouths! an excellent vantage point, with little fear of "friendly fire" too! time i thought about joining in, as i didn't want to be last almost as much as i didn't want to be first!! trousers off, and socks too, there is fuck all less glamorous than naked guys with socks on, so everything but my best pants were jettisoned in a secluded corner, and i resumed my place, labia side (i like labia, i think i mentioned that before) and the girls by now had legs all akimbo, and were being smothered facially in sperm, nicely. i did a brief reconnaisance, and about half the eager guys had done their bit, and about 30 remained, my estimate was that 10 of those wouldn't take part, so it was approaching my optimum moment, and i rubbed my dick as i rolled my trunks down my thighs, glanced around the room (noticed gorgeous girl from the door watching me wanking, pretty horny that) and started a slowish build-up while i waited for a gap, as i didn't particularly want competition as i spurted...........
carpe diem!! a slot fell open and i swaggered up the sharp end (don't stub your fucking toe, stupid, you've got no shoes on) hips thrusting, wanking faster, shuffling on tip-toe i got to germangirls face with moments to spare, and she glanced up into my eyes, with face and breasts and throat covered in her share of 15 guys sperm, and she smiled with an open mouth as i splashed what felt like 4 buckets of come on her tongue, chin and throat, but was probably only about twice what i usually produce in my private moments!! i had a moment to appreciate the beauty of my spunk being shared by germangirl and the sub as they locked lips on my sperm, and the moment was gone as some other oaf ambled up and i had to vacate my position for fear of ricochets, but i swaggered round the blunt end, labia side again, and watched more donations from the others, a little more coolly now i was out of the spotlight!!!  mine was, incidentally, very definitely not the smallest cock there, i was pleased to notice. i tucked it away, for now, in my best white trunks (a mistake, as it happens, because while i thought i was completely empty, there was seepage, so i wandered over to my clothes stash, removed said trunks, and stuck them in my shoe. i wandered back naked, and i wasn't alone, as some of the more experienced hands were now doing stuff i hadn't thought of, and they were all completely naked. i decided that in the same circumstances in future i would be naked, or wear a t-shirt, as aesthetically that was a better look than some of the rest with baggy pants and socks on. the action was by now more sporadic, so i thought i would wander up to the shower area for a wash and brush-up. there was more stuff going on in the other rooms, so i got a cold drink, still naked, but so were many others and i didn't feel out of place. modesty after 70 people have watched you wanking is a slight waste of time!!  as i came out of the kitchen, germangirl got up and made for the showers, she was smothered in sperm, and smiling, so i followed her into the shower room, fascinated, and another guy in there touched the sperm on her face, so i moved closer and said "thank you" and watched the sperm roll down her chin, then hang there, so i stroked her slippery face, and she smiled at me again (she spoke no english, i later found out) and it was an amazing feeling to slide my fingers around on her cheek and watch the slippery coating gloop down towards her neck, i would have liked to have done more, perhaps, but i was worried about seeming too weird, so i left her to her shower, while i checked out the other rooms. this was "eyes wide shut" with real sperm and less glamorous surroundings, but i was not going to miss out on anything interesting!!
more in episode 4, when i feel like it.

5/17/2007 2:14:16 AM
occasionally, one gets very pleasant posts in ones inbox. maybe it's better to get a few good messages a week than 500 pics of knobs!!!........
wait a minute, theres no "maybe" about it!!............
hello to nice people, everywhere, no knobs, or fakers, or whiners,  please.

5/15/2007 4:26:11 AM
2nd instalment of scary first gang bukkake event (maybe you need to read the other one first, it's back there -> somewhere!) and it's more about stepping through the scary in spite of ones misgivings.
sometimes horny trumps caution, and sometimes life is better for it!
                                                   through the door i step, past the 2 purty gurlys by the door (one exactly what i would have ordered, had i been ordering, the other one sort of goth librarian -jet black hair, severe rimmed glasses, a fascinating look, but not at all frilly or compliant in my opinion, i resolved to stay well away from her) she was just too scary looking! room impressions - like a dance hall, high ceiling, bit cold and i hope my knob doesn't shrink anymore, i couldn't bear it if mine was the smallest here, my bollocks are almost internal now, and i can taste the fear a little.
rules on the wall = i can't remember them now, but reasonable, 2 beds in the middle of the room, chairs around the edge and 60 guys lounging like wallflowers at a 60's dance, all trying not to look at each other (many didn't look like they had made much effort at getting dressed up in their best clothes)! a leather swingy fucky chairy thing hanging from the ceiling at the far end of the room. i swagger down to look at it as if i completely belonged there, but my throat was as dry as a penguins colon. on the way i remember thinking "if you look at that fucky swing too closely, everyone watching will know you never saw one before!" so i veered off to one of the partioned off rooms (there were 5, where photos were not allowed) one was a cinema - porn on big screeen - one a shower suite (thats handy, and a very good sign) with toilets, one a small kitchen with soft drinks and no alcohol - which was good, because i would have drunk whatever was there at that time!! the other 3 were just beds in a room, one of which was big enough for 10 people - decided to avoid that if possible, too much chance of contact with damp dangly bits, i am content with brushing against anything female, damp or not, but all dicks bar mine are unattractive to me. glance at my watch, and use that subterfuge to fake squint at it, and take in the entire large room and it's occupants, 5 females and 60 guys, mostly just waiting, resolve to hide my wallet and car keys inside my shoes, and my clothes well away from any flying sperm!!
the door crashes open, and a guy i know, dave (i have come on his girlfriends face in the past, she is a sub, and pretty enough, but with a boob job that is too sticky-outy to be attractive - i like small tits, with perky nipples, and they should lie flatter when girls lie on their backs, not stand up too round like xmas puddings) and said sub enters, along with another couple, small and german, she pretty with short "mia farrow" type hair and him short and not pretty, with a gnomes beard!
dave apologises for lateness, and announces the purpose of the evening - as much come as possible on the faces of the two girls he has brought with him, pictures to be taken, no faces shown, to be posted on their website. tattoos would be edited out (i had already done this, as my undeniably mine and unique arm tattoo had already nearly appeared on the web, so i had stuck a huge plaster over it, i wasn't looking forward to removing it, as i had forgotten to shave my arm in the rush to apply it!) while the announcements were being made, the girl at the door that was just fabulous, i noticed, was sitting 2 seats away from me talking to a guy, and i waited till the conversation lulled, slid in with an "excuse me, are you taking part this evening?"
she smiled and said "no, i don't do that"
i am ashamed to say, unfamiliar with the ettiquette in this situation, i completely omitted to follow up with "right, what do you like to do, then?" i will regret that, forever!

maybe another instalment another day. don't be strangers, those that like me, and my tale, get in touch if you are nice, don't if you aren't!!

5/14/2007 3:47:05 AM
i have met some really nice people on here, so far, and i can't help wondering if i would have thought the same thing about them if they had been introduced to me at a social occasion. the nice ones shine out through their reactions, but maybe those reactions would have been different if in a social situation?
maybe a profile should be stitched to peoples lapels at all functions, as first impressions from appearance only can be very misleading!

5/13/2007 3:00:22 PM
i am returned! i must now wade through the thousands of requests to fulfil my whims, and sift out the undesirables. my criteria must obviously remain secret to me, but i can give hints to those that ask for them.          
          oh, and they must have a vagina they were born with!

5/12/2007 12:00:45 AM
i am engaged, currently, by my requirement to hit lots of bad shots round a golf course, badly. i shall return!

5/9/2007 6:01:12 PM
i shall try altering my age for a while on my profile, as i still feel like a 19 year old! regrettably, they are hard to come by at my real age!!!

                 i wouldn't like them anyway, just too shallow and stupid, at 19 i had no idea just how much i didn't know. now i am just starting to realise how much i still have to learn. it should be an interesting experiment!

5/9/2007 4:48:52 AM
when it is over, it does not matter whose fault it was!

........................................................someone said that to me once! kind of hard to argue with.

5/8/2007 1:52:09 AM
some time ago i lived with a woman that absolutely, positively loved to go to sleep after sex while holding my softening, sticky and glistening cock after coming inside her, in her mouth, and gently lapping like a lapping squishy fluttering flapping thing. it is one of my most fond and enduring memories of any woman i have had any sexual contact with in my entire life, and my dying thought may be of that one thing and that lady! it was so good, apart from feeling purty, because she really, really wanted to do it, and asked me if she could, every time, and said it was her "favourite thing!" i fucked it up, of course, and we no longer see each other, but if and when i ever speak to her again, even in a crowded room, i will tell her just how much i really, really liked it too!!
when she asked if she could do it, i remember saying stuff like, "oh, go on then" or "ok", when i should have said "yes. please. that would really, really please me"!       
we all are careless, sometimes, and i am sorry i was then.

5/8/2007 12:53:08 AM
i think, that although i am seeking, my opinion is that the one i am seeking will find me! to that end i am on display, if you will, in the hope that the one will get in touch with me, maybe along with others that please me, and i please them. i will talk to those i like, and ask for what i want.

5/7/2007 4:23:16 PM
i am returned! i shall resume (if i feel like it) tomorrow, perhaps.

5/5/2007 11:11:46 AM
i am away from my pc, currently, but shall return. asap.

5/4/2007 2:35:40 AM
went to first munch. interesting!

5/3/2007 10:35:39 AM
i will not give in. i will do it my way!
i have had an observation that my journal may not be acceptable to some. i will stress that some of my tales, now and in the future, are rememberances of things that happened. sometimes years ago in a different time. i make no apologies. some things are how i am now. i make no apologies for that, either. i can not change stuff that has happened. i can change stuff that has not happened yet. i will do it my way. i will not write about the now, or anyone but me involved in my now!! i promise honesty only.

5/3/2007 2:11:35 AM
first instalment, maybe, of a true tale of a first time visit to a gang bukkake party;                       

arrived early, 2 hour drive from home, tense and nervous, arrive in plenty of time, locate address. it's a deserted industrial unit! fuck, wild goose chase! hang on, give it time, no-one arrives at an ordinary party early, go have a drink to ease the nerves, did i wash all my bits properly? yes, i did. ah, but has all the sweating i am doing now nullified all that? will my breath stink of drink, no, i had a gin and tonic, use pub toilet for a pee, bugger, now my dick will taste of urine if it isn't a wild goose chase. rinse knob in sink, look for towel??? there is no way i'm using that towel on my knob, use toilet paper, fuck! now theres bits of toilet paper stuck to my dick, pick them off and inspect knob closely under a 20 watt bulb, i wish i'd brought my reading glasses! i do hope it's not the smallest one there!! back to industrial unit, no, still no queues of guys, couple of dodgy guys looking like muggers hanging around in the dark. it's bit cold, i want a pee again, bollicks, fetch the car from the mile away i left it and park it opposite the supposed club/industrial unit/trap-set-by-journalists? so i can observe the main way in. 2 muggers still in the dark, but a couple of guys walk past them without having their throat cut! maybe they are waiting for the girls to arrive too? get out of the car, wander over to the 2 muggers trying to look really tough but inconspicuous and innocent and not like a policeman, (i have had this query from dwarves before in dodgy spots i have hung about in over the years) the 2 muggers approach me slowly one big and ugly, the other one small and ugly with a limp and a fucking crutch made out of aluminium, fuck me im gonna get a good hiding and me fake gucci watch nicked, and me wallet gone, how will i explain this when i wake up in casualty dept of hospital 50 miles from home, and they will probably nick my car with the keys in my pocket, shit, shit, shit!
the little one said "good evening, sir, here for the party?" jesus, thank fuck for that!! "it's through here, top floor use the lift or the stairs" i ran up the stairs alert for danger in case the bouncer/muggers were a clever ruse. reach the top, sweating like a bastard, heart pounding! desk-reception-guestlist- i am ticked as kosher, 2 fucking fantastic looking girls, one half-fetish/goth chatting about christ knows what as i appraise them, they completely ignoring me, me thinking, here i am girls, gaze upon me, am i gonna impress you or what later on! reception says "you are in, obey the rules they are on the wall inside" i take three huge breaths and open the door, then step through....

5/2/2007 4:58:21 AM
one inconsequential task - failed.....

one request-failed.........................

one promise-unfulfilled..................

one penalty asked for-unfulfilled ....

one email supplied-not used...........

one profile-not checked for info......

one obstacle-taken umbrage at......

not a terrific record for a possible sub?

5/2/2007 1:26:07 AM
on chat; chat is inconsequential, and verifies or proves fuck all, except that everyone types quicker than me! my mind works quicker than my finger, and when i glance at the screen and see i have made mistakes or ambiguity, by the time i correct it and hit the entry button, the other person has posted "are you there?" twice!! when i drive i look out of the window, and in the mirrors. when i type i look at the keyboard with clenched teeth and a fat clumsy finger, sometimes hitting 2 keys at once, and, cursing at my ineptitude, mouse back to the cock up, then correct it. i hate chat, for lots of reasons, the practiced texter generation can do it, and substitute 2 4 two in a flash. it takes me a second to decide if that is acceptable, and understandable, then look 4 the key when my mind is urging me to type two instead of 2, and as the e key is halfway between the 2 and the t, my finger will hit the bloody e and sometimes the r at the same time. i am dextrous at many things, those things are more important to me than typing quickly, and texting and newspeak and driving with tyres squealing like a fucking video game, are things that others can do! i type slowly, and check what i type, sometimes 3 times, and like to proofread then edit what i type. even then i miss stupid mistakes, or don't say what i meant to.
i drive in a similar fashion, as i have no wish to pick bits of child or dog from my radiator grill. others do it differently. i don't like chat! i will do life my way.

5/1/2007 3:21:41 AM
i posted this on one board, and described an event so well i could see it again in my minds eye, so have included it here for posterity;         i once watched a blonde and vivacious woman, in a car next to me, being exceptionally affectionate in a tourist spot in the queens back garden (windsor great park) on a sunny afternoon, a few years ago, with the lady looking at me and laughing and smiling at me. there were other cars around and they moved, but only to a slightly more discreet spot a hundred yards away and still in the sunlight and visible, with the girl still looking over at me.
nothing ventured nothing gained, so i moved further away from the general public and nearer to their car, the action continued, as did the looking at me and smiling by the girl and i hadn't seen the guy but didn't fancy being reported as a peeping tom, so maintained a short distance between us but manouvered my car to a slightly better vantage point so the sun didn't reflect on their windows. the guy by now was reclined, and the girl was certainly fondling his cock, and smiling at me, and her top on one side had been shucked from one shoulder and most of a fine breast was visible and she looked into my eyes and grinned as one breast and nipple was made visible, to me! the performance continued, with cocksucking and peeking over the sill to see if i was still looking every 30 seconds or so, until the lady decided it was time to straddle the guy and work it. she fucked him for maybe 6 minutes, with both breasts bouncing, in a light blue strappy dress, pulled down to her navel and smiling at me more than she looked at whoever she was with, until she came. i saw no details other than her breasts and her grins, and a moment when she eased herself off her bloke and wiped herself with a tissue (discarded from the window, bad girl) and i never saw the guy, but didn't need to and they tidied up and drove away. i blew my horn, and she waved, they turned out towards home, and left, and as they drove off she waved again. i never saw the car again, and i frequented that spot for more time than i could afford to, and have seen many more graphic events than that (for a short time it was famous due to a later expose by a trash newspaper of the new phenomenon - to them - of public fucking called "dogging" over here) and the spot is now ruined as the queen apparently doesn't like people fucking in her park! some days are diamonds, and that was one!

4/30/2007 9:40:14 AM
labia, theres a topic to discourse upon! i love them, i love them flappy, dangly, tidy, available, on show or coy, pierced or not, at rest or active, in repose or quivering post or pre-coitally, it matters not. most of all, i like them moist  because i have made them so.
i am a labia man, i have no preferences, i love all shapes and sizes, and i am sad that there appears to be a trend towards plastic surgery, through vanity, to tidy them up for their wearers own mistaken ideas of aesthetics. i am unfamiliar with any eulogies to labia, if you see this, and know of a verse or two on labii? i should be happy to hear of them.
arses are a different matter, there i have preferences, i prefer them no bigger than mine, although ones standards lower as one gets older, and this is a preference, rather than a condition. my views on nipples vary depending upon the circumstances and will be discussed on another entry!

4/30/2007 1:45:18 AM
breast size and shape is not important to me, neither is age, but honesty fucking well is! understand this, if you are a faker, talk to other fakers. you have nothing in common with me.

4/29/2007 5:55:32 PM
a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet.............................!

"sign on the florist window on the way to master will shakespeares primary school"

4/29/2007 9:04:24 AM
hmm, gone without trying and ceased to exist!
this, in spite of asking for patience and effort? one wonders, aloud, if m/jag was ever real, and if even now re-incarnated already as some other persona, re-enacting drama in other guises, and sniggering, archly?

4/29/2007 3:17:54 AM
it is difficult for me to understand the eye contact restriction thingy, except as just one way of assertion or submission. for me, it works the other way and i want the others eyes locked on  mine most of the time, except of course, if she is driving the car!

4/28/2007 8:21:10 AM
fortunately, i am aware of internet problems, and when people were last on.
should i become aware that, after clocking on, i am no priority at all (as there are ways to communicate with someone that has blocked you if you have been given, or thought of, the other ways) i must find another finger that can type, as this one is becoming slightly numb!

4/28/2007 1:37:23 AM

you will not know me, properly, for a long time,
i will know you, probably, by a glance and you will make yourself known to me, probably.

4/27/2007 4:40:27 AM
i regret some of what i have had to do,  to reinforce my position!
i will do it, however, because it has to be.
if it does not achieve my desired effect, so be it, i will be done!! i will deeply regret that, and the fact that i was not sufficiently insinuated into your mind!!!

4/26/2007 9:56:01 AM
hmm, i shuffled my pics, and changed some, now i must wait. there is a great deal of waiting involved on this site!
i am not good at waiting. i know patience is a virtue, but i am not virtuous!!!

4/26/2007 1:50:05 AM
i must stay colder, in some respects, and more in control of my emotions.
if i can't control how i react, how then, can i control another?
it is a learning curve, but it is a shite learning curve when it seems only me is doing the learning.
ignorance is bliss, i wish i were more blissfull!!

4/25/2007 2:21:17 AM
i will muse to myself, and the very few others that read rather than glance, about honesty in me and others. i am honest in my replies, and in my posts (i may take the piss a little, gently, but taking the piss makes the world go round) but very few others are, it seems. i would rather proceed on the basis that those that communicate with me are not fakers. i would rather not be wasting my time and effort, and affection or regard, on those that don't much care about their impact on others. i want effort from those that wish to talk to me, and a great deal more of it from one in particular, and soon!

4/25/2007 2:04:16 AM
while waiting for a request, which was agreed upon, but yet not met, i glanced at the chat system. this does not suit my requirements for many reasons. there are;
1) too many tossers,
2) too many less interesting people then visit my profile, i like to know why people chose to view me,
3) i like to strike a chord in someone,
4) that fucking text speak is for teenagers, if you can't type a full word, you have not considered it's impact before using it,
5) it is an inconsequential way to engage in conversation,
6) maybe too many other reasons to enumerate, for now!!
i will not use chat!!!

4/24/2007 4:16:44 AM
pretty on the inside is better than pretty on the outside, it doesn't hurt to be both, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but give me pretty on the inside every single time. this post can be read by any, but applies to one!!
i will flirt with any that wish to, and things may change, and shit happens, but one is already engraved in my locket, just because!                update; that locket is now in the bin! one aptitude i have, is that i can walk away. sadly, maybe, but i will walk away.

4/23/2007 6:42:13 PM
i suspect ladies read journal entries more than men do. this is just a guess! if you are a lady (of any kind or persuasion) reading this, please post to me exactly why you viewed it.
this is purely market research, for my benefit only. i may decide to reply to you and attempt to discover a possible rapport.
i may also decide i would like to come on your face, but i dont do that on a first date. well, not inside the restaurant, anyway!

4/23/2007 3:09:38 AM
i need to qualify my previous entries, as i have been called out on something which is not clear enough! each post below using the phrase "stupid cunt" is part of a current private conversation with one for whom i have considerable regard. it is sometimes not easy, this online stuff, but easy to misinterpret. do not judge me on this series of journal entries, as you are not (and won't be) party to the rest of the conversations. this is an important entry, as opposed to the "stupid cunt" ones, they are important to only 2 people!!!

4/23/2007 12:29:16 AM
jag is a stupid cunt, indeed, but i wonder if m is as well?
am i becoming involved with a completely stupid cunt that will never make much of an effort, and does not value my regard?
i put much effort into my bit, little seems to be expended by jag!!!

4/22/2007 7:52:07 AM
i have requested m to post, once per day for 3 days, on her journal the phrase

"i am a stupid cunt"

i believe m failed deliberately, as a test in reverse, for me! i will consider my response.

4/19/2007 11:29:58 PM
and maybe not! i am establishing an online thingy, during which i have been concerned that i have been behaving suitably, and at that very moment i blunder into a thread with much that i might learn.
some days are diamonds!!

4/16/2007 4:13:19 AM
maybe all the good ones are already committed?
maybe politeness is passe?
maybe i'm the only genuine seeker here?
maybe i should be more bolshy?

4/13/2007 3:55:14 AM
if i have a particularly firm requirement, it would be an interest in exhibitionism from my women! for that, i feel, any ladies that contact me should be aware that i will require them to be willing to show themselves to others under my supervision. details, and the level of exposure can be discussed, but some level of that requirement must be negotiable.

4/6/2007 3:50:28 AM
hmm, 2 people i have made an exploratory contact with, have deleted the message unread. i wonder why someone genuinely seeking contact would do that? even if i didn't like the look of someone, or their location or interests, i would at least do them the courtesy of reading the message, and responding politely. have manners gone completely down the toilet in this day and age?

3/26/2007 7:03:26 AM
gay men please look elsewhere, i have little interest in the homosexual lifestyle, i'm afraid! i have nothing against it, i am just not interested in it at all, i like women of most kinds, but men play zero part in my life no matter how attractive you think you are, sorry.

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