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Hetero Female Switch, 54,  Alpharetta, Ga, Georgia
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I am looking for someone who wants to wake next to me. Who will talk to me, listen to me, and desire me always above everyone else. If you are far away make sure you are really looking for someone like me.
I am not wanting just to play. There is more to what I dream of. You know I could find sluts to play with, right down the street. I guess easier than finding a Dom. But there is a feeling I want. My desire only one is going to fill. When I wake alone, is when I need the most. The longing for something I can't even describe. Him to know me, and love me even more.

There isn't one for me to love that will love back. What is the point. Just words. More lies. Be real to someone. I haven't been proved wrong yet. Need some kind of hope. So I am looking. I do not want to play. I have tried the Dom men. But I am not one that can serve 24/7 and I am not one that feels he has right to be with or do anyone. Unless I am there. I want the same for me then. If there is only sex then I need you to move on. I need a friend. Not just one that says they are, You would not lie to me. I need someone that puts me first. I am not meaning above kids and close family. But when they think of someone they want to spend time with,,,it is me Is that so much to ask? Someone has touched me.
Could you be the one?

I am looking4eyes_
Are you the one?

Please don't say
you are taken by me.
when your not.

Show me,
prove to me
unyielding I want one Just one that understands
I am so simulated right now
I have talked to real people here
makes me want to grab something hard
Please, I am not looking for a married man unless your wife knows what you do.
I am not
looking for just sex.
to be your slut
to be degraded
I am waiting.................

Look me in the eyes
tell me what you feel

Is there real out there,
Will I know it
Will it scare me
will I run

grab my hand before I flee

I do not wish to change my life for now. But change my mind, if you can. There must be one that understands me.
I am a BBW











Last Online:


 Female Switch

 Alpharetta, Ga 


 5' 9"

 198 lbs






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Submissive Female

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Switch Men

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 Renaissance Faires

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Journal Entries:
10/7/2015 10:32:31 PM
Is there someone for me? Someone who cares? Not cares to fuck. But cares.

8/15/2015 11:07:45 AM
What I want is to be needed. What I need is to be indispensable to somebody. Who I need is somebody that will eat up all my free time, my ego, my attention. Somebody addicted to me. A mutual addiction.”

8/4/2015 9:05:15 AM
Well my Bestest friend came home from overseas. I will say Ri makes everything come to light. I have had the best time with her. Went to my favorite Club too. One more night would be wonderful there. Cross fingers. So as I wait for a real person, I sure did have fun. To Best friends. makes everything better for a moment.

It seems my writing comes in loneliness, I am not a sad person. Just a nymph looking for her mate 

7/10/2015 6:14:38 AM
Just one real. ONE

6/30/2015 7:14:23 PM
Why must one lie an not be truthful. I do not ask for much. I don't ask for it,it is offered. Not truly offered

5/28/2015 12:54:56 PM
I have that need to be filled desire to. u

5/11/2015 4:18:27 AM
I waited for that spark. It never came

5/6/2015 5:25:12 PM
I need something new, something exciting. There is a spark. A desire. Need.

4/7/2015 6:26:42 AM
Is spring , one of the best times of year in Atlanta. Long for new adventure. Could one desire me as I desire to love? That empty space so longing to be filled

3/26/2015 12:26:20 PM
Nothing erases the pain and pleasure, the impossible intensity of love and its dog-leaping happiness, the bleak blackness of passions unrequited, or unexpressed, or unresolved

Nothing erases

2/1/2015 7:49:36 PM
I wonder if he saw me. If he ever sees me. I want him. I want him in my mind. I want him touching me, I want touch... TOuch me. HOld me. Why, am I not givin these things?

1/29/2015 9:26:07 AM
Hold me, hold tight. never let me go. Want your smell around me. Kiss me. I wait for your licks. Open me. I wait for you, to take all of me.

1/22/2015 10:09:57 AM
My need.....painful need. I dream of him, his face looking up to me. My desire for him is unbearable. 

1/13/2015 10:27:23 PM

1/10/2015 12:02:18 PM
Why is it so hard to find real? I am not looking for words. I am looking for a man. A real live man that wants me. Not just sex. Something with meaning.  And even though I am lonely. I try to be hopeful, is so hard to.

1/6/2015 6:39:33 AM
I am not saying 

I don't have sex. I am saying this.... My real  need. Its not play, its not just sex. Is one that is there in the middle of the night for me. One that I reach out to and is there.

12/26/2014 12:33:46 PM
I want one for me, I want submission. He must be very alpha in the vanilla world. Just one. For me. To pleasure me and keep me warm. To freely give his queen all her desire knowing the love will grow with every display of submission. Not looking to mount or use.... One for me.  

9/24/2014 5:53:07 AM

*alpha sub. You are deliciously bright, creative and witty with a great sense of humor. Day to day, you are decisive and confident, yet genuinely humble and authentic. You are a leader who desires to lead in public but your heart desires to be at home near the safety net of your Lady. For it is near your Lady, that you can let go of all of that responsibility and fully surrender to a deeply loving, empathic Woman who has your best interest at heart. She is your haven because she accepts and nurtures your innate Beta nature. She lovingly acknowledges your need of a motherly domme who directs, controls, and disciplines and humiliates you and you constantly seek her refuge.

You also love to feel jealous. ..Insanely jealous ha-ha ;)…but in a HOT, sexy delicious way. You watch a lover fuck your Queen and you ache because you so badly wish it were you that was inside of her sweet pussy instead of the bull. Watching her mouth moan with ecstasy, your hard cock hard throbs with precum as your watch her pussy gush all over his big dick. Your lips beg to lick the bull’s balls so you can lap up her precious juices that have run down them. You are not Biseaual, but you will do anything to taste her, or to prepare the bulls cock to please her. She will want to tease you to no end and build excitement and “edge” you emotionally, physically, etc. and reign over your mind as your Goddess…
The Female led Cuck/sub marriage: You desire to serve because you understand your place at a powerful Woman’s feet. You also get that strong Women can be very much vulnerable too. (So you grasp the importance of balance). I love to be multi-faceted; strong, tenacious, creative, very soft and feminine…These are not contradictions, but attributes of a multidimensional Woman. You easily ‘get’ that because you are sensitive, astute and emotionally literate.
And eventually, you LOVE the idea of us knowing each other so deeply that you can anticipate my needs before I even express them (over time). You, same as I, will yearn to infuse our relationship with joy, passion, variety, and a deep connection, that we both desire.

5/19/2014 6:47:52 AM

Is there anyone real-life?

Anyone not playing a game?


3/29/2014 2:03:56 AM

I feel all men are the same. 

prove me wrong


Or is it the men I chose? 

3/10/2014 3:58:27 AM

Does anyone read this? ......Alone....Anyone as lonely as me?

2/25/2011 2:21:39 AM

I still look for real. So rare. I had no clue

12/28/2010 5:41:53 PM

I am searching. Still. Is there anyone like my first? I was wrong to think I could find that again. Threw it away so easily. Do we always not know what we have? My heart feels the  pain. So deep.

6/27/2010 6:48:23 PM
If you are just a emailer or want nothing but to use me. Please move on. I am real and want the same. Players keep moving. I still have faith. You are out there somewhere. I know it. Is it too much to ask for love? Just a speck? Someone who has the time to spend with me. Someone who wants to hold me and keep me safe.  Am I asking for too much?

6/26/2010 10:36:02 AM
I am alone, it wasn't to be this way. I could of had someone who would truely love me. Was it real? Yes Real now to me. Just a memory.

5/7/2010 10:32:44 PM
I am alone. Do I feel you, on my skin?  I look to see. You are here, but I an alone. With my desire.

4/30/2010 1:23:07 PM
Did I feel you brush against me? Firm and Powerful, how Sinful can you be? Did you feel my need, my desire?

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