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Hello everybody, my name is Lina and i am a BDSM curious woman, currently working in Athens. What drew me to it, was Shibari, which i found astounding, filled with complexity and perfection, at the same time. I am open to discussions about it, and rest bondage techniques - Bondage is the most interesting aspect of the lifestyle, for me. Looking to expand the circle of my online friends, worldwide, especially the ones, having the 'know how', and are willing to share it, with me. Not looking for anything real life for now. My life's settings, and all that happens here in my country, demands that i stay focused to my job, and take care of my parents, brother and grandparents, who all live back at my hometown, where i was born, and lived all my life, till my arrival in Athens, September 2014, for my job. Right now, i have the responsibility for the survival of my family. My parents, were laid off, mother in 2013 and father in 2014, and despite being just 49 and 54, they are considered very old, and are out of the working market, and also too far from having the needed years for retirement - which is 67 years old in my country. My brother is still a student at the high school and my grandparents, only contribute two pensions, of 190 and 240 euros, to the 462 euros i make every month, from my job. Yet, even though it is paying me pennies, i have to fight tooth and nail to keep my job, as it is, the most valuable thing that i have right now. Therefore... My friends i welcome you in my heart: it has millions of slots, to fit all of you, who want a sincere friend, to talk about BDSM or any other issue, i am always here to listen to you, and discuss everything. I wish you all, blessings, and a happy and fruitful life. Lina xxxxx == Results from ==
98% Submissive
94% Rope bunny
83% Degradee
79% Slave
74% Primal (Prey)
73% Pet
70% Brat
62% Masochist
54% Girl/Boy
47% Vanilla
47% Exhibitionist
46% Experimentalist
42% Voyeur
17% Non-monogamist
11% Ageplayer
1% Daddy/Mommy
1% Degrader
1% Dominant
1% Owner
1% Primal (Hunter)
1% Rigger
1% Sadist
1% Switch
0% Brat tamer
0% Master/Mistress
Strawbs - The River / Down by the Sea

I made a sideways motion
Turning a new leaf
The single minded miner's girl
Was there to share my grief
I shivered in the butter wind
Three times the cockerel crowed
I waited for the river
But the river did not flow.

An autumn turned to silver
Winter turned to gold
The weatherman said dress up
Oh but I did not feel the cold
Kids waited with toboggans
As I sheltered from the snow
I waited for the river
But the river did not flow.

I will drink the milk from you breasts
Meld myself to you
Collect the valley lilies
The worshipers once strew
My body aches with hunger
Yet your belly has to grow
I waited for the river
But the river did not flow

Maybe you think, a lot like me
Of those who live beside the sea
Who feel so free, so I surmise
With their comfortable homes and wives
Who end up drinking tea together
In the afternoon of their lives.

They build their homes upon the seashore
The quicksand castles of their dreams
Yet take no notice of the North wind
Which tears their buildings at the seams.

In their dismay and blind confusion
The weeping widows clutch their shawls
While as the sea mist ever deepens
The sailors hear the sirens' calls.

And in the maelstrom sea which follows
The lifeboat sinks without a trace
And yet there still remain survivors
To bear the shame of their disgrace.

Last night I lay in bed and held myself
Trying to remember how it once was with you
How your hands were softer.

Yesterday I found myself staring into space
Rather like the sailor in my own home surroundings
I'm not sure I know me.

If you were me, what would you do?
Don't tell me I don't need you to
It won't help me now.

Where are we going???

IMHO, people lose their edge and get complacent and self-indulgent, during long periods of peace and stability. However, the power-hungry never rest, and are always looking to exploit an opportunity to take more power the moment everyone else gets slack. And after long periods of peace and stability, foolish people (like U.S. voters, for example...) think they can afford to risk indulging their worst tendencies. However, they can't. 

Demagogues have only one focus: power. That's the only thing that stimulates them at all. And they can never have enough of it. And because their appetite is so intense and insatiable, it's always pushing against the barriers and constraints on power in most societies.
*Thoughts of Paul StJohn Mackintosh
"The New Kings" 


(i. Fuck Everyone and Run)

We are the new Kings
Sailing our seas of diamonds and gold
We are the new Kings
Seldom seen, elsewhere and unknown
We are the new Kings
Buying up London from Monaco
We do as we please
While you do as you're told

Fuck everyone and run
Fuck everyone and run

Tony, not Anthony , suitably masked
Nassau Bahamas, Geneva, Luxembourg ,no questions asked
Our world orbits yours and enjoys the view
From this height we don't see the slums and the bums on the street
Or the mums on the game

Fuck everyone and run
Fuck everyone and run

We're too big to fall
We're too big to fail
We're too big to fall
We're too big to fail
And when we do,
It's down to you

We're too big to fall
We're too big to fail
Too big

(ii. Russia's Locked Doors)

We are the new Kings
We had the keys to Old Russia's locked doors
We are the new Kings
Here on the corporation's top floor
If you cross us we'll buy you and you can retire
Your children set up for life
Think about it,

Greed is good..

We are the new Kings
We sold your council houses, not to you, but the banks
Up in the stratosphere - wielding the knife
While you said thanks
Oceans of money high in the clouds
But if you hang around
More often than not, it'll trickle down,

While the diggers of the diamonds we wear, labor underground for dear life
On your knees, peasant, and kiss this ring
You're working for the new king

We are the new kings
I'll tell you a tale
We're too big to fall
We're too big to fail

(iii. A Scary Sky)

We saw the crash on the news today ,oh boy
It changed our lives
But did it really happen?
Flyin' high in a scary sky
Flyin' high in a scary sky
What's going on?
What's going on?
What's going on?

I don't know if I can believe the news
I don't know if I can believe the news
They can do anything these days
They can do anything with computers these days

(iv. Why is Nothing Ever True?)

Remember a time when you thought that you mattered,
Believed in the school song, die for your country - a country that cared for you
All in it together?
If it ever was more than a lie or some naive romantic notion
Well, it's all shattered now
It's all shattered now

Why is nothing ever true?
Why is nothing ever true?
Why is nothing ever true?

Well do you remember a time when you thought you belonged to something more than you?
A country that cared for you
A national anthem you could sing without feeling used or ashamed
You poor sods have only yourselves to blame
On your knees, peasant
You're living for the New King
You're living for the New King
You're living for the New King.
Stranger still in another town,
how normal to sit out the dance,
eating the good meal by myself,
toasting the empty glass;
and they're already setting out
the next place,
already forgetting about the last.
No, nothing could be less strange
in entropy
no change, no change, no change.
No danger in a normal life,
better steady down the adrenalin pump.
Excess refraction in the mirror
only leads to the quantum jump...
Oh, but it leaves me in limbo;
how strange, what a stranger I become.
No, no, nothing could be less strange
in entropy
no change, no change, no change.
No, I know how to behave
in the restaurant now,
I don't tear at the meat with my hands;
if I've become a man of the world somehow
that's not necessarily to say
I'm a worldly man.
Keep on shuffling the menu
and the order never comes on time.
No, there's only diffraction patterns,
no reading between the lines;
only the rate of emission,
and reason allows no rime.
Nothing could be less strange
in entropy
no change, no change, no change.
No, nothing could be less strange...
... a stranger, a worldly man.

Peter Hammill - Sitting Targets (1981)
"The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for." — Bob Marley

Citadel reverberates to a thousand voices, now
What have we become?
What have we chosen to be?
Now, all history is reduced to the syllables of
our name-
nothing can ever be the same:
now the Immortals are here.
At the time it seemed a reasonable course
to harness all the force
of life without the threat of death,
but soon we found that boredom and inertia
are not negative, but all the law we know,
and dead are will and words like survival.

Arrival at immunity from all age, all fear and
all end...
why do I pretend?
Our essence is distilled
and all familiar taste is now drained,
and though purity is maintained
it leaves us sterile,
living through the millions of years,
a laugh as close as any tear;
living, if you claim that all
that entails is breathing, eating, defecating,
screwing, drinking,
spewing, sleeping, sinking ever down and down
and ultimately passing away time
which no longer has any meaning.

Take away the threat of death and all you're
left with is a round of make-believe.
Marshal every sullen breath and though you're
ultimately bored by endless ecstasy
it's still the ring by which you hope to be
to marry the girl who will give you forever-
it's crazy, and plainly
that simply is not enough.

What is the dullest and bluntest of pains,
such that my eyes never close without feeling it
What abject despair demands an end
to all things of infinity?
If we have gained, how do we now meet the
What have we bargained, and what have we
What have we relinquished, never even knowing it
was there?

What thoughts now of holding fast the line,
defying death and time?
Everything we had is gone,
everything we laboured for and favoured more
than earthly things reveals the hollow ring
of false hope and false deliverance.

But now the nuptial bed is made,
the dowry has been paid:
the toothless, haggard features of eternity
now welcome me between the sheets
to couple with her withered body - my wife.
Hers forever,
hers forever,
hers forever
in still life.

So often the innocent suffer because of ignorance, cruelty and the actions of one or two people provoking others.
I firmly believe there is such a thing as "mob mentality". Mankind is a pack animal.  We choose leaders, based off our own fears, our own insecurities and repressed desires.  These leaders have astronomical sway over people.  They can get horrible things done, because those often chosen for leaders have limited or damage psyche's.  These selected leaders, with their damaged psyche's learn to fake emotions so well, people believe they are more genuine.  That gives them power.  The rest of us just live with our emotions, and don't seem to have mastered or succumbed to them. (courtesy of a friend)
  1. Randomness is the manifestation of our inability to explain why things happen. Staying connected with our deepest feelings often results in meeting surprisingly familiar, even unconscious until then, things.