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Pan Female Submissive, 51,  Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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I’m a warm and friendly bi-sexual Scots girl who discovered the need for submission later in life aged 43. It's been an 8 year absolute roller coaster of emotions and a huge learning curve, the learning never stops. The merry go round of D/s or M/s is a tricky one and I've learned its not for the light of heart. I'vee been fortunate enough to meet excellent people who have allowed me to dabble and experience most things in the lifestyle. I enjoy control, discipline, bondage, impact play (though not a masochist in any way shape or ) and humiliation to name a few. I'm not a purely sexual submissive, if thats what you're looking for I'm not the right person. I need the mind captured to allow broader servitude. I'm a big girl, if that's not for you, please move on. I'm looking for something, but not entirely sure what. That probably sounds nuts but hey. I would be happy with semi regular meets but open to something longer term if I find a connection that develops into that. I'm not interested in relocating my life. s











 Submissive Female


 United Kingdom

 5' 4"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Domme/Dom Couples

Female Led Couples

Male Dom Couples


 Lives For:

 Hair Pulling (Expert)

 Humiliation (Expert)

 Lifestyle BDSM (Expert)


 Canes and Crops (Expert)

 Collars (Expert)


 Erotic touch


 Obedience Training (Expert)

 Objectification (Expert)

 Sensation Play (Expert)

 Maid / Butler Service

 Sensory Play (Expert)

 Spanking (Expert)

 Vibrators (Expert)


 Begging (Beginner)

 Blindfolds (Expert)


 Breast Play (Expert)

 Chastity (Expert)

 Corner Time (Expert)

 Eye Contact Restrictions (Beginner)

 Foot Worship (Expert)


 Lectures (Expert)

 Massage (Giving)

 Mental Bondage

 Orgasm Control (Expert)

 Orgasm Denial (Expert)

 Oral Service (Expert)

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Speech Restrictions (Beginner)


 Wax Play

 1950s Lifestyle

 Old Guard


 Time Management


 Behind Worship

 Body Worship (Expert)

 Electrical Play

 Rear End Play

 Domestic Service


 Masks (Wearing) (Beginner)



 Vacuum Stimulation


 Whips (Beginner)

 Curious About:

 Cages (Beginner)


 Local BDSM Community

 Fire Play

 Housework Service (Beginner)


 Outdoor Bondage

 Public Play


 Suspension Bondage (Beginner)




 G-spot Stimulation

 Masks on Partner

 Hard Limits:


 Erotic Hypnosis

 Gas Masks

 Clothing Selection

 The Silent Treatment


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