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Hetero Female Submissive, 41,  DETROIT, Michigan
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 Submissive Female



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 2"

 200 lbs



 African Descent



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Dominant Male

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Journal Entries:
1/11/2013 7:24:34 PM

Missing Her Master


She sits in the window seat her forehead leaning against the cool glass, her dark green eyes not really taking in the bustle of the people below her, her mind distracted by the ache in her heart. her Master had been gone for so long already, a few phone calls when he could... always short and brief but enough to let her know He was thinking of her too, how much longer would He be gone she wondered. These business trips were always quick and unexpected often taking days or weeks to finish. He had already been gone for so long... sighing she draws her knees up wrapping her arms around them laying her head down on them staring out the window till her eyelids grow heavy and she drifts into slumber...

she is awakened by the door opening then slamming shut, she jumps her head swinging to the door a smile curving her lips as she sees who it is... jumping down from the seat she practically flies over to Him... 'Master, i am so happy to see You. ' He opens His arms for her as she glides into them like a ship into port knowing there is no other place she would rather be. she snuggles her head into the crook of His neck inhaling His scent... smiling as it smells like heaven to her. He looks down at her 'did you miss Me, sweet?' He chuckles. she looks up to Him a playful gleam in her eyes as she replies 'hardly knew You were gone, Master. ' He swats her on the ass playfully knowing how hard these trips are on her.

He sweeps her up into His arms carrying her off to the bedroom, laying her down on T/their king-size bed. His hands traveling over her body, gentling rubbing her all over. He leans down brushing His lips against hers, she returns the kiss hungrily having missed His touch, His warmth, the sense of belonging she has when she is with Him. her lips part under His as His tongue slides into her mouth exploring it like the first time slowly not missing an inch, her tongue sliding over His, the room fills with T/their moans of pleasure. she squirms underneath Him arching her body to His begging for His touch, wanting and needing more.

He pulls back propping His head up on one arm, 'did you want something, sweets?' He asked. she looked up to Him her gaze darkened by her passion for Him. 'yes, Master, i want You,' is her reply as one hand idly drifts over His chest. Lower her hand moves sneaking up under the hem of His shirt pulling the shirt higher, her finger and thumb gently grasping a nipple rolling it, knowing how He loves it. her hands roam higher pushing the shirt up and over His head tossing it to the floor, she leans in nuzzling His chest inhaling deeply taking in His scent. He looks down at her, one finger sliding under her chin lifting her gaze to His. 'I missed you, sweets,' He whispers, before leaning down capturing her lips in a deep kiss. He leans over pressing her down into the mattress. His hands sliding down over her body, His fingers slipping into the waist of her pants pushing them down over her hips as she raises up aiding Him. Lightly, His hands caress her thighs, knees, and calves as He slips the garment off her feet and onto the floor. Hands gliding upwards over her, He quickly divests her of her top. Leaning back He gazes down at His naked subbie, a smile curving His lips, eyes twinkling as He sees she has followed His last-minute instructions in keeping her sex shaved for Him.

Slowly, He lets one finger drift over the smooth skin watching as her breathing quickens, her eyes flickering in anticipation. He slips one finger in between the smooth lips feeling how wet she is for Him. her breath catches in her throat hips arching slightly, He chuckles watching her respond to His soft touch. 'Something i can do for you, sweets?' He asks as His head lowers so that He is whispering in her ear. Shivering as His warm breath caresses her ear, she nods, 'please Master... it's been too long. ' she shudders as He slips two fingers deep inside her. 'Is this what you want?' He whispers to her. she nods her head then shakes it, wanting this and more. 'Master, pleeeaaassee, i want all of you, everything you offer to this girl. ' her voice wispy as her needs course through her. He smiles down to her, His free hand brushing her hair back from her face, He draws His fingers out and plunges them back in; watching her emotions play over her face as He continues a hard and deep rhythm. her eyelids flutter closed, as she meets every thrust of His hand with her hips, eyes opening wide as He slips another finger in. Groaning deeply, her hands rise up grabbing His shoulders needing to feel Him her fingers squeezing and kneading His flesh, His fingers continuing to thrust in and out of her.

Suddenly, He withdraws them bringing them up to her mouth, she watches His fingers move closer to her mouth her lips parting involuntarily her tongue darting out to wet her dry lips. He follows the movement of her tongue with one finger leaving a trail of her juices on her lip. He smiles down at her as He sees her tongue beginning to dart out, pausing, as she looks at Him her eyes questioning. His smile grows wider as He nods, proud of her for waiting for permission first. her eyes close halfway as the tip of her tongue follows the trail of juices on her lip, His finger running along her lip both moving back and forth meeting, she curls her tongue around His finger drawing it into her mouth sucking it clean of her juices moaning softly at the taste. He brings each finger to her mouth in turn allowing her to clean each one.

He rolls away from her, standing up, grinning back down to her hearing her whimpers of disappointment as His warmth is taken from her. His hands go to His waist unbuckling the belt and whipping it out of the loops, He folds it in half slapping it against His other hand, watching as her eyes get as big as half-dollars. Tossing the belt aside He tells her 'I think My homecoming deserves something more than just the belt. ' he walks out of the room returning with the large leather strap He uses for His shaving razor. she scrambles across the bed, shaking her head no, He reaches out and wraps an arm around her waist drawing her back to Him. He holds her against His chest and whispers into her ear... 'you weren't trying to run were you sweets?' she remains silent in His arms, knowing either answer she gives will bring about disastrous results. He grasps her chin forcing her to face Him... 'I asked you a question... and i expect an answer. ' she sighs, 'yes, Master, i was trying to run. '

He wraps both of His arms around her, sits on the edge of the bed tucking her head beneath His chin as He calmly talks to her... 'you know I would never hurt you' she nods 'I am also aware that you are worried since the strap is much heavier than my belt, but you should know by now that I would move at a slow pace till you were used to it sweets. ' she sighs and nods again knowing He is right. He slaps her on the ass lightly as He tells her 'now get your cute little ass on that bed and present it to me', she slides off of Him and crawls to the center of the bed spreading her thighs wide and laying her torso against the bed. He stands and walks around her, reaching out to touch her ass, His hand gently caressing one cheek than the other.

Pulling His other arm back He brings the strap down on the milky white flesh of her buttocks. she flinches feeling the soft burn of the leather bite into her skin, inhaling deeply as she braces herself for the next one. He runs His hand over the mark left by the strap, quickly bringing the strap down across her buttocks again. she yelps as this strike was harder than the last. He smiles to Himself as she takes the strap once again showing her deep submission to Him. He reaches out yet again caressing each mark as it is made. He raises His hand a bit higher this time, bringing the strap down more forceful. she flinches forward whimpering as she feels the leather fall across her buttocks, knowing they must be red by now as she feels the warmth work its way up through her body. He carefully watches and gauges her reaction... judging she is doing fine He swings His arm up and brings the strap down again harder than He had before, watching as she wriggles and squirms on the bed, He moves to stand behind her examining her reddened ass and spread cunt seeing her lips glisten from being so wet.

He tosses the strap on the chair behind Him pushing His jeans down over His hips. He gets on the bed positioning Himself behind her, rubbing His hard cock between her legs as His hands run over her reddened ass 'you did very well sweets, and seemed to enjoy it too. ' she nods her face rubbing against the soft comforter atop the bed as her cheeks turn a red almost the same shade as her buttocks. Slowly, He rubs His cock back and forth along her wet slit the tip bumping against her clit drawing soft moans from her.

... from far away she hears the screeching of tires her head jerking up looking around frantically, she realizes it was all a dream. Reaching up she pushes her hair back from her face, as she lays her head back down gazing at the door waiting for her Master's return.

1/9/2013 10:23:21 AM

Daddy's New Toy


I stepped off the plane, treading carefully down the metal ramp in my five inch black pumps, and starting searching through the crowd of people. Somewhere in that ocean of faces He stood waiting for me. I tugged at the hem of my black nylon dress, a little self conscious in its short length , knowing I was bare bottomed underneath it.

I scanned the airport waiting room. There were men of all shapes and sizes: tall handsome men, short balding ones, some that looked like fashion models straight from Paris. No big surprise; after all,this was Los Angeles California, the city of beautiful people. But I didn't see Him. The man I had traveled hours for, the man I had waited my entire life for.

I was reaching into my bag for my cell phone when I felt a hand fly up between my legs from behind. A voice whispered through my hair: "Don't move lil'slutgirl, Daddy wants to inspect you."

I felt His body press flat against my back as his fingers probed deeper inside me. Hundreds of people milled about , some passing so close I could smell their cologne, but it was as if we were invisible. I stood still, eyes closed, my heart beating like a Moroccan drum.

"Part your legs a little," he growled.

I did, and the nylon dress rode up a little higher on my naked thighs.

"That's a good lil slut. Does lil' girl like her Daddy touching her this way?"

His breath was hot on my neck, his words making my body tremble.

"Answer me," he snapped, and pinched my clit between his fingers.

" Yes Daddy, this girl likes it very much."

I could sense Him smile and he removed his hand, stepping around to face me for the first time. I stood there, mesmerized by his thick black hair and dark soulful eyes. He had a black hobo style bag over his left shoulder, tight jeans, and a black shirt . He was so handsome I could barely stand it.

He looked me up and down, then took my hand and pulled me along behind him. I realized we were exiting the airport.

"Sir, what about my luggage?"

He didn't answer, and I didn't feel brave enough to repeat the question.

Once outside he steered me towards a silver stretch limo. The driver, a young handsome black man with arms like fence posts, was leaning against the front fender reading a newspaper. As soon as he saw us, he rushed to open the back door.

Sir motioned for me to enter first and I did , sliding across the leather seat , my pussy leaving a trail of juices along the way. Sir slid in next to me and made a gesture to the driver, who then entered the limo himself, seated across from us.

"Carlos, this is my new lil' slutgirl Cyndi. Isn't she a pretty little pet?"

I smiled a hello at the driver, unsure of why he was sitting back here with us. I would have thought my Daddy would have been in a rush to get home and use His new toy. But instead he was unzipping the shoulder bag and concentrating on something inside.

"Yes Sir Mr. Marcettus, she is indeed a pretty little thing," Carlos said, a smile tugging at his full rosy lips.

"Would you like to touch her Carlos?" Sir asked, still digging through the bag.

" Yes Sir, I would."

"Then please,help yourself. Perhaps you could help get this lil' girl ready for me."

Carlos was only too happy to help. He moved from his seat and kneeled between my legs. He gently pried my thighs apart and stared at my white shaved pussy. I looked at my Daddy for reassurance. He smiled and nodded.

"Its ok lil 'slut, show Daddy what a good girl you can be."

At that point the removed a collar from the bag. It was black leather, about two inches wide, with a large O ring attached at the front and His initials, CM, engraved in gold along the border. He reached over and brushed my hair off my shoulders , placing the collar around my neck and fastening it at the back.

Carlos had placed his fingers where his eyes had been, and his strong hand was working my pussy like a Stradivarius violin. I could see his manhood growing through his black dress pants. My thighs were drenched in my own juices and I slid a glance at my Daddy, who was once again digging through his bag.

He produced an ankle spreader, about three feet long, with velvet cuffs at each end. He handed it to Carlos and then turned his attention back to the bag. It was as though he were completely unaware of me, while I was anything less then unaware of Him. Even though Carlos was working magic on my pussy, it was Daddy's fingers I wanted inside me.

I stifled back a tear at that thought as Carlos attached the bar to my ankles. Once in place, it held my thighs wide apart, my skirt having now ridden up to my hips. Carlos knelt down and started to lick me, his tongue moving slowly up my clit, collecting my honey along the way.

Sir produced a set of nipple clamps with a connecting chain from the seemingly bottomless leather bag and told me to attach them myself. I did, pulling down the top of my dress to expose my small breasts, and wincing as the pins pinched down on each nipple.

Finally Sir brought out a set of handcuffs and a paddle, with small raised bumps along each side, and then tossed the bag on the floor. Without saying a word, he raised the paddle and slapped each breast. It seemed I finally had His attention. The paddle was like fire on my skin. I gasped and Carlos looked up, his brown eyes crinkled in a smile.

"Would you like to fuck her Carlos?"

"Yes Sir," he replied, taking another lick from my fountain of passion.

"Well then lets ask lil' slutgirl if that's what she'd like. Or perhaps she'd rather her Daddy be the first one to use her?"

I was incredibly aware of Daddy's eyes on my face. It was clear which response he was fishing for, and I had no problem giving it to him.

" No Daddy, I want you to be the first."

"Good girl," he replied, and shifted closer to me. He took my lips in a kiss, his tongue probing the soft velvety darkness of my mouth, his hand finding the chain between the nipple clamps and tugging at it just enough to make me gasp.

He pulled back at that point, telling Carlos to trade places with him. Carlos obeyed immediately.

" I'm sorry that you wont be the first to use this lil' fuck toy Carlos , but to make it up to you, I'm sure lil' girl would be happy to suck your cock for you , wont you baby girl?"

It wasn't a question and I knew that. Carlos raised himself to a kneeling position on the leather seat beside me and unzipped his trousers. Daddy reached for my left wrist, cuffed it, then put my arms behind me back and locked my wrists together.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked it back viciously, making my chin snap straight up in the air.

" I want you to show Daddy how your going to suck His dick later lil' girl."

I tried to nod, but his hand was still entangled in my hair."Yes Daddy," I assured him. And with that, Sir pushed my face into Carlos' groin. He didn't give me time to adjust my throat to the immensity of the drivers cock, he just pushed at the back of my head until I had it all in my mouth. I gagged, tried to struggle to get some air, but Carlos' hands had now replaced my Masters, and he rode my mouth back and fourth at his own frantic pace.

I couldn't see Daddy undressing; my eyes were filled with tears and my face was turned to the right, flush up against Carlos' groin. . But I felt him as he positioned himself between my body and the ankle spreader. And with one fluid motion he drove his cock deep inside my pussy. He started to ride me at the same pace as Carlos, and both my holes were being assaulted at the same time.

A warm sensation started to flush over me in waves, and I knew I was going to cum soon. I wanted to ask permission, as a good girl should, but Carlos' shaft was still deep in my throat.

My Master must have sensed that I was ready.

" You can cum now little girl. Cum for Daddy, lil' girlslut."

And I did.

Almost simultaneously Carlos began to spew his semen inside my mouth, and Daddy pulled out, spitting his cum across my bare thighs.

When the earthquake ended, I laid slumped in the seat, still bound, white creamy cum dripping from my mouth and running between my thighs. I looked at my Daddy, my Master, my love, and I smiled.

1/9/2013 9:45:58 AM

Your gaze arouses me.

Your touch inflames me.

Yours words excite me.

From the tiny, feather light butterflies, that I can barely feel. Is it real? To the solid, "thwack" of your belt across my thighs, or the stinging of the crop on my ass cheeks.

I am, as always, in total awe of your self-control. Myself, as usual, I am nothing. I am at the mercy of my desires. Consumed with need. As I writhe in my bonds, silently hoping, you remain calm, watching. As I cry out for release, you laugh, its hopeless. As I yell with pain, you remain, hard faced, cool.

You watch me, detached; evaluating each touch you honour me with. Whereas I am wriggling, squirming, pleasure or pain. Your slut. Waiting for the moment you might want to enter me, or might grant me release.

My Master.

My body is yours. My cunt is yours. This whore is yours.

Take me when you will. Abuse me at your will. I take what you give, willingly, pleadingly. Knowing that the pain heightens the pleasure when it comes. If it comes. If you think that I deserve it. I try so hard to please. Oh God, I try! But I'm imperfect. Too slow. Too Clumsy. Too consumed with my need for you; and I deserve my punishments. Deserve the belt which licks, lazily, at my pussy. Or burns, so expertly, on my delicate ass hole. Deserve the crop against my legs, but relish the light strokes across my clit. The tickle of the leather being dragged slowly across my belly. Down... Down...

Oh God. Once again my body will give me away. Arching up towards that light stoke. A gentle moan escapes my lips. You open me, and I feel the hard, rounded handle of your crop enter me, slowly. All so deliciously slowly. My already dripping cunt allows this to slip in easily.

"oh! You dirty little bitch. Your cunt is so greedy! Do you think you deserve any more pleasure?"

"No Master" I moan, helpless, as I squirm, the crop handle moving slowly in, and out, in, and out. Out. Out. "Oh!" I gasp as I am left empty again. It wasn't much to fill me, but it had been pleasure. And the pain is forgotten. You raise the crop to my lips. I kiss it and thank you for the stripes that still glow bright against my thighs.

"Think my greedy slut needs to learn some restraint."

And you are gone. For a moment. Leaving me, bound, wrists and ankles spread wide open, for you to play with. Your collar, marking me as yours, rubbing my neck.

A glow as you approach tells me what you have in store for me. I can't stop a tiny moan of fear escaping. You know that this is tough for me.

"Kara, you know how I love this. Be good for me."

I know you love it. I bite my lip. The burning candle held before my eyes, which widen with fear. I can see it slowly tipping. Slow motion. A drip falls toward my nipple. It hits. Mild warmth at first, pleasant, fooling me. Then burning. White hot. I buck, cry out. It cools and skin tightens beneath the wax. You smile – "Shhhhhhh"

Repeated. Slowly, then faster. Drips and splashes, groaning. My body straining against its restraints. My futile efforts to escape the bonds.

"God kara, you look so beautiful"

My Masters voice. His praise. My insides melt. The pain is nothing. I am nothing, just a thing to please you. All sensation is yours to give, to remove. I feel my pulse in my excited pussy. Can feel the moisture soaking my legs, and running down to my arse. The candle is put away. Your hand calms me. My ragged breathing slows.

"Think I might take you now." Matter of fact, casually, no rush.

Oh god yes, this is what I want, what I need.

"Or maybe not"

My hopes dashed. Releasing one of my hands, you tell me "Do yourself first"

My face colours, but I am so desperate for release, nothing can shame me now.

My hand is between my legs in an instant.

"Slowly baby, one finger first"

I take a deep breath, and slowly push a finger between the slick, wet lips. It slides in without resistance. Your face is so close to my pussy I can feel the sigh that escapes. One finger is just teasing, nowhere near enough.

"How's it taste sweetie?"

"Good," I reply

I lick and suck my own juices off my finger until you guide my hand back down. I brush my clit as I push back inside.

Oh that's nice.

Two fingers now, three. Pushing into me. I look at you, my Master, silently imploring.

"Not yet" you order.

Fucking myself now. Alternating rubbing my clit, with burying my fingers. Your breath ragged against my thigh.

"Kara don't you dare cum"

I keep rubbing, shifting my fingers slightly, just off that sensitive spot. I'm not going to cum. Not until you say.

I can feel it, so close, almost there. Stop. Almost there, stop. I keep this rhythm. Knowing you are enjoying my torture all the more for making me do it to myself. Waiting for the OK to go over the edge.

Building, my clit swollen and hard. My juices dribbling. You push a finger in next to my own, just to wet it. Then slide it oh so slowly, into my ass. You know this will tip me over. I can't bare it. It's too much. I need release.

"No kara"

My breath is desperate and uneven. I concentrate for all I'm worth on not cumming. I can't keep doing this to myself. I try to stop but you take over. The pleasure is constant now. No escape. Just that burning, building between my legs. Fingering my ass and teasing my aching clit.

I can't stop, I cant hold it, I cant! Its going to happen, and I know you will be so angry, so disappointed in me.

"Nooooooooooooo" I cry. Clenching my tummy, grinding my teeth, fighting it. I won't cum, I won't. I...


Everything stops. Fingers withdrawn. Empty. Cold.

Tears of frustration well in my eyes.

You're pushing my legs up, oh yes! At last. I feel your cock, hot, stiff, huge, you glide into me, slipping in so easily despite your size.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh," I moan, and the weight of your body against my swollen clit is the final ecstasy.

But its OK, because your voice in my ear says "Cum now baby," harshly, breathlessly.

And Oh my GOD! Do I cum! An explosion. Everything I held back for so long erupts.

I scream.

You fuck. Hard.

My legs up over your shoulders, I feel the full length of you, deep, deep inside me. So powerful. You grip my collar with one hand, as you slam into me.

Still screaming, still cumming.

Satisfaction at last. So good. Soooooooo good.

Shaking, twitching, by body wracked with the tremors that you have brought me. You hold me. Tears drying on my cheeks. You stroke my hair gently

"Master," I breathe.

"Good girl," you whisper.


12/20/2012 10:47:27 AM

I smelled the aroma of sexual passion, while my hair is blossomed over my head like a wild flower, my arms pent down as if i`ve been naughty. I feel the light tickle of his breathe along my spine, soft kisses around my pelvic area making every inch of my skin feel as if im a fruit from the garden. My legs are being widen with every touch, anticipating the feeling of being ate alive and as I least expect his hands massage my breast and with every touch the chill sends a rush to my nipples. I now feel the puddle being made beneath me, as I try to control the mini river. I now feel the wet passion inserting my pussy, my body has turned into a human wave cruising on a surf board. The feeling of being ate alive feels better than I imagined. I move around trying to prevent the largest climax this man has ever seen but I cant control it!! The orgasm is so intense it starts from my moan making its way thru my body then flowing out releasing a taste indescribable, a feeling unimaginable ,a smell that has no smell... what happen next I will never Tell.

11/15/2012 3:52:46 PM
"Issue a blanket pardon. Forgive everyone who has ever hurt
you in any way. Forgiveness is a perfectly selfish act. It
sets you free from the past."

10/30/2012 8:10:45 PM

"One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward
growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be
overcome again and again."

4/25/2011 10:13:33 PM
"Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and
to work and to play and to look up at the stars."


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