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Pan Female Switch, 42,  Levittown, New York
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NO SINGLE MEN!! UPDATE: I had an experience with a sub female and LOVED it. In addition to my desire to serve a Domme, I would like to find a sub female or a couple where the male wants me to Domme his female sub. I used a strap on and could not believe the feeling of power when that sub came all over my "cock". I was in a relationship with a Dom who "forced" me into having sex with women. Sometimes we would both be sub to the Dom, sometimes he would have me be the sub to the Domme. It really turned me on to be sub to a woman. I was surprised how hot I got when I was tied and forced to eat a woman, knowing I would be rewarded by her strap on. I have always enjoyed penetration but I was stunned at how much better it was at the hands of a Domme. Men move for their own pleasure but a woman seems to know how to move to maximize the pleasure of her sub. I enjoy blindfolds, gags and all kinds of restraints. My Dom is gone and at this point in my life, I do not want another. I hope to find a sensuous, firm Mistress. I live on LI and can be available sometimes during the day and sometimes during the evening. I take care of my body, shave completely and exercise regularly. I know some people cannot help being fat but I do not want to touch or be touched by them. I have discussed being Domme to a female either alone or as par of a couple over the last few months. Have not found mutually convenient play time but I am looking for a sexy sub female to play with. I have received strap on play and now I want to try it out on a female.











Last Online:


 Female Switch


 New York

 5' 6"

 130 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Domme/Dom Couples

Sub/Sub Couples

Femdom Couples

Mascdom Couples

 Lives For:




 Anal Play



 Canes and Crops



 Hair Pulling



 Outdoor Bondage



 Breast Play


 Masks (Wearing)



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Journal Entries:
12/27/2012 10:11:16 PM

My former Dom and I have been exchanging emails for a while. He moved to Texas so that ended our play together. For a while he claimed he was returning to NY so we could play again but it never happened…… until recently.

He sent me an email that he was going to be in NYC for a few weeks around Christmas with his girlfriend and suggested we should meet for dinner. I was not interested at first since I did not really want to see him with another woman in tow. He said he was staying at a nice hotel and I should let him know.

My kids wanted to see their father who lives in Brooklyn so I planned on dropping them off on a Saturday afternoon before Christmas. I emailed my former Master and he was going to be in the city that weekend. He suggested I drop them off and come in for dinner. I should just drive to his hotel and give my car to the valet and his room number. He would take care of and parking fees. What the hell, I thought. I did think about him sometimes, especially when I was horny.

I was not sure what to wear. Did I want to dress sexy and then find his gf was 25 and a sex pot and feel silly or did I want to dress casually? I decided to remind him of how good I can look all dressed up. I bought a denim skirt that went to mid thigh and had a zipper up the middle that unzipped from the bottom so I could show more thigh if I wanted to. It was nice and tight. I think my legs and ass are my best features. Tight sleeveless sweater, stiletto 4 inch heels, tiny thong completed my sexy outfit.

I wore jeans and a loose shirt and sneakers to drop off the kids and drove to his hotel. Very fancy place. Gave the car to the valet, no problem , they were expecting me. I found the ladies room and changed into the tight sweater, short skirt and heels. I looked into the mirror and unzipped the skirt an inch. What the hell, I thought and unzipped it 4 inches. Now the slit was up to my upper thigh. It felt slutty but good. I’ll show him how much he’s missing! Then to his room. He met me at the door and admired my outfit. I walked into the sitting room and there was a woman wearing a short silk robe. Not too young and very pretty. Her name was Melanie.  As she rose, her robe opened and I could see she was naked underneath, and smooth shaven and slim. “Sorry, can’t find the belt for this robe” she said as she hugged me. It seemed more lingering a hug than necessary but maybe I was just imagining it.

He brought me a glass of wine and sat on a chair. I took the couch and she took another chair. As I sat, I realized that I had never really sat in this skirt. It was tight and rode up my thighs. The front opening was at the level of my pussy and I hoped they could not see my bright pink panties. “why did I choose bright pink anyway” I thought to myself. Melanie dropped her eyes to my legs as I crossed them. “You have very nice legs” she said. I think I blushed and mumbled thanks.

We chatted about trivial things for a little while. At one point, I uncrossed and recrossed my legs while trying to keep my skirt down. I thought Melanie must be staring at my panties. “When master said we were meeting you, I asked him what you looked like. He showed me some pictures he took of you when you played together. I hope you don’t mind?” She said. I was surprised, embarrassed and a little excited at the same time. I knew she was referring to pictures of me master took when I was naked and bound in all the ways he could think of. Sex pictures too, I bet.

How to react?? Before I could even form an idea of how to act, I said “no no, that’s fine. Whatever master thinks best”.

“You look amazing in those pictures. You have a lovely body” she said.  “Oh, Thanks” was all I could say.

“I’m embarrassing you. I only meant that you look so hot in those pictures that I really wanted to meet you” Melanie said slowly. I met her eyes and she looked so pretty and sexy. I was getting more turned on by thinking of her looking at naked, bound sex pictures of me. “Were there any you especially liked” I heard myself say.

Master rose and took his laptop from a side table, pushed a few buttons and placed it on the coffee table in front of me. “It’s set for slideshow so you don’t need to touch it” he said. Melanie stood and then sat right next to me, close, her left thigh touching my right. Her left hand went behind my back and I could feel it on my waist.

The first picture was of me from the front, standing, wearing only a thong and heels, legs open and hands behind my back. “Nice sub pose” she said. “Nice body”.   Next of me from the back, same position. “Very nice ass. Very spankable.” She said in a huskier voice. I was getting really hot now seeing her looking at my pictures. She was running her hand up my back to my neck. I shifted my hips and the skirt rode higher. She looked down at my thighs and put her hand on my mid thigh and began gently stroking me. I was so hot by now that I wished I had unzipped my skirt even more.

Next pictures were of me standing or kneeling, spread and naked. “Don’t you think smooth pussys are sexier?”.   She had opened her knees enough for the robe to open and expose her bald pussy. I looked down and mumbled “oh yes, I do”. I could not take my eyes off her pussy. She had a clit ring and I could just make out labia rings, I thought.  “Like my rings?”, she asked. 

“Very sexy. You have a great body” I said. Her fingers were almost to my pussy now and I wanted her to rub me. I tried to open my thighs more but the skirt was too tight. I tried to unzip it more kind of casually but she then said “why don’t you get comfortable?” I hesitated and she then said sharply “take off your clothes”. I really wanted to be naked with her. I stood and pulled off the sweater and my bra and unzipped my skirt and dropped it on the floor. “Leave on the panties and heels. For now” she commanded.

I sat back down. “Slide down” she said. I obediently slide down so my ass was at the bottom of the seat. She pulled my right leg over hers and I opened my legs wide. She began gently rubbing my pussy through my panties. I reached over and tried to rub her but she told me “no, just look at the pictures”.

In the picture my hands were tied to the top of a door and my legs tied spread. “That’s a very nice position. Very vulnerable. I could play with those breasts and pussy. Or maybe punish them.” With that she slapped my pussy. It stung a little but it was like an electric shock that aroused me so much. She was watching my face. She paused, then slapped me a little harder. I gasped. She slapped me harder and I could not believe the pleasure/pain. She slapped me very hard and the pain overwhelmed the pleasure. She went back to gently touching and said “it’s a balance between just enough pain to be pleasurable and too much pain to be pleasurable. At least for the receiver”.  I looked up and master was there with his camera taking pictures of me being seduced be this sexy woman.

“Look at the picture” she told me. I was bound on my back, legs spread. “I would love to have you like that. I would make you lick and suck my pussy while I ate yours”.   “Yes Mistress” was all I could think to say. I wanted to be tied by her so badly I would say yes to anything.  Next I was pictured tied and spread on my belly. “Almost my favorite position. I could eat your ass and fuck you. Or hold your head to my pussy while master fucked you. You will be my good little slut, won’t you?”   “Oh yes, Mistress” was all I could say.

”Sit up and face away from me” she ordered. I obeyed and put my hands behind my back without thinking. She used her robe belt to tie my wrists, very tightly. “Look at the picture”. I was on my belly, ass in the air, arms pulled between my knees and fastened to my ankles. “That’s my favorite position. Ass in the air, ready to be fucked in any hole.  Helpless. We went shopping and found a metal spreader bar with attachment for the wrists that I so want to see you in. Found a super large gag too.”

“Stand up. We’ll continue this in the bedroom”.

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