Vertical Line



Well im a dom male, and will not be ordering you to submit to me in my first contact.

I like to get to know people first, as i believe it is the only way true submission can be obtained. There needs to be a trust between dom and sub. Would be ltr but very happy to play in the meantime. Like to attend clubs, parties etc. Not great at writing these things so feel free to ask anything. Will always be open and honest in my reply. APPARENTLY UPDATING YOUR AGE MAKES PROFILE UN APPROVABLE, BUT SURE I COULD RE REGISTER WITH SAME PROFILE ON PAID VERSION AND IT WOULD BE APPROVED. NOT SURE AS ADMIN WONT REPLY TO ANY QUERY
well another suppossed Switch. Miss Dee99 turns out to be another thick bimbo who can only resort to swearing when she comes across someone with brains. an ounce more intelligence and she could be registered as an idiot