Vertical Line



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Lilith opens a mind free from epistemic vices. In a language of a golden past I declare myself Her One knight. What is it keeps us from our slumber.

Troop of confessors surround me and bravely bear the trail.

Lilith " I gather in a cup that can't be gathered".

Come sit ye down ye that were born under the same fate.

I have a simple test of obedience that shows the most obedient. Ask

From the cloud he comes your gold didn't entice me here and a shower is coming his will not mine.

Keep me from dissolving in the sad worthless sobs or cry without me.

A group of proud mail clad men stand by the circular high altar mantle clad with holly.

Now the dragon stood on his head look to the sky.

Visitors at least whisper as you go.

He hedged her up in a wall so she could not find her way Lilith.

Don't be fooled by the ingenuity and trickery of His prince who came among the community for 13 days...For he hath nothing in me.

Restore all that was Hers including the twelve stars or Her unusual son will strike.

fear not for there is no one like join me where the rainbow meets the ground and never again shall the flesh be cut.

1363...On a cold frosty morn a knight was ambushed on Bolton Moor by a large party of men with arms his body taken to Tudhoe for inquiry.

I seek out Her faithful vassals for the greater the danger the greater the need against their obstensible deity and His trickery.

You will find me at the battle of Neville's cross where in the aftermath I captured David II of Scotland and lost two teeth for my efforts. Even Shakespeare had a word or two for me.