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kyra - photo 1
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california surfer chick stuck in the south. she/her pronouns. 24/7 girl, never modified, no HRT. my parts are functional, and i'm fine with them being referred to as what they are. however, i only identify as a girl. my voice is feminine. i have several ages of little/middle within me (14 years old being the most prominent), but also take on adult roles
i'm a real person, and would verify this fact on collarspace if i could. until then, i'm verified on fetlife (KyraSuccubus). i have way more pictures there, as well as video. also, if you're a cisgendered or transgendered woman and interested in modeling with me or just being part of something fun and creative, please see the HellfireBunnies profile over there

i'm healthy and in good shape, non-smoker, non-vaper, yoga practitioner, single, never married/no kids, areligious, apolitical, antiracist. i'm clean, and do daily routines such as nasal rinses, mini-enemas, and using a tongue cleaner. i do music, singing, acting (voice and live), ASMR, modeling and other stuff

~additional stats~
eyes: brown
hair (head): black, long
hair (elsewhere): none below eyebrows
nationality: american, US-born
skin color: pale white, no tanlines
cock: 6" (17cm), medium girth, circumcised
tattoos/piercings: none