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Hetero Female Submissive, 35,  Killeen, Texas
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kinkyithinky - submissive

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Hello, and thank you for visiting my profile!� I am a married woman, in a responsibly open marriage.� My husband knows I am here, I am not cheating.� I don't mind if you are married or otherwise involved, I actually prefer it, but, I will not help you cheat, I refuse to be a part of that.� So, if your SO does not know and support this, please do not bother contacting me.

I am most definitely sexually submissive, that part comes easy for me.� I am also a masochist, and I enjoy the local community occasionally.�� D/s isn't just about the S&M for me...or even just about sexually submitting.� I desire to be controlled, understood, used, appreciated, pushed and discovered.�

I am honest, I expect you to be too.� I don't put up with bullshit, either.� I'm not a doormat, and I cannot submit to just anyone who claims to be Dominant. I'd like to meet new friends at the present time.� Casual play with someone new is not going to happen.� I am not suffering in the playpartner department.












 Submissive Female



 5' 4"

 175 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Friends Only

 Lives For:

 Canes and Crops

 Hair Pulling (Expert)

 Spanking (Expert)

 Whips (Expert)

 Low Carb

 Pop Music


 Amusement Parks

 Art Galleries


 Coffee Shops



 Musical Theater


 Aerobics (Expert)

 Dancing (Expert)


 Weightlifting (Expert)

 Yoga (Beginner)

 Anal Play (Beginner)


 Body Worship

 Bondage (Expert)

 Breast Play



 Corsets (Beginner)


 Fire Play (Beginner)

 Knife Play


 Massage (Getting)

 Mental Bondage

 Needle Play (Beginner)

 Obedience Training


 Orgasm Denial

 Role Playing (Beginner)




 Vibrators (Expert)

 Wax play (Expert)


 True Crime

 Body Art





 Intellectual Discourse





 Alternative Music

 Eighties Music

 Nineties Music



 Rock Music



 Antique Shows


 Fine Dining

 Garage Sales



 Pilates (Beginner)



 Tai-Chi (Beginner)


 Corner Time (Beginner)

 Housework Service



 Massage (Giving)

 Public Play  (Expert)

 Board Games

 Card Games


 Comedy Shows

 Historical Shows

 Horror Movies


 Puzzle Games

 Role Playing Games

 Science Fiction

 TV Sports

 Web Surfing



 Online Auctions




 Classical Music


 Hip Hop Music

 Punk Rock Music


 Seventies Music


 Body Building







 Bar Hopping

 Electrical Play

 Eye Contact Restrictions (Beginner)

 Local BDSM Community





 Romance Novels

 TV News

 Country Music

 Heavy Metal Music

 New Age Music





 Horse Racing

 Ice Hockey

 Kick Boxing





 Curious About:

 Bird Watching


 Going to the Opera


 Horseback Riding

 Martial Arts



 Masks (On Partner)

 Masks (Wearing)

 Medical Play

 Outdoor Bondage

 Plastic Wrap

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Rubber Fetish

 Sensory Deprivation

 Speech Restrictions


 Theatrical Scenes



 Online Chatrooms

 Online RPGs

 Simulation Games

 Alternative Medicine


 Candle Making



 Lifestyle BDSM




 New Wave

 Opera Music





 Feng Shui





 Sky Diving


 Gas Masks

 Gorean Lifestyle

 Auto Racing

 Hard Limits:






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Journal Entries:
4/13/2014 10:21:49 PM
Hello, everybody! I'm not here for anything other than friends. I am happily collared by KaffeKnot. <3

1/7/2012 8:07:41 AM
Please read my profile before contacting me...because if you ask me something that's already answered there- I will assume you are an illiterate ass. Also, I'm not here to "chat". Of course, if you write an interesting note and have something thought-provoking in your profile, we'll most likely have something to chat about! "Hi, your hot" (spelled wrong) or "How are you?" Or "Do you have Yahoo?" Will NOT get replies, so don't get all butthurt about it. Inspire me to write, and I will.

11/11/2011 12:22:49 PM

Geez, people...really?  Does nobody read the profile?  Sending me the question, "Does your husband know about your desires?" does not bode well for you.  I state in my profile he does.


Also being shocked that I would want a sexual relationship with my Dominant shows you lack comprehension skills.


And one more thing...a one liner asking "How are you tonight?" isn't going to get a response.


I'm not interested in chatting, camming or cyber sex.  I'm not interested in being "discreet".  I have nothing to hide-and you shouldn't either.

5/31/2011 1:07:07 PM

From my profile on FL:

 "What do I want?"

 So, okay...I have a profile on CM. It's been hidden for the past year and a half or so. I know most of the profiles there are complete bullshit, the "Doms" are the same ones I see over and over. I did meet my ex there, though...and he was pretty amazing, so I guess I still have hope.

 I think my profile there pretty much says "what I'm looking for"...but still nobody is reading it.

 -I want real time, this means local I have "within two hours driving distance" right there on my profile! Still, I get messages from all over the world. :(

 -I want a relationship with a dominant man. It doesn't have to be love, I tried that...didn't work out so well.

 -I have enough playpartners! I know some of the best Tops in the country, and I think some of them would still occasionally play if I asked nicely enough. I don't want to "get to know" anyone else for play. Really, I have that covered.

 -I want someone that actually gives a shit. Someone who likes me, who finds me attractive, who's proud to be associated with me. Someone who feels good when they're with me and who looks forward to spending time together.

 -I don't want to be a secret, and I don't want to be a "girlfriend" to a couple.

 -I can't be someone elses primary relationship. I have one already.

 -Not looking for sex, but, in a D/s relationship for me, sex needs to be just does.

 I don't know. I guess what I really want is to find that person who has that spot in their life that is "me" shaped....and I want to fill it.


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