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Hi and thanks for looking at my an attractive, normal (but kinky) gurl who loves to get all dolled up and indulge my femme persona. I love women and love to be a woman and taking the feminine and submissive role, when someone makes me feel safe. I like when women or men flirt with me and like to be touched and a tall, slender (6-0, 180) almost-passable cd who loves being as femme as possible when im dressed. I love dressing to please and always wear high heels (unless asked to wear flats) and skirts or dresses. Whenim transforming into my femme persona, my personality changes to an old-fashioned femme one where I defer to a dominant man or woman and look to please them. I prefer dressing completely with makeup, wig, earrings and other jewelry, and make sure my body is sweet-smelling and as smooth as possible. I can be a bit shy at first until I get to know you but then can be very outgoing with a great sense of humor.Once we get to know each other, I like to get excited by someone doing things to me and then feel them get excited also. Yes, I go out enfemme (at night) to friendly clubs or restaurants (always fun). If youre a heavy smoker, we probably wont click - im allergic.Please be clean and disease free, as I am and would not want anything to turn into a life-changing looking for a Ds relationship with a Domme (Dom or Domme) who is fun, passionate, and enjoys life.

What else i can offer If Wwe click, you will find me to be loyal, emotionally mature, fairly open-minded, honest and open to exploring.i have very few hard limits but some of theminclude drugs, abuse of alcohol and smoking (im allergic).i live a healthy lifetsyle -watch whati eat, workout regularly and take pride in howi look. It would be an added plus to find someone who shares this viewpoint. i understand Ds protocol, so Im courteous to all, butim not a slave or a child and desire an individuals respect in return.

ido have enfemme pics that i can send.

Some of my cd submissive backgroundi first became interested in crossdressing and BDSM when i was 10 or 11 using self-bondage, being fascinated with lingerie and damsels in distress (DiD), and doing a lot of reading about BDSM. i started dressing up in my mothers bra and panties and trying on her discarded dresses and high heels. Being a teen, some of the BDSM reading material included the usualfetish mags and newspapers which of course had a mostly submissive female orientation.Whether it was a story or pictures, I always placed myselfin the submissive role and began to accept that, placing myself in the traditional females role. When i was a teen i used to take my femme clothes and dress up in a local forest preserve and walk the trails, loving being in the world as a girl and secretly hoping to be discovered. If discovered by awoman, i would hope to be punished but ifdiscovered by a man, i hoped for a DiD scene where i was used for his pleasure. My first experience as a submissive started with pro Dommes with the usual scene things - bondage, nt, cbt, discipline, toys, feminization, strap-ons, etc. That continued before finding an out-of-town Domme through a BDSM chat room. Oour relationship developed from the initial vt experience to an rt one before she graciously offered me her collar. Unfortunately, the relationship ended when her personalwork life took her to England. One Domme thati played with liked to indulge my crossdressing and did a role-reversal rp with me where she was my bf, seducing meand using her strap-on. That was a lot of fun!

Since then ive gotttenmore involved in being as passable and real when im enfemme. That includes going out fully dressed to clubs like Hunters, Spin or Berlin. ive met some niceadmirers who ive gone out with enfemme and while they liked to be dominant, they werent a Domme so while it was nice taking the female role,it didnt go as far as i would have liked desire.

Of course, theresmore details that I can tell you but this is probably long enough so lets leave the rest for emails or phone calls, ok? Have I piqued your interest? Great! Do you have questions for me? Ask me anything and I will truthfully respond.Hope to hear from you soon!-submissively, kimmie