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Pan Female Slave, 46,  New Jersey
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erly casey 34.....Now kc34*


Hello,Thanks for stopping by and reading my profile. I have many years in the lifestyle and am looking for a Master that will suit both his and my needs, desires and aspirations when we find eachother. My interests vary as you can see. I am open minded and try not to limit myself. Note I am interested in Doms only. Others will be deleted. casey

Ask before you send a chat request. Though it doesnt guarentee a positive response.

PS I wont read bulk mail. If you dont have my name in the salutation or something in your message unique to me, it gets no chance of a response.

*I had to change profile as I no longer could see who was on CM









Last Online:


 Female Slave

 New Jersey

 5' 9"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male





 Coffee Shops

 Fine Dining





 Anal Play

 Body Worship


 Breast Play

 Canes and Crops




 Hair Pulling



 Public Play





 Historical Shows

 Science Fiction




 Rock Music

 Seventies Music

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Journal Entries:
5/15/2014 8:29:31 PM

9. Why do some men have only one picture in their profile. A cock/dick picture. Is that all they have to offer? It's a sad state of affairs for sure. Most men have one. Be it small, medium or large. White, black or purple....hey I like Barney! It would be nice to know a little more about the man attached to it.

1/11/2014 6:06:00 AM

8. Some of the names doms use on here are quite clever. Now if they only were as clever in making their profiles and their conversations

10/29/2013 2:34:24 PM

7. Why do people pretend they are taking their profile pic with their cell phone? Duhh?

    It's soooo believable, isn't it?   NOT!

11/24/2012 3:06:53 AM

6. Why do some doms type in capitals and large fonts? Does that make them more dominant? Does typing in large type make me any less submissive? I don't think so.

11/14/2012 2:47:50 PM

5. How about saying "hello casey" or something similar when you message me? Saying hello pig, whore, meat, etc just ain't gonna make it. And neither will you


11/14/2012 2:37:38 PM

4. If your writing more than a paragraph in your messagw, you're writing too much. It won't be read.

11/14/2012 11:11:55 AM

3. How can you believe a dom who displays a portrait pic sideways?  Or is it just me?

11/14/2012 11:08:14 AM

2. Why have a pic of you giving the finger? That's certainly a warm invite to contact you.

11/14/2012 11:04:24 AM

1. 18 year old doms. Who told them they were? Their babysitters?

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