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Do you think a submissive with a mature and level head is a jewel, if so we should talk. I seek a Dom who is capable of emotional connection and desires to share trust, one on one, in commitment. Whether engaged in daily vanilla, or suddenly thrust into willing obedience. I look for meaningful belonging.
... I am monogamous. Not interested in sharing or poly ... ... Not bi or a switch ... ... Identify as a sub, not a slave ... ... While 24/7 is prefeered, TPE is not desired ... ... Open for respectful conversations ... ... Your approach determines my response ...

             Because I have been asked numerous times

 My profile name has no significant meaning. Besides the fact it

is spelt the same forwards and backwards...


 Please remember this; I am not here for your entertainment or amusement.  If you have no profile, cannot introduce yourself or engage in a respectful conversation. You should probably move along.

 And while I understand about not posting a photo on the site. My picture is visible. If you are not willing to send yours within a few emails. Please do not waste my time. 

 While I do enjoy the ease of sending messages on a free site like Collarspace.

 The amount of Dom's who just stop chatting after numerous emails blows my mind. If you don't want to continue chatting just say so.  

 I promise I can take it, and I will wish you well in your journey. But to leave someone feeling like they did or said something wrong. Is just rude and disrespectful. And not what this lifestyle is supposed to be about! 




 It is beyond sad that just updating a picture, without changing any content takes hours, maybe even days.

 Why can't this site get its shit together? Alt never takes this long to approve anything. 

 I have already had to alter my journal because the site did not appreciate my comments. 

 Let's see if it gets approved now?

  Another comment about the ghosting that is so prevalent on this site. 

 Is when someone reappears in my inbox after days, weeks or even a month without contact. Then acts like we had a conversation yesterday. 

 For some reason I do not handle this well, and my sarcasm rears it's ulgy head.

 Imagine that!

    Good judgement comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgement.  ~ Will Rogers ~

  Perhaps we should remember this when someones past does not align with our own.