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Hetero Female Slave, 56,   , United Kingdom
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Reactive slavesubmissive. Married and yes, he knows I am here. I love rituals and protocols, rules and tasks.

I have been involved for many years but still learning every day. Keen to chat to those serious about Ms, who have a good sense of humour and no ego.

I have many varied interest both within BDSM and life itself.

I know my worth... do you?

If I dont answer, its a thanks but no thanks.. no offence meant !










 Female Slave


 United Kingdom






Actively Seeking:

Dominant male

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Journal Entries:
8/4/2022 2:22:02 PM

No longer seeking 

8/3/2022 3:01:12 PM


7/3/2022 4:19:23 PM

Happy 4th of July America !{#emotions_dlg.cheerleader}

6/22/2022 12:51:41 PM

I don't have a perfect body. Looks fade with time.  Life etches a map of each and every day upon and in our body. 

i don't have a perfect life. We know that life is what we make it and perfection eludes us.

i don't have a perfect submissive attitude. Although I hope to improve, always.

i don't have a perfect vision of the future. I live in the now and think about tomorrow, tomorrow.

Does tomorrow even exist?

i don't have a perfect anything...


i am happy with the person i am. Perfectly imperfect.

Are you?



6/20/2022 3:42:40 PM

Demisexual, sapiosexual, kaizen theory follower. 

The end. {#emotions_dlg.tongue_out}


6/16/2022 7:42:38 AM

Omg.... 31 degrees here and I'm wilting

Look  I'm English .. its either too hot or too cold and we can talk about it for hours  {}

6/14/2022 12:03:56 PM

I am reading a book titled... The Life changing Magic of not giving a Fuck. Well worth a read {#emotions_dlg.wink}

5/30/2022 9:09:32 AM


If each of us knew how much time we had allocated, 

perhaps we could play around with it.

But we don’t.

Believing tomorrow to be a guarantee, 

is the biggest mistake we make. 

Not seizing every day like the gift that it is,

is the biggest risk we take. 

Waste time wisely

Time spent in rest, joy, company and kindness,

is never wasted.

As for the rest, just do it.

You won’t regret the things you tried and failed at,

but you will regret a life spent waiting.

Waiting for anything is a dangerous game because there is no guarantee the conditions will ever be just right.


Those who wait, wait..

but you, 

you have a life to live.

Right here, right now.

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