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Hello. My sexual interests are quite varied, and I enjoy finding new ones. I am ultimately looking for a slave to serve my every desire, but I dont mind playing with sub boys until then.

Feel free to message me if youre interested. But include a pic if you dont have one on your profile.

I am not interested in playing online in any manner, but conversation is always welcome.

I'm still looking for a boy of my own. But if I'm giving 100% then I expect the same. Read my profile and be able to dedicate yourself to improving the quality of my life, and your own. 

Sex & kinks aren't all there is to life, sadly. I need a slave that is capable of devoting themselves to make my life run more smoothly, on a day to day basis, and when the world is in chaos. Whether it's taking the car in for an oil change and making sure I have plenty of tea, or handling storm damage after a hurricane blows through. In this role, think of yourself as the administrative assistant for My Life, Inc.
It's really scary how many people aren't aware of PReP. Anyone that's sexually active, regardless of orientation, should take every step possible to safeguard their health, and help end new infections of HIV. For more information,
I don't think people realize how easy it is to search Google for images these days. Be ready to verify yourself with a face pic I can't find on a tumblr porn blog.