IF you are classified as Geriatric DO NOT send me a email. IF, your ex wife..your dog..your beer...your truck..Will mean more to you than I do.. DO NOT send me a email.. IF YOU LIE.. You cant tell truth from reality or you have a drug problem.. DO NOT BOTHER.. IF you are nuts.. I don't care.. I am not your mommy.. DO NOT send me a email. IF you are going to spend the first HOUR of a conversation bitching about your ex wife.. get the fuck over it. But I DO NOT CARE.. so don't send me a email. IF you have made it this far..and you do not have any of the issues listed above.. and you are under 50 feel free to send me a email and introduce yourself. I can navigate between fun and serious, sensual and sexual, strict and gentle.
I am employed as a nurse, meaning I can do medical play but tend to stay away from it. (to much like work) In my previous life.. I was very outgoing when it came to D/s.. I started groups in many different states.. Now.. not so much.. I am more of a private person.. and tend to be on my own.. away from the BDSM groups that are out there.. I have moved to a small closed community that is ultra- conservative.. I guess that is what I get for living in the woods, in Texas. Currently, I am single and looking for a submissive or a slave. (male or female.) I was going to update this profile.. but yea.. this pretty much sums what what I do not want.. If you are a strong, sensual person.. who is not afraid to let the lady take charge..then I would not mind speaking with you.
 Age: 26
 Maidenhead, United Kingdom